Tik Tok search for people, account. Detailed instructions.

Tik Tok people search by phone number TikTok

People search, TikTok allows in several cases – by phone number, by nickname and QR code. It sometimes happens that you urgently need to find a person on Tik Tok. The article provides detailed instructions on how to do this in 2020.


  • Search for a person by phone number

  • Looking for a person without registration in TikTok

  • Finding a tiktoker through social networks

  • Find a popular blogger

  • How to find a person on TikTok by phone number and other data

    To watch a video of a popular tiktoker, you first need to find out his name or nickname on Tik Tok. In some cases, nickname is replaced by a phone number. Numbers are required to activate the search.

    Tik Tok people search by phone numberEnter in the search the phone number of the person you are looking for


  • Launch the TikTok app.
  • Click on the magnifying glass (wait for the hashtags to load).
  • In the search field, write down all the numbers from the number (indicating the country and operator, for example +7 901 000 …).
  • After entering the data, the system will issue accounts with accurate or similar information, as requested (switch to the “Users” tab).
  • Scroll until you find the person you were looking for.
  • This method is also possible on a computer if the application is installed.

    Tik Tok search for people without registration.

    This option makes it possible to search for people without registering with TikTok, but with the obligatory installation on a computer, tablet, smartphone.

  • Installed TikTok on one of the above devices.
  • Enter the platform without registration and again look for the magnifying glass icon.
  • Write down the nickname or the first letters, symbols, the name of the person.
  • Click “Find” and wait for the data to be loaded.
  • From the results, select the person of interest.
  • To add the found account to SubscriptionsYou need to register with TikTok first. To find out that you are already subscribed to this tiktoker, the inscription of the same name on the right side of the name will help.

    Tik Tok search for people without registering an accountYou are following this tiktoker

    Not everyone knows the way to search for popular content creators, through the tab “Recommended” and by hashtags. In the feed, select the appropriate page and subscribe.

    How to find a friend on Tik Tok through social networks?

  • Search for tiktoker through the social network Facebook. More precisely, we are looking for the name of the page on Facebook.
  • In TikTok, go to the icon in the upper left corner (in the form of a man with a plus sign).
  • Select “Find friends from Facebook” and enter the platform if you have not already done so.
  • Looking for in a social networkSearch through Facebook account

    Vkontakte, provides a similar algorithm, as described above.

    Tik tok people search in social networksFind friends from Facebook, invite or find in contacts

    Contacts on your smartphone allow you to invite friends, as well as keep track of their Tik Tok accounts. You can invite a friend by sending a subscription request via messengers.

    Find a person by QR codeAccount QR code

    Searching for people by QR code is considered the easiest, most importantly affordable, and working method.

  • Switch to scanner mode.
  • Point the frame at the QR code and scan.
  • How to find a popular blogger or show business star

    Searching for celebrities is much easier than for beginner tiktokers. The program first gives out popular people. Plus, such users also prescribe their own – last name and first name. It is important to pay attention to the presence of a blue circle with a checkmark indicating that this is an official channel.

    tik tok celebrity searchCelebrities in Tik Tok search results

    The Tik Tok algorithm is a search for people, it works without failures and gives 100% correct information. Now that you know how to find a person on TikTok, the feed will be filled with content based on interests only.

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