Tik Tok Top 100: celebrating the videos and creators who made the app so attractive in 2019.

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TikTok Top 100 is a 2019 compilation of the best dances, memes, trending videos, celebrities and more that helped TikTok rise to the top spot in today’s pop culture.

This is a kind of report for 2019 on the work done by users – tiktokers. Millions of people around the world have participated in endless entertainment, fun, quirky and joyful moments that in a good way violated the norms of self-expression and creativity.

When watching a video on TikTok, you feel like you are part of something exciting and unexpected. They range from wildly entertaining to truly heartbreaking moments that inspire conversation. In fact, there is no other platform that can create the same range of reactions and emotions.

Next, you will see the Top 100 Tik Tok videos that really went viral on the Internet in 2019.

In 2019, TikTok saw a plethora of videos created that were so epic that they instantly went viral, catapulting the creator into “stars” overnight. These top 10 videos are born on TikTok and are now immortalized in the 2019 TikTok Hall of Fame.

tik tok top popular videos

  • @daviddobrik — David Dobrik and crazy Nick Uhas are taking elephant toothpaste.
  • @calebcutler – They did a banana operation!
  • @malorielynn14 – The pool is no longer open.
  • @jayleennina – Man versus insect.
  • @sammielewiss – Tea.
  • @jade13tr – The cat is dancing.
  • @brittany_broski – I’m trying kombucha for the first time.
  • @herecomedatkush – Healthy hummingbird.
  • @kidkneesothra – Crocs + shaving cream.
  • @raeganbrownn – bear costume – Daredevil.
  • 2. Memes from Tik Tok.

    TikTok is at the center of meme culture, when a viral video becomes a meme, it can become part of the Internet lexicon. The TikTok community is embracing memes in a way we’ve never seen before. They take a trending idea, behavior, or style and put their own creative spin on it, giving it new life. As a result, the users of the application have changed the game of memes in 2019, they have installed new visual formats.

    Memes from Tik Tok top 100

  • #POV
  • #VSCOgirls
  • #RiseandShine
  • #Area51
  • #Imbaby
  • #WalkaMile
  • #DNAtest
  • #MirrorFall / Run
  • #microwave challenge
  • #TikTokChecks
  • 3. Famous singers on Tik Tok. Top 10

    Music in Tik Tok provides a creative background and expressive tool for making videos. Talented singers and composers can share their vocal skills and songs. Here are the best TikTok artists, during 2019 they showcased their compositions, which later became a trend.

    Among the best performers is Mariah Carey, who became the Queen of TikTok. This year, her popular song “Obsessed” became one of the most requested short videos.

    Famous Singers in Tik Tok Top 10

  • Lil Nas X
  • Mariah Carey
  • Lizzo
  • stunna girl
  • blanco brown
  • Y2k & Bbno$
  • KYLE
  • Luh Kel
  • Billie Eilish
  • Ashnikko
  • 4. Celebrities on Tik Tok. Top 10

    Several famous people jumped on the train called Tik Tok in 2019. Some managed to sit only on the footboard of the carriage, while others found themselves in the center of Tik Tok events. The app allowed them to successfully find their audience. Below is a list of real tiktokers who created new memes in our hearts with their dancing.

    Celebrities in Tik Tok Top 10

  • Will Smith
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Howie Mandel
  • Terry Crews
  • Selena Gomez
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Steve Harvey
  • Post Malone
  • Shawn Johnson
  • 5. Tik Tok breakthrough of the year. Top 10

    Creators are at the heart of the global TikTok community. Their ingenuity helps make the platform interesting, inspiring, for people all over the world, while encouraging others to join in and express their creativity. Having dedicated a lot of time to developing cool videos using editing and creative tools, these 10 creators are some of the biggest stars of 2019.

