Tik Tok GIFs – instructions on how to add to the video.

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We inform you that the developers have integrated GIFs into TikTok. With this integration, users can now add popular sticker gifs to videos for 15 seconds. Assistance in creating the library was provided by the GIPHY resource, which specializes in just this direction. Tik Tok got a breath of fresh air in the design of short clips.

This is the platform that people visit when they want to have fun or share their jokes. It’s a place where anyone can show their #walkamile skills, travel back in time to #oldtownforever, and accidentally land in the sixth dimension.

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  • Instructions on how to add to a clip

  • Save GIF

  • Popular GIFs

  • Instructions on how to add Tik

    in video

  • Log in to the app.
  • Switch to recording mode. Add a popular sound. Start recording.
  • When finished recording, click on the emoji stickers icon.
  • At the top there is a new feature – the search bar. 30 popular gif files will be presented first.
  • In the search bar, write a word on the topic of interest. For example: love, dance, tiktok, challenge and others. Thematic files will be presented. Hashtags are written under each picture.
  • To select, click on the desired gifs in the Tik Tok clip.
  • By holding the gif with your finger, you can move it to any place on the screen, change the angle of inclination or turn it over.
  • Once you’ve created your video, add effects, text, or a poll.
  • Add popular hashtags to promote your account.
  • Publish.
  • How to save GIF from Tik

    Users will be interested to know how to save a GIF from Tik Tok. The answer is no. You can download gif for free on the GIPHY online service.

    Action plan:

  • Sign in to the resource.
  • Write in the search for a word on the desired topic.
  • Switch the green button to Stickers/Stickers. Now choose.
  • Save your favorite item.
  • Copying links to Tik Tok gifs is also available here. Click on the picture and click on the chain icon, the link will be copied. Embed on social platforms Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte.
  • We invite you to view popular GIF images from the Tik Tok application

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