Tik Tok video cover to attract subscribers: instructions for creating

Cover TikTok

According to experts, the cover of Tik Tok is the visiting card of the author of the channel. Without its proper design, you should not expect increased attention from viewers and an increase in the number of views.

TikTok cover

A picture or several frames from the uploaded video can serve as an identifier in the social network. Ignoring this part of the design is not recommended – it is a motivation for studying the profile or viewing downloaded files.

CoverTik Tok cover

As an avatar can be used:

  • photo;
  • image of the author;
  • clickbait;
  • picture.
  • On a note. A positive first impression guarantees an increase in channel views.


    Site rules require compliance with certain parameters.

    Name Specifications
    Dust jacket base (same as video data) 1080*1920 pixels
    Scaling 9:16
    Valid Format JPEG and PNG
    File weight No more than 30 MB

    In the search engine and when displaying a picture in a profile, part of it is cut off. There is no exact information about the scale of the changes, but users claim that the parameter is 250 pixels subtracted from the top and bottom sides.

    Important. Text or other individual elements should be located closer to the central part so that they fall into the visibility zone.

    Examples of successful and unsuccessful covers

    The header image is placed on the page:

  • clips;
  • music tracks;
  • search;
  • profile;
  • hashtags.
  • A successful screensaver encourages visitors to open the video, which makes the video stand out among a million similar ones. Unfortunate types of avatars include extraneous pictures that do not explain the meaning of the video sequence, blurry drawings or photographs in which it is difficult to see something.

    On a note. Getting into the TOPs does not guarantee numerous views of videos. The viewer may like an attractive cover and he will go to an outside channel.

    “Live” skin

    A moving picture attracts more attention than the classic type of design. A similar image is created using 5 photographs and small episodes that instantly replace each other.

    TikTok coverTikTok cover

    Background material or information about the author of the profile is taken as the basis. “Live” animated scans are large and bright, immediately striking. Due to the unusual design, the number of views automatically increases.

    How to make a video cover

    To create an avatar, two types of editors are used: standard and linear. The latter involves gluing pictures with video materials. The choice of option depends on the professionalism of the profile owner, with the advent of experience, users prefer to use third-party rather than built-in applications.

    Tik Tok Standard Editor

    During the publication of the video, the author goes through the following algorithm:

  • selects a drawing;
  • uploading video;
  • adds effects;
  • imposes musical accompaniment.
  • In the description subsection, friends are marked, hashtags are added, and the editor is located there. The header image is created according to the standard scheme:

  • After clicking on the editor shortcut, you need to select a fragment that will become an identifier in the feed. The picture is highlighted with a red rectangle, to confirm the action, click on “Save”.
  • If desired, text is added to the avatar – standard or in one of the common styles (“emblem”, “news”, “retro”, etc.). The tool is located below the header image selection.
  • Adding text material takes place when you turn on the effects or when creating an avatar. The second option is preferable because of the ability to insert captions only on the main picture, and not on the video itself.

    How to make a video cover on TikTokHow to make a video cover on TikTok

    Linear video editor

    A beautiful picture is created for the main page and inserted into the video. Actions are performed through the Canva editor:

  • you need to select the image size – 1080 * 1920 pixels;
  • find a beautiful background image or upload your own photo;
  • overlay text or apply a ready-made editorial template;
  • save the result in .jpg or .png format.
  • After completing the primary procedure, a linear editor is selected: InShot, Movavi, Go Pro Quick, Video Shop. You can download them from the app store. The picture is placed before or after the video sequence, glued together into a common video. Then, in the application, you need to find it and highlight it.

    By the way. Fragments are selected in a random order, so the image may not be available in the title avatar editor.

    How to replace the “default” skin with the author’s one

    Once a video has been published, the ID cannot be changed. The same rule applies to replacing effects, cropping frames, applying musical accompaniment. The procedure must be performed error-free the first time.

    From a mobile device

    Regardless of the type of gadget, the same principle is used:

  • The installed app opens on your phone or tablet.
  • In the lower right corner of the display is the “I” block, where you need to touch the profile shortcut.
  • Then the edit icon on the profile image is activated, the utility is given access to the photos.
  • It is necessary to select a picture, move and enlarge it to a suitable view.
  • Confirmation of changes takes place at the request of the system.

    From a computer

    The application is available on laptop and PC, it allows you to view materials through a browser. But the computer program has a number of limitations on actions, which include editing a profile. The only way to change the image is using a mobile device.

    What to put on the cover

    Common topics are:

  • the name of the video – instructions, news, stories: “attitude towards Englishs in the countries of the former USSR”, “causes of conflicts”, “instruction for survival in the desert”;
  • series – the method is suitable for regular subscribers who view content: after creating a continuation of the previous material, the phrase “continuation of adventures in a Muslim country” or as in “Naruto” is displayed in the title;
  • in parts – the same picture is highlighted with the inscription “part 2, 3, 4”, the method is designed for channel subscribers;
  • a question and a text with intrigue – the difference between the two types lies in getting answers to the question asked (“is there life on Mars”?) And familiarizing yourself with the denouement of the video sequence (“results of Martian research”);
  • clickbait – as an example of the design of a Tik Tok video: “you SHOULD not think about it”;
  • original frame – an unusual pose or angle arouses interest;
  • emotion – by facial expression, the viewer must guess about the content of the video (anger, fear, surprise);
  • short title – 1-2 words are used with a slight touch of understatement: “my hell”, “it was not worth it”;
  • the promise of results is an actual request for girls: “legs will get harmony”, “exercise will get rid of the stomach”.
  • Experienced authors use many enticing techniques in the form of “expectation and reality”, “fun shots”, “non-standard solutions”. Proper design will help the channel owner to stand out, make a unique business card, and get the desired number of subscribers. You can become popular through high-quality content and an attractive cover for TikTok.

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