TikTok statistics and analytics: how to find out views

TikTok statistics and analytics: how to find out views TikTok

Analytics Tik Tok helps to promote the account in the social network. To increase the audience in the profile, it is important to analyze the effectiveness. This will help you figure out which method works better than the others. To obtain such data in TikTok there is statistics.


Main advantage TikTok are considered to be loyal algorithms. To promote an account, high-quality content is enough, you do not need to raise funds. Interesting videos will help you quickly gain an audience and reach monetization. But in the process of promotion, it is worth remembering the statistics and analytics.

Why Track

Bloggers need to understand which videos get more views, likes, comments, and contribute to an increase in the number of subscribers. Statistics on a social network is an objective indicator for tracking the popularity of an account and the prospects for profile growth.

TikTok statistics and analytics: how to find out viewsAnalytics Tik Tok

With it, you can see amount users visiting the page, responses and feedback from the audience. The information is indicated in figures, from which it is easy to draw a conceptual conclusion.

Statistics TikTok will help to understand in which direction to develop, promote the profile. If you do not perform detailed analysis, you can quickly become uninteresting users.

Attention! Competent research of indicators will allow you to learn earnincrease reach, gain new subscribers.

What can be tracked

Statistics in Tik Tok allows you to find out:

  • Basic profile information. You can find out how many times watched the video, see the number of subscribers and growth dynamics, the number of page visits.
  • Video views data, see popular videos.
  • The number of subscribers, their geography, gender.
  • Find out what kind of music the audience listens to.
  • Information is provided for 7 and 28 days.

    How will this help

    Statistical data will help to promote the profile. Thanks to them, you can learn more about the target audience, choose the time for publication. You can also see which topics he likes more audience.

    Competitive Analysis

    Regardless of how you collect competitor data, you should look:

  • publication frequency;
  • number of followers;
  • the number of likes;
  • channel theme;
  • involvement users.
  • This data will allow you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

    TikTok statistics and analytics: how to find out viewsTik Tok Posting Frequency

    Strategy Development

    To fine promote a profile, you need to create a channel management strategy. With the help of communication, analysis of new and old videos, you can get inspiration and develop your account. This will help create a trend.

    Analyzing a TikTok Blogger Before Ads

    Statistics in Tik tok important. It’s better to take a screenshot analysts every week or write down the data in a separate notebook. First of all, pay attention to subscribers. The likes collected during the week are also interesting. Knowing this information, you can create a unique, trending channel.

    If you try increase channel traffic, without studying the statistics, you may encounter misunderstandings and unsubscribes from subscribers. Verified users have the opportunity to advertise branded clothing and services. Customers can be sure of the quality.

    Failure is possible, but to in future hit to the top, you should make an effort. It is profitable to start by mentioning well-known bloggers with a similar channel theme.

    You will also be able to start a career by participating in the challenges of public figures. Beginners can fail if they are not sure, and the idea itself is crazy. You should also avoid breaking the law.

    Attention! Another activity to increase popularity is speculation on haters.

    Pro account

    Such account considered professional, it expands the basic functions and tools for promotion. Useful for bloggers and business owners, allows you to track the success of the profile, the tastes of the audience, identify countries their residence. You can connect for free and fast.

    TikTok statistics and analytics: how to find out viewsPro account

    What is possible without it

    Without such an account, learn number of subscribers and views. A professional profile, on the other hand, provides more information about user actions.

    Why connect

    There are two types of professional account: author and business. The second option is used by companies and brands. If you open it, you can add a link to the site, even if not lot subscribers. Also for business profile:

  • analytics and full access to all statistics are opened;
  • You can set up an auto-reply for private messages.
  • Having an author account, you can use the Q&A function, open the analytics section with access to statistics.

    Thus, the two profiles differ in tools and functions. You can activate the option that is more important. Also on such channels it will be possible to choose a category and run ads.


    To pay connection is not required. To make your profile professional, you need to come in into the application and click on the dots in the corner on the right. This will allow you to go to the settings and go to “Account Management”.

    Down below need select item, where it says “Switch to Pro”. Please read the information and continue. Next, choose definite account type. This will show the channel in recommendations interested audience. You also need to select a gender.

