Tiktok house: what is it, popular houses in EU-US, interesting facts

Tiktok house: what is it, popular houses in EU-US, interesting facts TikTok

Today, TikTok lovers are constantly confronted with the expression “tiktok house”. What is it? What is the purpose of such communities? How did they originate abroad and what kind of tiktok houses are now popular in EU-US? We will answer the most popular questions and share interesting facts with you.

Tiktok house: the history of appearance

Tiktok House is a group of bloggers who live under the same roof and create interesting content for the audience, develop together and move towards common goals. For the first time, the concept of such a house was born in 2019 in the United States. The original idea came from a young YouTuber, Tomas Petru, who had already participated in Team 10 two years earlier. This community brought together bloggers who created videos for YouTube.

Tiktok house: what is it, popular houses in EU-US, interesting factsThe Hype House

Thomas Petru named the new association The Hype House. Tiktokers got the opportunity to create content in a luxurious Spanish-style mansion located on a hilltop in Los Angeles. The tiktok house has everything you need for productive work and leisure: a swimming pool, a huge kitchen, a dining room, a living room.

As of March 2020, there are 19 tiktokers in the foreign tiktok house. Some are in the house all the time, others – periodically. Among the most popular participants is Charlie D’Amelio, who has left the project at the moment.

Why are TikTok at home created?

According to the founders of the first tiktok house, their idle existence is unacceptable. Bloggers work daily to create content. To become a member of such a house, you need to sign a contract that defines the rules of cooperation. For example, bloggers may be prohibited from disclosing information about what is happening in the tiktok house. Sometimes personal relationships need to be kept secret.

Creating TikTok at home, participants and organizers set themselves the following goals:

  • Mutual PR. More popular bloggers collaborate with less well-known bloggers and thus help them get promoted.
  • Simplify your workflow. Tiktok houses usually include not only bloggers, but also screenwriters, cameramen, editors, managers, PR people, etc. Well-coordinated and organized work allows TikTokers to fully concentrate on creative activities and delegate other tasks to professionals.
  • Motivation. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and seeing the success of the other participants, it is difficult to shirk and stay away. Of course, clear rules spelled out in the contract also motivate to work. The number of publications is necessarily regulated, for example, at least 3 videos for TikTok daily. In addition, bloggers work together to develop a common account at home.
  • History of tiktok houses in EU-US: Dream Team House

    What is Dream Team House, a house where only tiktokers live - Afisha Dailydream team house

    The first tiktok house in EU-US appeared in early spring 2020. It was organized by WildJam agency. The house is called dream team house. Official community TikTok account: https://www.tiktok.com/@dream_team_house. At the moment, the audience has 9.7 million followers.

    Among the most popular members of the team are Danya Milokhin, Diana Aster, Artur Babich. Youth idols from Dream Team House often record musical compositions and appear on TV shows along with more popular stars. You definitely saw how Danya Milokhin “lit up” in the video “Diko Tusim” with Nikolai Baskov, and Arthur Babich “refreshed” Bianchi’s song “There were dances.”

    In addition, the participants dream team house can often be seen in various competitions, for example:

    House Dream Team House
    located in the northern part of London.

    You can see his review here:

    As of 2021, dream team house deservedly recognized as the most popular tiktok association in EU-US. However, we also have other houses in the country that deserve the attention of fans:

  • XO Team House. 5 million followers on the official TikTok page. The members of the Tiktok House include Nikolai Pak, Marie Senn, Christy Kraim, Herman Chernykh, Nikita Mimimizka. The main selection criterion for the house is creativity.
  • Hype House Rus. Boasts 3.9 million fans on the TikTok page. Valya Karnaval, Yegor Ship, Yulia Gavrilina, Katerina Golysheva work in this house. Tiktok House is famous not only for humorous videos and music tracks, but also for romantic stories. For example, there were rumors about Katya and Dima Larionov’s romance. It is not easy to get into the list of project participants, because the organizers are looking for the most promising and motivated people.
  • super house. Created by rapper Dava, this tiktok house has 3.7 million followers. Natasha Markova, Milana Khametova, Khabib, Tamerlan Valiev work in the house. The peculiarity of the project is that even teenagers participate in it. This house is distinguished by free views, for example, bloggers can safely invite friends to visit. In addition, Super House is not against cooperation with novice bloggers if they have talent.
  • Dava opened his own tik tok house Super House.  What it is?Dove’s Tiktok House

    Super House often jokes about subscribers, for example, stating that the project is closing:

    How do tiktok houses make money?

    Of course, tiktokers work not only for the sake of creativity and communication. The main mission of each participant is to increase income and popularity. Tiktok houses make profit from advertising integrations, sale of music hits, sale of merchandise, tickets to concerts/shows with the participation of stars. Each house has its own policy of distribution of earnings among the participants.

    Of course, not everything is always smooth in tiktok houses. Last year, for example, there was a big scandal in the Lemonade community. The project participants told the Pushka YouTube channel about harassment by the founder:

    In addition, a blogger from a tiktok house got into trouble with the law in connection with his participation in the rally. Konstantin Lakeev was accused of damaging the FSB car.

    What do you think about the activity of tiktokhouses? Perhaps you have some little-known information about idols, or do you mind sharing your thoughts on the prospects for such projects? We are waiting for your comments!

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