Tik Tok version 14.0.0 to bypass blocking in EU-US

On March 6, 2022, many TikTok users encountered a problem with the social network. Due to the current situation in the world and changes in legislation, Englishs are temporarily unable to post new videos on their accounts and broadcast live. One of the available ways to bypass the block is to download the old version of the Tik Tok program, namely 14.0.0. We will tell you whether it is worth trying to download this application, and how safe it is.


Downloading the program on the site injectserver.com – a scam?

The online platform injectserver.com positions itself as a collection of hacked games and mobile programs, and the service is best known in the gaming environment. Basically, people use the site’s features to save money. They come here, for example, if you don’t want to donate to your favorite online game or you need to get access to the paid functionality of useful programs without investing anything.

Now, Tik Tok fans are offered to download a special version 14.0.0 on the site to bypass the blocking on uploading new videos in their account. This method, according to some YouTube bloggers, is relevant for most smartphones on different operating systems.
At first glance, one gets the feeling that the service can be trusted. On YouTube, we saw several videos with instructions for installing Tik Tok 14.0.0, but the “trick” is that none of the authors of such content did not complete the job. All of them have the application “already installed”, and such a statement is already alarming.

We tried downloading Tik Tok 14 at our own risk, and this is how it went:

  • Removed the original application on the phone in the usual way.
  • We went to the site injectserver.com from our mobile device:

Tik Tok version 14.0.0 to bypass blocking in EU-US

  • We found the TikTok program with the English flag in the list of available applications by scrolling the page to the very bottom of the list, since the search line did not work for some reason:

Tik Tok version 14.0.0 to bypass blocking in EU-US

  • Clicked on the Tik Tok 14.0.0 icon. We saw the phrase Device Compatible, which supposedly meant that the device is compatible with the program:

Tik Tok version 14.0.0 to bypass blocking in EU-US

  • We pressed the Install button, waited for the “download and unpacking” of the installation file and redirection to this window:

Tik Tok version 14.0.0 to bypass blocking in EU-US

  • After a few seconds, we saw a list of tasks for “free receipt
    Tik Tok 14.0.0. These were installations of other applications, registration, passing the first level in the game, etc.

Tik Tok version 14.0.0 to bypass blocking in EU-US

  • We tried to download applications by pressing the Free button to the right of the program icons, and then something went wrong. For example, when downloading most programs, the download was interrupted, and messages about pseudo winnings appeared:

Tik Tok version 14.0.0 to bypass blocking in EU-US

  • One of the first proposed programs, however, was installed, and after its launch, spam advertising messages with annoying vibrations and “left” virus notifications began to arrive on the phone:

Tik Tok version 14.0.0 to bypass blocking in EU-US

As a result, we did not receive any download link for Tik Tok 14.0.0 itself for Englishs. Magic didn’t happen :-)

But they got a headache with cleaning the smartphone from garbage and virus programs. So we definitely recommend avoiding this method.

By the way, on injectserver.com they also offer to download Tik Tok 18+. We already wrote that there is no special version of the social network for adults.

Search for Tik Tok version 14.0.0 on the Internet

There is also no guarantee that the installed program will be safe and, moreover, working. Especially if you look for Tik Tok 14.0.0 on unverified sites.

With this method, everything is simple. You enter Tik Tok 14.0.0 or Tik Tok 14.0.0 in the search box, follow the appropriate link and install the application. After logging into your account, you need to go to “Settings” and change your region to any other than EU-US. If you still can’t post videos on your page, try using a VPN as an option.

For security, you can look for a download link from Yandex Disk, where the content is at least checked.

Despite the limitations of functionality in TikTok, English are constantly finding new ways to get around the bans. However, some methods are dangerous for your smartphone. Be vigilant when trying to download version 14.0.0 on the Internet, and be sure to unsubscribe about the results in the comments. We would also appreciate any up-to-date information on other methods to get around the current restrictions on Tik Tok.

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