TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and Deep

TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and Deep TikTok

Popular social networks, media services tend to be divided into genres to attract an audience of interest. spring 2020 years among users Tik Tok conditional camps were formed, broadcasting content with opposite topics. Each direction has its followers.

In the article, we will consider how these camps differ from each other, by what criteria to choose your side.


To the media platform Tik tok it was easier to navigate, when searching for a video of interest, one should take into account not only the thematic category, but also the side to which it belongs.

What types can be distinguished

All video content broadcast in application and on the Tik Tok website, can be conditionally classified according to several criteria. Among them:

  • domestic, foreign segment;
  • gender of bloggers, audience (girls, boys);
  • content (humorous, musical, educational, sports, cooking videos).
  • most popular types of tik tok are:

    TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and DeepLip Sink

  • Challenges – recording a video with the performance of an action, which subsequently must be repeated by subscribers.
  • Lip Sink – recording a video with his own singing under musicso that the lips move in sync with the music of the original composition.
  • Duets are any creative videos divided in half by a vertical bar in the middle of the screen. roller can be recorded by one user or two.
  • Reactions are video responses showing emotions towards another user’s clip.
  • Tricks, tricks.
  • Social videos that demonstrate help, compassion for the world around. Most often in this category there are videos about charity work, saving animals.
  • Experiments with clothes, appearance.
  • Division into sides

    For a more pronounced genre focus of content since 2020, Tik Tok has been divided into three areas: straight, alto, dip. These are opposing camps, the content of which is radically different.

    TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and DeepDeep Tik Tok

    How did

    Division into polar sides of tiktok was influenced by two popular but ideologically different applications: Instagram and Vine, which lasted until 2017.

    By the way. A feature of the simple but legendary Vine application was the creation of funny and unpretentious videos lasting only 6 seconds. This idea became the basis of Tik Tok.

    Instagram, in contrast to Vine, is focused on glamour, wealth, a beautiful life. The app was originally used for a general demo pictures, a photovideo, but later became a successful commercial platform for advertisers.

    Two opposite worlds – Instagram and Vine – are reflected in the two sides of the modern version of Tik Tok – Straight and alt.

    TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and DeepStraight and Alt

    What were they divided into?

    As a result of conditional separation TikTok has three sides: Straightviola, Deep. Let’s figure out what it is meanswhat are their differences.

    How to find

    To find videos of interest from Straight categories, alt and Deep can be by hashtags and keywords phrases in English and English languages.

    Videos filmed by adherents of the party straightoften followed by # tagsaesthetic#straighttiktok, #beautyfull, #style#success, #woah#model business, #estheticiana, #fashionstyle, #fashionweek, #drama#feelings, #friendlyfamily and others.

    To find alt and deep content, you can come in to the site or application and enter the tags #alttiktok, #deeptiktok, #subculture, #blackhumor, #alternative, #in the search boxsystem#Goths, #hype, #anti-glamour, #no embellishment, #no cuts, #outrageous.

    List universal hashtags for all directions includes #tiktokers, #video, #videos, #effect and others.


    All sides TikTok have distinctive features. It does not hurt for novice users to learn how to understand them in order to make a choice of a direction that matches their lifestyle and interests.


    Straight TikTok – the most popular side applications. For users who are not familiar enough with this media platform, all content is associated with this particular direction.

    What is it

    Straight Tik Tok is the most targeted side for advertisers. Video bloggers choosing this direction focus on attractive appearance, beauty procedures, fashionable clothesentertainment, financially secure life.

    Reference. The name “Straight” in translation into English can have several meanings: “straight”, “smooth”, “classic”, “correct” and “in order”.

    TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and DeepStraight tiktokers

    What videos are being made

    Straight tiktokers in the classical sense are physically attractive boys and girlswho willingly participate in a variety of challenges, as well as film stories about their daily lives.

    The main topics of the videos in this direction are dancing, singing, fitness, fashion, makeup, cooking.


