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Tik-Tok TikTok

Tik Tok is a world-famous hosting, whose audience in the United States in July 2020 reached almost 700 million active users. It is expected that this number will increase several times in the near future. There are so many published videos that it seems that you can watch them endlessly.

Almost everyone who used this application at least once paid attention to the logo. In the article, we will consider its meaning and give instructions for drawing.

History of creation

The first TikTok logo appeared in 2016. At the same time, the social network (developed by ByteDance) began to exist in the version in which we are used to seeing it. Initially, a pilot version of Douyin was launched in China.

Interesting. All over the world the application is called Tik Tok. Only in China did the original name (Douyin) survive.

In 2017, ByteDance bought the Musical.ly social network, which a year later was merged with Tik Tok, which influenced the formation of the logo.

Tik-TokTik Tok

Who created

It is not known who makes the logo look like this. But the creator of the emblem once shared that the idea came to him suddenly.

He noted that he was in impenetrable darkness, standing among a lively crowd in front of a bright and high stage. Because of the deafening sounds, the image vibrated before my eyes. Most likely, someone sang at the concert. “The black background perfectly highlights the accents, soft corners convey the life of music,” said the author of the logo.

By choosing this design, the creator of the Tik Tok logo, who wished to remain anonymous, wanted to share his unforgettable experience.


The old version of the Tik Tok logo (2016) consisted of one graphic emblem, and a year later it was supplemented with an inscription.

Initially, the words on the logo were written separately. However, since 2018, the name of the social network has been spelled together. The font itself has also changed. It has become smoother and more rounded. Even the dot above the letter “i” was changed from a square to a circle.

What does it look like

The hosting trademark consists of two elements. The graphic part is responsible for the creative beginning of the project. A note can be seen on the emblem, but some believe that this is only the letter “d”. The text element is the name of the social network in English.

Both the note and the letter “o” in the logo imitate a 3D volumetric filter.



The logo consists of four colors (white, black, pink and turquoise) and for several years of its existence they have hardly changed. A distinctive feature of the emblem is a 3D effect created by layering neon colors. This combination of colors in the logo symbolizes the vibration in the dark during a rock concert.

By the way. The icon has versions with a different background color. For example, with crimson and bluish.


The authors of the logo have chosen a simple and understandable sans-serif.

Application icon

Favicon – a special site icon, displayed in the tab before the page name, and also as an image next to the bookmark. Since the favicon uses a low-resolution logo, it was decided to remove the text, leaving it on a black background.

The icon display in the search bar is identical to the application icon.

What does

Many believe that the graphic part (note) symbolizes the song (melody). According to the idea, the user, looking at the logo, should experience the same emotions as the creator of the emblem. Hence the picture – white on a black background with a 3D effect. This combination is pleasing to the eye and easy to remember.


Of course, Tik Tok is not the only app of its kind. There are analogues with similar functions.

Chinese version

With the Chinese version, there are differences only in the text part – the name is written in a different language (using hieroglyphs).


In 2014, the Musical.ly app was introduced to the world, aimed at raising the level of education of young people. The videos were of a popular science nature. The videos were up to 5 minutes long.

However, after 4 years, the developers decided to change the format, focusing on entertainment content. This is how TikTok was born.

Musical.ly logo. was in the form of a pink circle with a white element in the center.


Likes is considered the main competitor of Tik Tok not only in EU-US, but throughout the world. The concept and history of these projects are similar. Likee is more aimed at children, therefore, the app’s target audience is younger.

The Tik Tok icon is neutral, concise, and memorable. The emblem, as it were, conveys the aesthetics of rock concerts and vibrating sounds.

The Likee logo is a riot of bright colors. It is made in the form of a multi-colored heart (purple, blue, red, orange and yellow). Font without serifs.

How to draw

iOS and Android users have long been fond of TikTok hosting. No wonder so many of them want to redraw his logo.

What you need

The drawing process can be divided into three parts:

  • Create an outline. You will need a simple pencil.
  • Stroke. You can use a marker, felt-tip pen, pen, or any other object to create black drawings.
  • Coloring. It is recommended to take markers, felt-tip pens, as they draw the most vividly and juicy. You will need red and blue, but you can play with shades. To copy the official logo, it is better to use the colors that were used by the developers.
  • Tik TokTik Tok

    By cells

    This option is considered the simplest. Even a beginner in this business can draw a logo on paper in a box.

    You will need:

  • colored markers (if desired, you can take pencils, felt-tip pens);
  • a sheet in a cage (paper from a notebook, notebook, etc. is suitable);
  • a couple of minutes of free time and the desire to draw an emblem.
  • Instruction:

  • Take the blue marker.
  • Trace and color three squares that are placed together horizontally. Get a rectangle.
  • From the left end of the figure, count down 8 cells and color them.
  • On the left side of the bottom square, put another one (it should go diagonally to the left).
  • Count from the last cell up 5 cells and to the left one and paint over it.
  • Down diagonally to the left, paint over two squares in a row horizontally.
  • Take a raspberry felt-tip pen (all subsequent actions are carried out only by him).
  • From the right edge of the whole figure (from the tail), count down 2 cells and paint the next 6 cells down.
  • From the bottom cage, back down diagonally to the left and draw a cage and another one diagonally down to the left (you’ll get a ladder).
  • Next, focus on the crimson figure. At the level of her second square from the top, retreat right horizontally one square and draw the second and third.
  • Return to the blue fragment located to the left of the main pillar. From the lower right edge, step back to the right diagonally one cell and color it.
  • From the cell just drawn, step back diagonally to the left two cells vertically and paint over them.
  • Take the black pen. Outline the shape as shown in the video.
  • sketching

    To make the logo look like the original, it is recommended to follow the sequence of actions:

  • Draw a line with a simple pencil. A note consists of a circle and a tail.
  • After you draw two round elements, create a 3D effect. That is, completely repeat the picture just below and to the right.
  • Outline everything with black marker. Before that, you can remove a little pencil sketch.
  • Paint over the inside of the drawing with the same marker.
  • Circle the lower part in red, and the upper part in blue (in the video, the girl clearly shows how to draw).
  • printout

    You can download the emblem (and then print it) for free from the Internet. To do this, type in your search engine “Tik Tok 2020 logo” or “TikTok coloring”. You can also download an icon with a transparent (empty) background.

    On a note. Pay attention to the quality and ensure that the photo is not watermarked. If necessary, unnecessary fragments can be removed in Photoshop.

    The elements of the corporate identity of the logo – from the color scheme to the meaning – visually reflect its main ideas: minimalism and uniqueness. A handmade drawing can be a decor or a gift for a tiktoker.

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