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  • What is live wallpaper in Tik Tok?

  • What do you need to install live wallpapers?

    Tik Tok Wall Picture

  • How to install live wallpaper from Tik Tok on Android?

  • How to install live wallpaper on iPhone from Tik Tok?

  • What should I do if there is no Live Photo button?

  • Live wallpaper with Peyton

  • Tik Tok wallpapers are a new feature of 2020, among active users of the application. Look, don’t miss this trend. The advantage is that a favorite or sticky video from the platform is set as a screensaver on the main screen of a smartphone or when it is blocked. The downside is that such animations and videos will destroy the battery charge much faster than in the usual mode of operation. Choose short live videos.

    What is Tik Tok live wallpaper?

    Tik Tok wallpapers on the phone are saved videos in the form of animation. The boring background of the screen saver of the smartphone will be transformed and will be the object of attention of passers-by and friends. You can download any published content on TikTok without restrictions, according to privacy settings.

    The process for converting TikTok videos to animated wallpapers varies, so it will be slightly different on iPhone than on Android. You don’t even need to have a Tik Tok account anyway.

    It is important to know that not all videos can be downloaded as animated backgrounds for the home tab or device lock screen. If the user has disabled video saving, this will not work. The situation is similar for private accounts.

    What do you need to install live wallpapers from Tik Tok?

    Installing live wallpapers from Tik Tok will require downloading the Tik Tok Wall Picture plugin. Works with Android and iOS.

    Tik Tok Wall Picture

    What devices does Wall Picture not work with?

    The question is more related to Android c version below 4.1. These are old models of smartphones with little RAM and low performance optimization power. If someone manages to start the service, then in the reverse order, he will get the gadget freezing when loading.

    Download Tik Tok Wall Picture for Android and iPhone:

  • Go to Play Market or Google Play
  • In the search bar, enter in Latin letters TikTok Wall Picture
  • Click install and wait for the complete installation
  • Tik Tok Wall PictureTik Tok live wallpaper plugin


    This is the official plugin for the TikTok music platform. It is important to remember that both services must be installed on a smartphone or tablet. Now you can make a cool screensaver on your gadget in a few clicks.


  • Not compatible with the popular iPhone XR as it does not have 3D Touch functions)
  • Without access to effects and filters
  • The picture is not edited in real time
  • No instructions
  • After uninstalling the utility, all wallpapers are removed and the desktop or lock screen is changed according to the factory settings
  • pros

  • Record and install your own or other people’s videos as live wallpapers on your smartphone or tablet
  • Quick installation and commissioning
  • Free download via Play Market or Treshbox
  • The plugin is compatible with any version of Android
  • If you remove the service from the device and then reinstall it, all previously downloaded animations will be restored to their places
  • Install live wallpaper on Android

    You have downloaded Wall Picture to your phone. First you need to go to the TikTok application and follow the instructions:

  • Open TikTok and find the video you need on your profile or on any of the users who have not blocked access to views of their clips
  • Then click on the icon on the right – “Share” in the form of an arrow (or three interconnected dots)
  • Swipe left and select “Live Photo”
  • When the video is finished downloading, you will need to click in the upper left corner – “Set Wallpaper”
  • It is done. Wallpaper from Tik Tok on Android, mounted successfully
  • Tik Tok wallpaper video selectionVideo selection for live wallpaper

    mode tik tok wallpaperSelecting the Live Photo function

    Animation setConfirmation of setting animation as home screen wallpaper

    If you have multiple videos uploaded as a Live Photo and want to edit them, you can open the TikTok Wall Picture app. Then click “Install Live Photo” which will take you to your downloaded animations. Choose one of the options, then click Set as Live Photo.

    Install on iPhone

    The main thing is not to forget to install TikTok Wall Picture. Next steps:

  • Open TikTok, find the video you want
  • Click on the share icon (curved arrow) and then click on “Live Photo”
  • The video will be converted into a live photo and ready to be set as your home screen wallpaper
  • Process completed.
  • How to delete?

    Everything is elementary simple. To delete live wallpapers, you need to go to Wall Picture in the list of downloaded animations and delete unnecessary or all. If you do not use this function in the future and want to return everything back, remove the Wall Picture utility from the device and you will be happy.

    What to do when the Live photo button is missing?

    Is Live Photo not showing up in the panel? All you have to do is reinstall the Wall Picture app and update Tik Tok to the latest version, if you haven’t already done so. Delete the cache and then rebooting the smartphone will put everything in place.

    No Live Photo functionThere is no Live photo button in the list

    The reason for the lack of a button to create wallpapers may be the prohibition of actions with the video from the author.

    Phone wallpapers Peyton Tik Tok

    Tik Tok PeytonPeyton Moormeier account

    Someone wants to put a photo on the screensaver of their favorite musician, actor or family member. Here are the tiktoker girls, setting live wallpapers with the popular blogger Peyton. He performs funny dances, sings or shows a smile. To put a live photo with Peyton, follow the instructions above, based on your gadget.

    Tik Tok PeytonTik Toker Peyton

    Surprise your family and friends with a unique gadget with a rare screen saver.

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