    Most popular tiktokers belongs to the straight camp. Its most famous representatives are:

  • video blogger and dancer Charlie D’Amelio, who received the title of “the reigning queen of Tik Tok”;
  • American dancer and singer Payton;
  • fashion model and singer Lauren Gray.
  • In EU-US, the most popular straight tiktokers are members of the Tiktoker house Dream Team House: Danya Milokhin, Anya Pokrovskaya, Artur Babich, Lianel, Diana Aster and others.


    The opposite of the “correct” and glamorous straight community is viola. This is alternative party confessing anotheran unorthodox view of the world.


    Alt Tik Tok is an alternative to the popular and standard TikTok side. The content of this direction may contain ironic parodies of popular trends. Bloggers show their life as it is, without embellishment and retouching.

    TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and DeepAlt Tik Tok


    The video content of alternatives is focused on the life of representatives of various subcultures, but it rarely has a clear style. Videos can be conversational or dedicated to the interests and hobbies of the author. Often there are parodies, black humor. Videos are complemented by stylized fonts and emojis.

    By the way. One of the popular alt-trends is the worship of trees and nature. Authors can shoot plants from different angles by applying filters and accompanying the clip inscriptions, for example: “Are you, are you, coming to the tree?” (are you going to the tree?) songssung by Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.


    The most popular TikTok bloggers making videos in the alt genre:

  • @Realwill_ferrel2 – the author of non-standard videos, some of which are characterized by intimidating content;
  • @Puffitopia is a traditional video blogger Alt Tik Tok. A significant part of the content is devoted to animals, nature, books.
  • deep

    Deep TikTok often called reverse or dark side of TikTok. Most of the videos in this genre are absurd and incomprehensible to ordinary users.

    TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and DeepDeep TikTok


    For videos shot in the genre deep TikTok is characterized by a set of meaningless frames, which may be accompanied by strange sounds and inscriptions. Many clips contain elements of intimidation, disgust. Among effectsmost often used by authors – voice change, masks of various characters, animals, as well as completely black eyes.

    What videos are being made

    The videos offered by deep tiktokers have shocking content. Often found car accident or other incidents. Authors can wear strange clothes, masks, eat insects, fry dolls in a pan, or wash their hands of fake blood.

    Everything that happens on the screen scares away, disgusts unprepared viewers, but can resonate with fans of horror films and psychedelic trends.

    Leading tiktokers

    In this non-standard genre, the leading authors are @Carterthefather, @Pigletforeigner, @Cowstittysmilk.


    TikTok users disagree on the division into parties.

    What did it give

    Splitting TikTok content into different kinds and genres allows users to easily define their niche to achieve popularity. But at the same time, many successful authors offer diverse content and do not belong one hundred percent to a particular camp.

    Should I choose a side

    Choosing one of the parties will help support the principle of division by genre, as well as determine the thematic focus of the blogger profile.

    How to determine your side

    For users who cannot immediately give an unambiguous answer on which side they are on, there are special tests. It is proposed to answer a few questions about your favorite dance style, preferred type of humor, attitude towards kittens, body positivity. Based on the responses, the preferred side is determined.

    TikTok Sides and Views: Straight and DeepHow to determine your side

    Which one is more popular

    The straight side of TikTok is more popular with both viewers and advertisers, hence this option gives more chances to make good money.

    The alt side is aimed more at creativity and humor. It is less successful commercially, but it can attract a large number of subscribers.

    Videos from the Deep category are not very in demand due to incomprehensible, shocking content.

    How to get in and out

    To get into to one side or another, just watch a few videos and subscribe to accounts that arouse interest. After that, the tape will automatically be formed in accordance with the preferences.

    In order to log off from the selected category, you should simply unsubscribe from the authors of the videos that are no longer of interest.

    The three sides of TikTok provide diverse content on the media platform. Straight based on attractive appearance and unpretentious jokes. Viola is aimed at creativity, individualism, irony. Deep is an underground offshoot with scary or psychedelic plots. All this makes it possible for a variety of people to express themselves and find their niche.

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