    Tik Tok Top 10 breakthrough of the year

  • @zachking
  • @noeneubanks
  • @jamescharles
  • @lilhuddy
  • @charlidamelio
  • @nickuhas
  • @glitterandlazers
  • @mahoganylox
  • @thisaintjay
  • @curtisnewbill
  • The app became known for sparking a dance revolution of millions of videos. The performance of modern choreography, perfectly synchronized to popular music, has dramatically changed into a dance machine of all comers and even old grandmothers. Spanning all skill levels, these dance trends have made TikTok users shake their asses in 2019.

    Trending Tik Tok Dancing

  • The Woah
  • The Git Up
  • Obsessed Dance
  • Hey Julie
  • Scary Spooky Skeleton
  • The 223
  • The Chucky Cheese
  • drop dance
  • a-punk
  • H.B.S. Dance
  • 7. Tik Tok Effects. Top 10

    A built-in set of creative visual effects and editing tools will help you promote your videos in recommendations. With lighting changes, green screen effects, camera tricks and more, these effects help turn an author’s imagination into reality. Among the growing number of creative effects on TikTok, these are the most popular in 2019.

    Tik Tok Effects

  • Face scaling
  • green screen
  • Disco
  • whirlpool
  • Portrait
  • Distorted
  • Fire Breath
  • Time warp
  • clones of infinity
  • Clown Makeup
  • 8. Top 10 Tik Tok Animal Videos

    TikTok is the place to go for videos of adorable kittens, wild tigers, dogs in costumes, and more.

    Tik Tok video about animals

  • Professional chicken hunter who was rescued from cage gets best birthday present – @strykerthecat
  • Two tigers hunt for a wildlife protector — @kodyantle
  • What’s going on in this cat’s head? — @marleymalin
  • This puppy shares his life story – @beingbirch
  • Ferret showing off his dance moves — @friendlyquest
  • When a hamster is not so cute and affectionate – @ame269
  • The nicest dachshund puppies – @hollyandhazelnut
  • Little jaguar goes for a swim – @mokshabybee
  • Pomeranian puppy in panda costume — @huxleythepandapuppy
  • Not the pet we expected to see at the door – @divinefalcon0
  • 9. Tik Tok makeup, beauty and style

    TikTok encourages everyone to express themselves creatively and the way you are, aka you make yourself! When it comes to beauty, each person has their own aesthetic and can express it through the perfect smokey eye, fancy braid or face paint, costume. Regardless of what appearance you are going to acquire, beauty is what is inside you, your soul.

    Tik Tok makeup, beauty and style

  • Creating the Perfect Blue Glitter Acrylic – @youngnailsinc
  • Checkered Clown — @abbyrartistry
  • It’s contouring and highlighting though! — @jamescharles
  • Six different festival fashion trends – @glitterandlazers
  • Multicolor, the most interesting hair – @emilymunyak
  • Unicorn braid! — @learnwithlati
  • Create eye shadow by randomly choosing three different colors! — @jamescharles
  • Ultimate Glitter Mask – @victorialyn
  • 80s inspired look — @addyurdaddy
  • Barbie — @victorialyn
  • 10. Top 10 sports achievements

    Sports are not just incredible games or winning goals. In keeping with TikTok’s brand of eccentric content, this year’s top sporting events have also made their way into the Tiktoker cameras: hilarious goals conceded, celebratory dances and slo-mo sports feats.

    Top 10 sports achievements in Tik Tok

  • Donate your phone to frisbee parkour – @brodiesmith
  • A lot of effort, but still a basketball failure – @overtime
  • Try not to flinch – @alsjdbwbdhhscristian
  • Let’s talk focus – @tylerdownss
  • No hands needed here – @mozzaronnie
  • When the rhythm distracts you from the game – @b1akemckay
  • When fans of different teams find themselves at the crossroads of love — @bennythebull
  • Send the ball home – @_er1k
  • NY Giants! — @nygiants
  • Snowboard Halfpipe Practice — @ryanwachendorfer
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