TikTok school from scratch: Review of the most useful courses

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The popularity of Tik Tok is rapidly gaining momentum. This online social network, in addition to the possibility of communication, manifestation of one’s own individuality and pleasant leisure, allows you to earn money (especially on advertising). The proposed material examines training and its development, taking into account the content of the course programs.

Features of the Tik Tok service

Tik Tok is an online social network that brings together users from all over the world who shoot and post short videos on an arbitrary topic.

Reasons for popularity

The popularity of the site is explained by:

  • short format – the duration of the tracks in a few tens of seconds attracts with the simplicity and variety of the presented tracks;
  • young audience – the age of most users does not exceed 25 years, among which smartphones and social networks are in the immediate circle of interests;
  • monetization – the user can earn an internal coin of the application with the subsequent withdrawal of real money;
  • the presence of celebrities – a lot of well-known musical performers, actors and other popular people are registered in the youth circle.

The total number of active users of this online social network in the world exceeded 1 billion people, with more than 18 million accounts from Russia.

On a note. According to the 2020 statistics, TikTok has been downloaded more than two billion times, which is ahead of Facebook and Instagram, placing the platform in third place in the top rankings.

The main functions of Tik Tok

The functionality of the application allows you to:

  • shoot and upload videos with a title, short description and tags;
  • edit footage;
  • use the resource’s music library;
  • broadcast yourself live (when reaching the threshold of 1,000 subscribers);
  • mount and post videos in a duet with other users, in conjunction mutually increasing popularity;
  • use hashtags as a navigation and call element;
  • integrate the platform with other social networks.
  • monetize content through advertising tools

The online service notifies blogger users about the appearance of new, interesting accounts, promotes and offers videos for viewing in the recommended content section.

How Algorithms Work

They work using the following resources to promote the popularity of the user:

  • subscriptions based on the results of views;
  • viewer likes;
  • left comments and reposts;
  • viewing duration;
  • sound and hashtags.

Taking into account the above criteria, the status of the account is assessed with the possibility of including its tracks among the top ones that do not leave the pedestal of recommended videos for viewing. TikTok algorithms are periodically changed to improve the operation of the system.

Why promote a profile

A promoted blogger profile opens up more opportunities for earning. After 1,000 subscribers, the user can conduct online live broadcasts, collecting gratitude from the audience in the form of donations, donated diamonds and other gifts, withdrawing income. Especially profit on advertising increases.

How much can you earn

At the initial stage, earnings will be quite modest. Successful people receive 2 million rubles a month or more.

Where to begin

As in any business, the right start is important for successful earnings. The science of winning thousands of followers with a slight movement of the cursor begins with mastering the basics.

Installation and registration

First you need to download and install the application. The program is presented on the sites of the Play Market, Google, and other official software stores for Android.

To download the platform, you need:

  • Login to tracker.
  • Enter the name of the application.
  • Follow the link provided and click the download button.
  • After the download is complete, start the installation.

Upon completion of the installation, you will need to create your own account. Registration is done in the following order:

  • Specify how the account was created.
  • Choose a free login and a strong password.
  • Write down a phone number.
  • Confirm the identity by entering the code received in the message to the specified phone.

Similarly, the procedure is carried out when registering via e-mail, Google accounts, VK or other online social networks.



To prepare a registered account for promotion, you must:

  • create a profile by choosing a recognizable nickname, posting a photo, indicating links to popular accounts in other social networks, attaching a detailed description of the owner;
  • switch the page to PRO mode, which provides additional opportunities for the user;
  • analyze the popularity of hashtags, partially using them for your own videos;
  • get professional recording equipment to guarantee the quality of the tracks being filmed and posted.

It is important to choose a popular topic for the video that is of interest to many users of the online network and attracts attention. This will help monetize the channel.

Recommendations for promotion

To regularly get into the top, you should shoot videos with musical compositions, popular songs, dances, with interesting plots of ideas that have become a trend among subscribers. These recommendations allow even two or three initial tracks to achieve thousands of views, opening the way to online live broadcasts.

It is important to regularly update the material, not forgetting the quality of the content, using creative ideas. To increase popularity, mutual PR with shooting and placement of duets will help. The effectiveness of using the right methodology is confirmed by the history of many successful bloggers.

Services for promotion

In addition to standard methods, you can promote your profile using special services or courses. Such resources work for free (with the completion of tasks – subscriptions, clicking on links, etc.) or for a fee.

The table shows some of the most popular services.

service Description
TikRate A free application for promoting an account from scratch by completing tasks of other users, with a clear interface and live followers
TikTopFree A resource for a blogger who is just starting to work in this field. In addition to the free ones, it contains paid options.
Tocker Promotion app for boosting mass likes and comments

TikTok Learning Courses

A beginner will easily master the principles of managing a profile, rules of work, building an application interface and introducing new ideas. But this will require knowledge that can be obtained in numerous paid courses from specialists.

