Tik Tok’s new feature is “Search in Video”. Everything will be found.

Search in Chinese version of Tik Tok TikTok

You will soon be able to search for people on TikTok by looking at faces shown in short 15 second videos. TikTok is testing a tool whose power is both exciting and terrifying. New strategies are being introduced to attract users and make money through this social network.

As shown in a video posted by Matthew Brennan, the feature allows TikTok users to select the face or clothing of the person appearing in the frame to find other videos or images containing the same person or clothing.

Chinese TikTok now has in-video search. Search someone’s face to find more videos of them. Search in-video products or clothes and buy directly #抖音 pic.twitter.com/RBcIqnOBgN — Matthew Brennan (@mbrennanchina) September 23, 2019

Chinese TikTok now has in-video search! And when is our turn?

Matthew Brennan — speaker, journalist, studies and covers information about Chinese mobile technologies and innovations

Tik Tok users will be able to simply click the search button on the right side of the video, drag the rectangle to the desired part of the screen, and instantly perform a visual processing (Vision search) of the content of the area.

Search in Chinese version of Tik TokTurn on search mode.

Search in video by faceSearch by the person’s face in the video.

When selecting a t-shirt or other product, for example, TikTok’s visual search will scan e-commerce platforms for a match and show related links if the robot finds one.

Search for clothesSearch in video by clothes.

Search results Tik Tok app show related links with search options.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen “visual search engines”. Google Image Search and online marketplace Taobao also have a similar feature.

  • Google allows you to search the web for elements of a selected image, while Taobao allows you to upload an image to search for a product (such as a specific snack, as in the example below).
  • Search in TaoBao Uploading an image to TaoBao to search for a product.

  • Taobao will try to find the same product and list the online stores where you can checkout.
  • But Tik Tok’s “search in video” feature is on a completely different level. It does not require users to scan or upload a photo at all. This gives an idea of ​​what the visual search engine for people and products will be like in the future.

    Would you like to try this feature? It is currently still in the testing phase, and is only available in the Chinese version of the application. Presumably, the new tool will appear in the international versions of Tik Tok in the near future. In addition, it is not yet clear whether the robot will only scan private or public clips.

    Tik Tok’s new feature will truly make online shopping more exciting than ever. True, this will complicate the hiding of information where you bought clothes or other goods.

    Visual scanning of information in videovisual search

    Friends and followers will be able to quickly determine where and how much you purchased, for example, this chic wedding dress and suit.

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