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Service Tikrate TikTok

Sometimes a video that has been invested a lot of time and effort does not gain the required number of views and likes on TikTok. In this case, users resort to the help of special services for cheating. In the article we will consider one of these sites.

Service Tikrate

Tikrate is a free and fully automated Tik Tok promotion service. You just need to complete tasks and get points for them. Coins earned in the system can be used to increase the number of subscribers, views and other parameters.

Service TikrateService Tikrate

The service is convenient in that it can also be used by a novice blogger who does not have a lot of money to promote on TikTok.

Attention. At the moment (February 2021), for unknown reasons, the service does not work, and the official website does not open. The response of a site representative on one of the forums: “Unfortunately, the database has crashed for technical reasons.” It is not known when Tikrate will work again.


With the help of Tikrate, you can wind up the following parameters:

  • views;
  • subscribers;
  • reposts;
  • comments;
  • likes.
  • Advantages

    Benefits of the Tikrate program:

  • free cheat on Tik-Tok;
  • clear and simple tasks to get points;
  • convenient and concise interface;
  • real users subscribe, not bots;
  • no need to download anything on a PC;
  • discounts on tariff packages appear periodically;
  • referral program;
  • you can promote more than one account;
  • there is an automated winding.
  • Registration

    Instructions for registration:

  • Go to the official Tikrate website.
  • Click on the blue “Register” button in the upper right corner.
  • Choose a registration method. Login via VKontakte, Facebook, Telegram and Google is available.
  • A window with your profile will open.
  • After these steps, tabs such as:

  • “General”;
  • “Like”;
  • “Comments”;
  • “Subscribers”;
  • “Auto mode”;
  • “Payment”;
  • “Technical support”.
  • How to use

    First you need to choose which publication you want to promote, or how many subscribers you want to get in a certain period. Once started, the promotion system will send detailed notifications to the user.

    If you want to increase the number of subscribers for free, click on the “Earn Coins” button. The system will prompt you to complete tasks, then it will award points for which you can purchase comments and likes under the videos.

    If you want to post a task yourself (cheat something in your profile), click on the “Add task” button. In the column that opens, click on one of the buttons below:

  • “Get subscribers”;
  • “Get comments”;
  • “Get likes”.
  • On a note. Remember that in order to cheat through Tikrate, you need to link your TikTok profile.TikTok Recommendation Feed: How to Watch Only What You WantTik Tok

    Available packages

    An interesting feature of the service is “Auto mode”. Its meaning lies in the fact that after activating the function in the personal account, the program does everything itself: puts likes, comments on posts, subscribes to profiles.

    You can connect “Auto mode” for a different period, namely:

  • one day – 29 ***;
  • three days – 89 ***;
  • week – 179 ***;
  • two weeks – 269 ***.
  • By selecting any of the options, the user can set the parameters:

  • Target audience (target audience) by avatars;
  • the age of the last publication;
  • the number of published materials;
  • the number of subscribers and subscriptions;
  • language.
  • affiliate program

    A referral or affiliate program is a type of cooperation between a company and partners, in which the latter sell the services or goods of the company, and it pays them a certain remuneration.

    Tikrate also has its own affiliate program. Any member working with the service can invite a friend or acquaintance and receive 25% of each payment of the invited user.

    User Reviews

    Opinions about the Tikrate TikTok service are mostly positive. Users note the site’s eye-catching design, responsive technical support, convenience and relatively low cost. Many are pleased with the very fact that the service works honestly.

    Feedback examples:

    “Great service with excellent technical support, which answers all my questions very quickly. Likes started coming in a couple of minutes.”

    “The service helped move forward and raise the asset.”

    “I tried Tikrate, you can use it. In general, not bad, one minus – rather slow. 12 subscriptions per hour.

    “The site is excellent, thanks to the developers! I consider it the best option for promotion on TikTok.

    Tikrate service is popular among users. But we must remember that the abuse of the services of such sites can lead to the blocking of your Tik-Tok account.

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