TikTok added a store for products from popular videos

тик ток магазин товаров TikTok

As many people know, the official owner of the TikTok social network is the Chinese company ByteDance. On June 22, she announced that she was launching a new project related to their main brainchild. It is an online store where you can purchase real things shown in the videos with the most views. “This way, viewers and active users will be able to spend their time with additional benefits,” the company said.

In order to see the store’s assortment, all you have to do is use a new feature called Trendy Beat. It has already become available to users from the UK, USA, France, Belgium and some other countries. The app must be updated on your device before purchases become available. A new feature is currently being actively tested.

All products featured in popular videos are shipped directly from China. Services for their sale are provided by another subsidiary of ByteDance. According to its executives, they want to compete with companies such as Shein, as well as Pinduoduo. Upon completion of the store implementation, ByteDance will receive 100% of the profit from sales of all products. Until this point, they only took a commission from other sellers who listed their products through TikTok Shop.

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