TikTok Recommendation Feed: How to Watch Only What You Want

TikTok Recommendation Feed: How to Watch Only What You Want TikTok

One of the reasons for the high popularity of the TikTok platform is the thoughtful interface of the application. The program is designed with the maximum consideration of user requests, ease of use in the system. The material discusses the Tik Tok tape, the basic principles of the formation of proposals, the possibilities of the resource.

Recommendation Feed on TikTok

Under the system of recommendations is understood the principle of the application, which forms the supply of information to the user, taking into account his hobbies and interests, the subject of access to search resources, the content of the previously requested content.

In a comparative analysis of the Tik Tok feed and other social networks, experts point to the advantage of the Chinese platform, given the objectivity of the selection of material, the correspondence of the information provided to the hobbies of the account holder.

Formation algorithms

TikTok programmers do not reveal all the secrets, but the basic principles of forming the application feed are about the same as in other social networks. The similarity of the selection of materials with YouTube is especially great. This is due to the similarity of the formats of these platforms.

Moreover, Tik Tok impresses with a variety of videos and strict adherence to user preferences.

TikTok Recommendation Feed: How to Watch Only What You WantTikTok recommendation feed

For a beginner

For a user who has recently registered, the network will offer videos based on the categories selected by the user. If the visitor has indicated the most relevant topics are pets or travel, the preferred content will be dedicated to those topics.

Subsequently, the system will correct the possible options.


As the user subscribes to accounts, the hashtags used by the authors, sound and video effects are taken into account. The social network will offer the most suitable videos in the “Interesting” subsection.

The system determines the current content based on the results of the analysis shown in the table.

Based on what factors the feed of recommendations is formed Description
User actions Subscriptions to accounts, marked videos, comments left, created content are taken into account
Video data Taking into account the features of sound, hashtags, used image effects for marked or created tracks
Account characteristics, current location of the mobile device To set settings that affect system performance

Search history

The platform analyzes the results of the user’s search queries, subsequently offering similar materials on the basis of preference, based on the nature of the video processing, musical style, and other characteristics. Even if the user erases the history to clear the application’s cache, the information will be taken into account when generating the feed.

Irrelevant content

The Tik Tok platform brings together creators with different tastes and interests. The network takes this factor into account when generating a feed of recommendations. The system regularly automatically deletes videos that are not interesting to the account holder.

Elapsed time

If a user watches the same video multiple times, the system will take this video into account when selecting offers. With a higher probability, the social network will present similar videos, the shooting of which uses similar methods and techniques.

The program knows which entries the user has viewed in full or halfway through. This is taken into account in the recommendations presented to the user.


To offer the user interesting and varied content, the system automatically removes duplicate videos from the TikTok feed. Videos shot by the same authors or similar content do not follow each other.

Variety of recommendations

Sometimes the application offers the user a video that is out of his circle of preferences. This was done to increase the diversity of the content presented, to analyze the popularity of certain content areas. It is possible that the user will be interested in something new, bringing a fresh stream to the flow of information.

TikTok recommendation feedTikTok recommendation feed


Improving security is the main task of application developers. The system removes videos of overly realistic medical procedures from the list of recommended videos. The moderator will remove spam, advertising with promotional codes, videos with other unnecessary and intrusive information, and other materials that negatively affect the formation of the feed.


The developers are improving the tape construction algorithm. They take into account:

  • user reviews and recommendations;
  • world positive experience;
  • research results.
  • The authors create new tools that improve the performance of the application.

    Disadvantages of the recommendation mechanism in Tik Tok

    Among the shortcomings of the feed generation algorithm, the developers themselves note the “filter bubble” – the excessive monotony of the presented videos, selected according to requests based on the preferences of account holders. The result of this approach is the repetition of the same melodies, the lack of diversity in the offers of the network.

    Another disadvantage that needs to be improved is the low level of security, which leaves room for improvement when selecting videos that are dangerous for certain categories of users (children, etc.).

    These problems are still being solved. But even with such disadvantages, the algorithm of the TikTok application is one of the best when comparing various social networks.

    How to remove a boring trend from the feed

    Account settings offer the user the ability to customize the recommendations feed. One of the available options is to delete annoying tracks.

    Setting order:

  • Click and hold on the annoying track until an additional menu appears.
  • Tap on the “More” button.
  • Click on the caption to hide the video.
  • After updating the application, the system will remove tracks with marks from those recommended for viewing.

    How to view your TikTok feed

    To watch content on TikTok from your phone, you need to:

  • Download and install the application.
  • Run the program, log in and register by creating a personal account.
  • After entering the personal page, go to the “recommended” section.
  • View videos.
  • As you browse, the contents are scrolled from bottom to top.

    What other feed do tiktokers use

    In addition to the formation of recommendations, the concept of “tape” in relation to TikTok is applied to additional devices used by TikTokers when shooting videos.

    We are talking about LED lighting elements, from which ring lamps are made. The device gives backlight if the lighting is not enough when shooting videos in the dark.

    Even with a sensitive camera in the phone, its capabilities do not guarantee quality in low natural light. An annular lamp eliminates the problem. The device provides for brightness adjustment, background color adjustment.

    The lamp is controlled by a remote control, connected via a USB port. The package includes a tripod for fixing the phone, which makes shooting easier.

    Watching videos online in Tik Tok is an exciting experience. The developers of the application are working on improving the program in order to offer users the content that best suits their needs. To set up TikTok according to your preferences, it is recommended to study the instructions on the official website of the platform.

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