    If the phone number is not linked, you should enter it and the code that will be in the message. After that, the item will appear Analyticswhich allows you to view statistical information about the profile.

    What data does

    Chapter Information
    Shared by video Views for 7 and 28 days, total and average time.
    Detailed by video Likes and comments, how many times saved videothe way users got to the page.
    Subscribers Number of subscribers, region, user activity time, most liked music and videos.
    Profile The number of views per day, how many posts posted, popular clips.

    TikTok Statistics helps well and study the performance of the profile in detail.


    In this section, in the analytics, you can see views videos, find out data about subscribers, transitions to the profile. Information is available for 7 and 28 days.

    TikTok statistics and analytics: how to find out viewsHow to see video views


    Here you can look data about posts with videos, popular clips. Information available for the last week.

    Single video

    The account owner can understand for myself, how many times they looked at the profile, find out the sources. The section allows you to find out information about the audience, distributing it by region.


    Allows you to determine the amount real time tiktok followerstheir gender, popular places.

    Is it possible to analyze someone else’s account

    Someone else’s account TikTok cannot be analyzed unless third-party services are used. The user can see subscriptions and subscribers, likes, video views, comments and reposts. Only part of the information is publicly available. Full statistics open only to the owner of the profile.

    TikTok statistics and analytics: how to find out viewsYou can’t analyze someone else’s TikTok account

    Possible mistakes

    When switching to a professional account, you can be Problems. Most problems are easy to fix.

    Reasons and solution

    If the account is closed, then during the switch they will offer an automatic connection. In the old version, you have to do everything manually. It gradually loses its functionality, and some functions are not available. software that appeared in 2020 year, will facilitate the procedure. You need to do an update.

    The numbers can disappear – then we are talking about a social network bug. But this must pass the. If after waiting the situation has not improved, it is recommended to contact technical support.

    No update

    If you connect analytics, some information may be missing at first, as some information is collected for a long time. Therefore, immediately stand numbers will not.

    If there is no activity despite efforts, millionand views and even 1000 could not be achieved, this indicates a fiasco with promotion. But the main reason for the problems may be the lack of an update. To work in mode live, analyze indicators, you need to install the latest version.

    Third Party Services

    Some platforms provide maximum a package of tools for collecting statistics. If you choose the right service, you can improve content conversion and make your channel more popular.


    TikTok Realtime provides a tool that allows you to real time to see the actions of subscribers on the channel. We are talking about TikTok Counter. This is first from counter services to determine the number of subscribers. You can also see views and find out popular videos.

    The social network offers a large number of tools for determining the level of interaction with the audience. Lets lead check activity. The tool is detailed, as it helps to make a forecast online, gives accurate information about users.


    also in wrapping the calculator of the cost of advertising and income on a social network will help. This is an unofficial Tik Tok tool. It is designed to provide rivers for influencers.

    The service will help you start earning. You can promote brands in content, cross-promotion on other platforms, use social media videos to promote products, create live videos to get advice from viewers, like Peyton, Charlie D’Amelio do. Growth audience activity can be analyzed.


    Service can reckon the best of analytical tools. It has a user-friendly interface. The program helps to comparison profile with competitor channels, identify popular content. Hashtags, videos and music can be handled automatically. Only relevant material is offered, in which high rates are visible.

    TikTok statistics and analytics: how to find out viewsWorking with hashtags

    The Pentos platform allows you to improve your marketing strategy, provides data for content improvement. The service will tell you when it is better to publish the material, suggest popular hashtags.


    Is famous in world an English-language service for viewing popular users, working with subscribers, identifying hashtags and generating statistics. Allows you to control the actions of subscribers in the social network, to form a strategy with which the content will be promoted. The program is equipped with a large number of tools.

    Important! Information about the activity of visitors is displayed in the form of graphs.

    In them, you can find out what information subscribers are more interested in, what content people react to. The statistics platform also provides competitor profile information for channel promotion.

    Tik Tok is popular in EU-US and in the world. The application can be downloaded from App Store and Play Market. Age at different users, but each of them wants to promote their profile. Statistics will help with this. If you regularly analyze visits, views and other information, you can start working in the direction that is more interesting to users.

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