TikTok Earning Opportunities with the Air Affiliate Program

TikTok Earning Opportunities with the Air Affiliate Program TikTok

Popular social network Teak The current is used not only for entertainment and leisure, but also as a successful commercial platform.

Active users can monetize live broadcasts, place advertisements for friendly channels, write scripts, promote music tracks and participate in partner programs. With the help of AIR, you can quickly secure popularity, rewards and additional earnings on advertising projects.

Earnings in Tik Tok on affiliate programs

Bloggers and influencers have the opportunity to significantly increase their earnings in Tik Tok through numerous partnerships programs. For this you need:

  • Choose the most suitable affiliate program in accordance with the theme of your Tik video blog Current.
  • Shoot useful videos and make reviews, posting them on your own blog.
  • Place an affiliate link, inviting visitors and subscribers to follow it.
  • On a note. Search affiliate programs It is possible through search engines on the official websites of stores and other services, as well as in advertising CPA (Cost Per Action) networks that offer payment for certain actions on the part of the user.

    Depending on the conditions of the chosen affiliate program, you can get paid in the form of a certain percentage of the amount of goods sold or for each new registration or download of the application. Some programs offer special promotional codes that can be placed under the video or directly in it.

    The amount of monetary reward can reach 20% of the amount paid by the client. In most cases, the amount of income increases as the number of attracted customers increases, however, the AIR affiliate program, according to reviews users, offers favorable conditions from the first days of cooperation.

    Air Affiliate Program

    TikTok Earning Opportunities with the Air Affiliate ProgramAir Affiliate Program

    AIR is a large international media-tech company founded in Canada in 2010. It is an official partner of Youtube and Tik servicesCurrent.

    air tik tok gives users the opportunity to profitably implement advertising projects, as well as earn money by creating and broadcasting interesting short videos.

    AIR operates in three main areas:

  • An affiliate program for bloggers that allows you to monetize video content – AIR Network.
  • Online and offline training on the secrets of successful video blogging – AIR Academy.
  • An advertising agency that promotes branded goods and services through a blogging network – AIR Brands.
  • Important. Brand advertising is carried out exclusively through an affiliate program. If the video content has not been previously agreed with the administration of the media network, it will be removed from the service.

    AIR’s clients include Nestle, McDonalds, Vodafone, MasterCard, Coca-Cola and other well-known brands.

    Among the popular Tik-Tok bloggers who signed a contract with the AIR media service are illusionists Dima Yevtushenko and Nikita Golev, actresses Irina Kudashova and Anna Trincher, singer Demyan Volkov, video blogger and prankster Elena Raitman, sports coach Igor Voitenko, as well as many other successful and charismatic celebrities.

    Opportunities for a blogger

    Bloggers and influencers have access to:

  • Referral program, which implies the payment of a commission for attracting new users and customers.
  • Receive notifications about hashtags and challenges 7 days before the launch. For this period partner will be able to prepare well in order to interest the audience, attract new subscribers.
  • Account verification, which allows you to protect it from the appearance of fakes and clones by means of a blue checkmark. This will ensure the trust of the viewers, more frequent hitting the number of recommendations and, therefore, a constant increase in the number of subscribers.
  • Additional earnings on brand advertising.
  • Possibility to upload your own music tracks to the library for fast promotion.
  • Convenient and simple interface of your personal account, which allows you to easily set up and develop your account.
  • The ability to create new trends by suggesting your own ideas for hashtags and challenges – this will allow you to gain a foothold in the top positions of the “official” feed.
  • Instant resolution of technical issues related to both videos and user account.
  • Terms of cooperation

    TikTok Earning Opportunities with the Air Affiliate ProgramTikTok cooperation

    Media company AIR offers TikTok users cooperation on the following terms:

  • the user (partner) has the opportunity to actively promote content and receive income from advertising;
  • a certain portion of advertising revenue is retained by the platform (AIR) as payment for content management services;
  • the partner uploads author’s content in the personal account for monetization through advertising;
  • the platform selects advertising to be placed on partner content, determines its frequency and duration;
  • the rights to the content are transferred from the partner to the platform free of charge;
  • payment is made to the payment details specified by the partner in the personal account.
  • In order to become an AIR partner, a Tik Tok blogger must meet the following requirements:

  • posting exclusively copyrighted video content that does not violate the rules of the community, as well as the copyrights of others;
  • lack of warnings from the administration of the Tik Tok service;
  • the minimum number of videos per page is 3;
  • the number of views on the channel – from 10,000;
  • the number of subscribers is at least 1000.
  • Connecting to a partner

    To connect and take full advantage AIR Affiliate Program Tik Toknecessary:

  • Go to https://air.io/tiktok.
  • Click on the “Become a partner” button or follow the link.
  • Fill out a simple form with your name and contact details, and then accept the current terms and conditions.
  • TikTok Earning Opportunities with the Air Affiliate ProgramBecome a partner

    It may take from 15 minutes to 2 days to review the application. The user will be notified of the results by email.

    On a note. If the application is not approved for a number of reasons, you must complete the AIR Academy course and reapply after 2 weeks.


    To connect monetization, the user does not need to do anything. After the application is approved, he will automatically start receiving advertising revenue.

    Earning level

    How much can earn – depends on the subject of the channel, audience, geographic location, seasonality, economic situation and many other factors. On average, as part of an affiliate program, you can earn from $200 to $500 per one million views – such figures are voiced by bloggers on thematic forums.

    You can withdraw your earnings in several ways:

  • transfer to a bank debit card;
  • through payment systems Yandex.Money or WebMoney;
  • money transfer system MoneyGram.
  • Payment details must be carefully indicated in your personal account.

    The AIR Certified Affiliate Program offers users of the Tik Tok video service to monetize copyrighted content by placing brand ads. To become a member, you need to make sure you meet the requirements and apply.

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