Tik Tok popular songs May 2020

peyton first song TikTok

Are you a tiktoker who is looking for trending Tik Tok songs 2020 to be in the top Tik Tok music game? Well, you’ve come to the right place to stay up to date with popular and trending songs on TikTok. Get the list of popular tracks in May 2020 for free.

The long awaited release of Peyton Moormeier’s first song, Love Letter. It would be superfluous to talk about the track and about one of the most popular tiktokers of 2020. If you don’t know who he is yet, read his full biography here. Listen and enjoy the melodiousness of the voice and try to understand what the author’s song is about.

peyton first songThe first cover for the release of the song Love Letter

Payton Moormiere – love letter

Danya Milokhin – I’m home

GONE Fludd- 3:55 (feat. CAKEBOY)

Rakhim- Who told you?

Banzay- sailor

Volodya.xxl – One two Three

Britney Spears is a TikTok star in her own right. But the 2011 song “Criminal” is heavily influenced by the development of the app with “Mugshot Challenge”. Users videotape themselves applying specific makeup to look rough and then pose for a mugshot. A photo under arrest is a photographic portrait of a criminal that is taken after the arrest.

Britney Spears- Criminal

Tik Tok popular songs May 2020 Mugshot Challenge

The trend quickly sparked after YouTuber James Charles posted photos of himself with a fake bloody nose and black eyes on Twitter without a caption. A few days and tiktokers began to launch challenges. In fact, the song reached a new peak in daily airplay, with over 12,000 listeners. Femme Fatale will not die!

This very specific Nicki Minaj duo has gone viral on TikTok twice, with users posting both dance videos and #relatablelipsyncs. What else can be said other than that “Bottoms Up” is a track that should forever live in the hearts and minds of tiktokers.

Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj- bottoms up

Jason Derulo loves his newfound fame. He’s already aiming for a Hype House membership with beauty Addison Rae, as evidenced by their lip-syncing to “Ridin’ Solo”, which has over 3.6 million likes on her page alone. Outside of Tik Tok, the words: “I put on glasses to hide my eyes / I jump in my car, I’m leaving here tonight / I’m alone, I’m driving alone, I’m driving alone, I’m driving alone” have become the anthem of every single person.

Jason Derulo- Ridin’ Solo

90s club hit “Walk4Me” is the perfect song for short lip sync videos or gym workouts. Wherever you are in this life.

Tronco Traxx – Walk 4 Me

Rakhim- The girl is naive

NaZare project, DJ DimixeR — At Dawn 2020

Bad Bunny, Jowell & Randy, Ñengo Flow – Safaera

The Suncatchers On My Own

Lucky Luke- Hypnotizing

Bread – eba

Princess Nokia – I Like Him

Jack Gilinsky feat. Don Toliver- my love

Bazzi- I got you


Summer mood is coming soon on Tik TokSummer’s soon


Vlad Sokolovsky – Silence

MAKF- Knock Knock

SERPO- I’ll give everything for you

ground- Baby dance

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