Tik Tok gifts. What do you know about it?

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Read this article and learn how to quickly receive and send Tik Tok gifts. Gifts are a way to show appreciation or say thank you to Live Streamers on TikTok.

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  • What are gifts in TikTok

  • What are there and how much do they cost

  • How to receive a gift and send

  • Exchange gifts for diamonds

  • Questions

  • What is Tik Tok gifts

    The popular TikTok app for creating and sharing short videos allows fans to send “digital gifts” to popular TikTokers. Donation occurs during the live broadcast – Go Live. The presentation is displayed as an on-screen animation.

    pink boxPink box with a gift in Tik Tok

    In exchange for virtual support, tiktokers promise to announce the names of ardent fans. The action, of course, takes place live.

    In response to the sympathy shown, the authors subscribe to the fan accounts on Instagram. Which of course affects the increase in followers. The stars of the application, offer for support, give a phone number so that fans can call and chat.

    What are Tik Tok gifts, and how much do they cost

    To date, the application offers 8 animated gifts:

    Tik Tok Animated Gifts8 gifts in TikTok

    Panda Gifts Tik Tok

  • Panda
  • Price: 5 coins = $0.0495
  • Gifts Tik Tok Italian hand

  • Italian hand
  • Price: 5 coins = $0.0495
  • Shot of Love Gifts on Tik Tok

  • Shot of love
  • Price: 25 coins = $0.247
  • Sun cream gifts Tik Tok

  • Suntan cream
  • Price: 50 coins = $0.495
  • Gifts Tik Tok rainbow vomit

  • rainbow vomit
  • Price: 100 coins = $0.99
  • Concert Gifts Tik Tok

  • Concert
  • Price: 500 coins = $4.99
  • cowboy gifts tik tok

  • I am very rich
  • Price: 1000 coins = $9.98
  • drama queen

  • drama queen
  • Price: 5000 coins = $49.99
  • Tik Tok gifts.  What do you know about it?The most expensive gift on Tik Tok

    In youth parties, such an expression as drama queen has become popular. This is a person who wants to attract attention to himself, often arranges scandals, quarrels, provokes others and often overplays. Drama queen will make an elephant out of a fly, reacting too sharply and painfully to what is happening.

    How to buy and receive a gift on Tik Tok

    Use coins to buy a TikTok gift for your favorite author, but live. When you make a purchase, you will receive coins on your account in the application.

    Coin for buying gifts on Tik TokCoins on TikTok


  • Open TikTok
  • Top up your online wallet. Make sure you have enough coins in your wallet to complete the purchase.
  • Click on the speech bubble icon at the bottom. The second button on the navigation bar in the lower right corner of the screen. The Inbox page opens. If another page opens, such as “Like” or “Comments”, click the triangle at the top and select “All”.
  • Click the red Watch button next to Top LIVEs. This will open a list of popular live streams for the people you follow.
  • If the people you’re following are live, you’ll see a broadcast notification.
  • Thanks cannot be sent to the profile or in messages, only to live broadcasts.
  • Click “Live”. The broadcast stream will open in full screen mode.
  • In the lower right corner, click on the pink gift box icon. A menu of eight available animations will open.
  • Choose a gift on Tik Tok and send it to the creator of the videos live. Screen animation and user ID will be publicly visible to the streamer and viewers.
  • TikTok Gifts are non-refundable. When there are not enough coins to buy a gift from Tik Tok, the user is automatically transferred to the web wallet for replenishment.

    From gifts to diamond

    Just like coins, Tik Tok gifts cannot be exchanged for currency. As soon as you give someone a gift, the amount of its value will disappear from the account and appear on their online balance, in the form of a diamond.

    Gifts Tik Tok diamonds moneyConvert diamonds to real money

    Diamonds are used to measure the praise and popularity a content creator receives on Tik Tok. They cannot be bought with money. They need to be received.

    Bag with moneymoney from diamonds

    How to withdraw diamonds to a real account

    Although they cannot be bought, the resulting diamonds can be exchanged for cash. You can view the accumulated number of diamonds in the user account, in the online wallet.

    When you have received enough diamonds, convert them to cash via PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 and the maximum is $1000.

    Learn how to quickly exchange diamonds for money

    Please note that none of these in-app currencies can be sold to other users

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    QuestionsQuestions about Tik Tok gifts

    Question: It is said that TikTok takes advantage of the gullibility of young, 13-year-old users, and makes them give expensive gifts to TikTokers. It’s true?

    Answer: Where are the parents at this moment? Where is parental control? Who even allows teenagers to make financial transactions on the Internet? A lot of questions need to be asked to parents, and then blame the TikTok app. Fans give money consciously, and without manipulation by the recipient.

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