Tik Tok popular songs April 2020

Tik Tok popular songs April 2020 Egor Creed Girl from the picture TikTok

Hello our little TikTok app lovers! We continue to dive into the universe called Tik Tok music 2020. We understand that we are taking a step into the abyss, from which there will be no way back, but we will take the risk to navigate the avalanche of ideal groups in April 2020.

Teenagers will make a cool thing out of anything. Their social media dominance has led songs like “Old Town Road” and “The Box” to number one on the Billboard charts. Every day, pop songs like Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” become templates for teen dancing and lip-synching.

But the creative geniuses on the Tik Tok platform are also discovering (and popularizing) indie songs, international songs, and tracks that no one has thought about for years, if at all.

Now you can listen to popular songs April 2020 not in full, but for 60 seconds or less, while the video lasts.

Tik Tok popular songs April 2020

Tiktok is a place where songs, videos and personalities collide in really weird and interesting ways.

Jay Mar – Self-isolation

Oleg Miami – Phoenix

REVERA, Slame eighteen

SAMEDL – You are such a joke

morten- Kolibri

Songs from Tik Tok 2020 April

2Masha – Summer at the temple

Bianca – SHAYSE

KAN- Night

CAPTOWN- Self-isolation

JuiceWRLD- Righteous

#THANK YOU TO DOCTORS — Artik & Asti, EMIN, Stas Mikhailov, Irina Dubtsova, Slava, Nargiz

T-killah- Buckwheat martini

Ramil’- Waltz

Tony Tonite- India

Zombie – #ZayaLittle

Lil Keed- snake

MATRANG- Desperately calling



Lisa Evans- Jealous

Feduk, mishlawi – Confession

Lyosha Svik – Carefree Days

T-Fest feat. Barz, Makrae- manager

Gorilla Zippo – bad bad girl

Tim Belorussky – Camera roll

Taipan, Agunda – climb

Dima Bilan – Chemistry

SLAVA MARLOW — Tik Tok Challenge

DripReport- Skechers

Auntie Hammy- Pew Pew Pew

Yegor Creed – The girl from the picture

Yegor Bulatkin aka Yegor Creed after leaving Black Star became even more popular. After his appearance on TikTok, the army of fans was replenished with young “blood”. And for them, he tries 100%. Any predator of English show business will shut up in the belt. Here, for example, another hit “The Girl from the Picture” from the latest album “58”, occupies the first position in the Tik Tok music list English Hits. In the Vkontakte chart for today, the 6th position and Yandex.Music TOP-10.

Tik Tok popular songs April 2020 Egor Creed Girl from the pictureYegor Creed – The girl from the picture

The song The girl from the picture is not just a high-quality sound, but also an intrigue. Who is the song dedicated to, who is this girl and what is the picture?

Drake- toosie slide

Drake’s new single “Toosie Slide” was released on Friday 3 April. And this is already a new dance trend on the TikTok platform.

The rapper hops around a mansion (probably his own, judging by the room full of music awards), donning a mask and gloves, demonstrating dance moves. “Raise your right foot up, now your left, slide. Raise your left leg up, now your right, slide. Sounds pretty simple, and it’s already starting to work on other users.

likybo- Kraazy

ST- Rollex

Ali Gatie- It’s You

Syava – I want to dance

Gleb Kalyuzhny & Slame — Radio Hit

Saylero- Ocean

VERNO- Chance

Ivan Reis – Fire

DJ Smash feat. NOT Grishkovets – Spring at the window

Flash feat. Charlotte – PARALLEL UNIVERSE

intelligence- August

IC3PEAK- March

Doja Cat feat. Gucci Mane- Like That

Asia – Don’t get used

Dirty Molly – Cleopatri

Akim & MINT FANTA — Baby TikTok

Ivan Reis – Fire

kirkiimad, nowkie- NaNaNaNa


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