TikTok video lock: how to put it on and take it off

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Newcomers to the social network are interested in what TikTok video lock means and why it imposes restrictions on uploading videos. The label indicates closed video materials that are prohibited from duplication. Any user can close their files or make them public.

Liked TikTok Videos

Interesting clips in Tik-Tok can be viewed in “Favorites”. If privacy settings are initially set in them, then the records are hidden from strangers.

Moving the videos you like to the “Saved” subsection occurs according to the scheme:

  • When entering a social network, the user must log in.
  • Move to the “Popular” block.
  • Click on the “heart” label next to the video. The icon will turn red.
  • To view the saved records, just enter your own page and click on the “heart”.

    Liked TikTok VideosLiked TikTok Videos

    Tik Tok lock icon

    With hidden information in the profile, on the video and audio icons, a “lock” label appears. Publicly available materials go to “Favorites” – if the owner of the channel has removed privacy.

    How to close featured videos

    To hide entries, go to the channel settings:

  • In Tik Tok, you need to click on the three dots located in the upper right corner.
  • In the “Privacy” block, you need to click “Who can view the video.” The system will offer the options “I”, “All”.
  • Once selected, the changes made are saved.
  • On a note. In the privacy settings, there is a subsection “Private profile”. What it means: When enabled, only approved friends will be able to watch videos.

    How to open featured videos

    To remove the lock, the following steps are carried out:

  • You need to log into the TikTok page.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • In “Privacy” click on the “Who can view the video” section.
  • Select “All” and confirm changes.
  • The videos will become available.

    private video

    It means a video recording, which can only be viewed by the owner of the channel.

    Features of private video include:

  • closing access for all Internet users, including subscribers;
  • the ability to change the settings to the status of “Public”;
  • automatic deletion of information from the server after the profile is disabled.
  • Important. It is not possible to change a public video to a private one. If shared is selected, the file will remain on the server forever and cannot be deleted.Setting privacy for a videoSetting privacy for a video

    How to publish

    Channel owners use two methods for placing a private file: using Draft and privacy settings. Hidden materials are marked with a “lock” label.

    Through “Draft”

    This subsection stores created and uploaded, but not yet published clips. The entrance to the “Draft” is carried out in stages:

  • On the TikTok page, you need to move to the “I” block and select the “Draft” subsection. There are all the posts that were not previously uploaded to the feed.
  • On the selected video, you can set sound effects, add stickers and text materials, and adjust the volume indicators.
  • After clicking on the clip, the system will prompt you to select privacy options – “Who can view”: “Only me” or “Everyone”.
  • The procedure ends with the publication in the tape.
  • Attention. The added post cannot be edited. If there is a need for changes, the material is saved to a smartphone, remade in a video editor and republished. Before sending to the tape, you need to delete the previous entry.

    Via privacy settings

    To make changes you need:

  • Click on the video and click on the “Share” button.
  • Find the “Privacy” block on the display.
  • Choose private, public or view only by friends.
  • The process ends with the publication in the system.

    How to make a public video private

    To host a private clip, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Log in to My Profile on Tik Tok.
  • Move to the “Private publications” block.
  • Enter the posted clips through the “three dots” sign.
  • The procedure is completed by going to “Advanced options” / “Privacy” / “Who can view”, then you need to click on the “Only me” section.

    Locked Video Restrictions

    Setting privacy on videos negatively affects the promotion of the channel. Clips will become inaccessible to users, lose likes, views and recommendations.

    Experienced tiktokers recommend limiting for viewing only those clips that are not intended for the public. Personal things should not be made public.

    Locked video clips are a measure of necessity. The exact following of the instructions will help to hide individual videos, and the “Drafts” subsection – to save and finalize.

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