TikTok 2.0

Lectures from School Tik Tok on promotion are designed for beginners who want to get the necessary skills in a short time to promote an account and make money on an online social network. Among the teachers are more than 80 experienced professionals who have received recognition.

Benefits of lessons

Of the advantages of the program – a convenient learning format (online), low price, a variety of content of the training course on the site. They are in video format suitable for any user with free access to the Internet, regardless of their actual location.

The duration of the School’s course is two months with daily video lessons given out as homework assignments based on the results of viewing, followed by verification and discussion of the results with teachers. Price – 999 rubles. (according to the promotion, taking into account the provided discount).


The school program includes lessons with recommendations on organizing filming, processing and posting videos on an account, learning the secrets and life hacks of making money in advertising.

Promotion on TikTok

Courses from the famous person Vlad Lapin for those who feel the need for self-realization, promote a personal brand, engage in Internet marketing or advertising, create music, record videos, a lot of useful information on starting a personal blog.

What will you learn

During the course, students will create their own video blog, learn how to update the topic, gain basic work skills, knowledge of marketing and launching advertising.

The program is designed for 8 online lessons. Price – 6,000 rubles. You can leave an application on the site.

What is included

Lectures of the training course are devoted to studying the features of the channel, the rules for designing a profile, developing video scripts, content content, and the technical side and PR methods. The program also includes practical exercises with direct communication between the teacher’s specialist and the students.

Online course “I am a TikTok star”

The course is suitable for beginner bloggers who want to become popular.


The project is suitable for any user interested in learning how to make money. The online course is 2 weeks long. Cost – 200 rubles.

The content of the lessons at school

Students will learn free ways to promote a profile, select suitable content, available sources of income and how to get promoted from scratch.

Online course “TikTok Monetization”

Courses from Matvey Severyanin are intended for a diverse audience – from novice users to owners of their own business.


What will you learn

Participants will learn how to promote without an initial investment, create interesting content, get paid for promotional videos, gain a large number of video views and create marketing strategies.

The price of training in the club is 2,900 rubles.

What is included in the course

There are two options for the tutorial: for beginners and businessmen. The first course includes obtaining initial skills in promoting accounts. The second program is complemented by a few more lessons on doing business with Tik Tok and how to get targeted customers. Including how to promote your product through advertising.

Online course for business

Designed to quickly upgrade the profile of any user from zero to 10,000 subscribers.

Course Benefits

The project includes 17 basic lessons from an expert with additional modules depending on the tariff chosen by the client. The initial course (universal) costs 13.99, the professional package – 33, VIP – 105 US dollars. To get started, just leave a request.

“Explosive TikTok for Business”


In the lessons, experts will talk about the necessary work – from registration, setting up a profile to using advertising and other methods of building your own business on this platform. They will also analyze successful marketing strategies.

Online course “Rules on TikTok”

Free academy for children aged 7 to 13.

What will be taught in the course

Distance learning of the course involves registration in a personal account with subsequent classes. There is no tuition fee, but anyone who wants to can make a donation. The only condition is the consent of the parents to receive the newsletter.

What is included in the course

Classes are held with the study of video materials, quests and homework, checked by teachers. Until the end of teaching, the child will be taught how to shoot tracks, process and post content on the Internet. They will give you the basics of advertising. Classes are held in an interesting, playful way.

Top Tik Tok Academy

This is a real university for various categories of users – from those who are just about to become a blogger, novice users, to experienced ones.


The promotion project is divided into 10 video lessons of 10 minutes each with 5 modules of the training course. Price – 2,900 rubles.


The course modules are devoted to the prospects of blogging and the intricacies of the site, the right start, account promotion, achieving stable income, methods to increase the effectiveness of the result and setting up advertising.

Course “How to become a Tiktok star”

This is a free master class from Alexander Sokolovsky, a well-known and super-successful Internet marketer, founder of HoneyTeddy.

What to learn

The lesson is designed for a wide range of listeners. Registration for the master class is free.

What is included in the course

The lesson is dedicated to creating a million-strong audience with earnings through advertising and other methods, promoting your own content, methods of promoting accounts.

In addition, many other educational options are offered. For those who are not afraid of the language barrier, you can enroll in English-language courses with the study of advanced programs and techniques. Efficiency is evaluated by the feedback left by students.

Is it possible to find plums in the public domain

You don’t have to pay to access the learning materials. The content of the courses is periodically leaked to the Internet on various torrent trackers, blogs and file sharing services. One example of such a drain is at the link.

But it is important to understand that in this case, the user will lose the latest updates of curricula, practical classes and live communication with teachers, without which the effectiveness of the courses will be in big question.

TikTok is emerging as the most promising platform among recent developments, with a great future ahead of it. This development from China quickly gained a huge number of subscribers, including Russians. But earnings in this network require specific knowledge, which can be acquired in courses via the Internet. And you need to get the skills to work from childhood.

The main thing is to think about the goals in life in time, set priorities correctly, take the first step and slowly but progressively move towards the goal, without postponing education for later.

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