Tik Tok logo. History and evolution.

Tik Tok logo for 3 years TikTok

Since the launch of the platform in 2016, Tik Tok’s logo hasn’t changed much. So far there has been one update that included some changes.

Meaning and history

Tik Tok logo for 3 yearsThe evolution of the Tik Tok logo

The project was launched in China under the name Douyin. While the original name was retained for China, the service is represented globally as TikTok. In the fall of 2017, ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, acquired the social media app Musical.ly and merged it with TikTok.

Tik Tok logoFirst Tik Tok logo in 2016

Today, the Tik Tok logo consists of the following two parts: “Note” (the symbol “d” or, as some say, the eighth musical note) and the phrase.

We should note that the ‘d’ character hasn’t changed in any noticeable way since it was introduced. The phrase Tik Tok itself has been slightly changed in 2019.

In the original iconTik” and “Current“, were given as two separate words: a gap is clearly visible between them. While this was the most noticeable difference, it was not the only one. The glyphs themselves looked more blurry, with fewer sharp corners. For example, take a look at the ends of the top bar at the “T” or “k” on the original logo.

Tik Tok logoLogo lived from 2017 to 2018

While the original word was in black and white, the version adopted in 2019 has color accents on the “o”. They copy the shades of blue and red used on the main Tik Tok logo. Not only do the colors match, but the shape of the “o” also echoes the note, which helps create a visual rhythm and bring the two parts of the logo together.

The distance between the first letter “k” and “T” has become smaller. And yet those two syllables still don’t look right? as one word because the second “T” was capitalized.

You may also notice a few font changes. The original square shape above the “i” has been replaced with a circle. The original elliptical letter “o” also turned into a circle. The rods that form the glyphs have different ends. The lower diagonal stripes on the “k” have been moved slightly higher and to the right.

Tik Tok logo colors

In addition to black and white, a palette with a touch of aqua and red. However, they don’t stand out too much and are only visible at large icon sizes.

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Font Tik Tok

The creators of the Tik Tok logo chose a simple yet perfectly legible sans-serif font.

Tik Tok logo 2018 2019Changed logo in 2018

Tik Tok logo inspiration

TikTok was designed to inspire creativity and bring joy to app fans around the world. In the application, users are immersed in a world filled with people showing their true identity through comedy, dance, sports.

Inspired by the mission of TikTok, the logo designer wanted to create a symbol that would fit with the inner world of so many talented people.

Tik Tok logogolden ratio

The name of the designer is shrouded in mystery. One thing is known that this is a young man who loves to attend concerts, especially rock concerts. The idea for the Tik Tok logo was conceived while the guy was standing in a crowd, surrounded by darkness, looking at a bright stage. He wanted to repeat this experience in his design. I wanted to create a sign that would reflect the experience of being in the theater and watching how users express themselves. To do this, the designer chose black as the background color to get people interested in entering the app.

After the sketch of the musical note was completed, the designer wanted it to look distinct against the black background. So he added an electronic wave effect to the 2D design. I tried several times to repeat the musical note, and then chose the one that was most attractive to the eye.

Electron wave effectBadge selection

When the Tik Tok logo was created, the designer not only wanted it to stand out from other applications on the main screen of the device, but also to look cool and exciting.

What do you think? Did he succeed?

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