Tik Tok emoticons, what do they mean? How to add to comments?

Tik tok emoticons special kind TikTok

Tik Tok emoticons are a unique set of emoji in the application that are used to express their emotions only in the comments to the video. Do not confuse these emoticons with other public emojis, of which there are 1427 pieces in TikTok. They are already used when creating a 15 second video.

Teenagers use emoji on any platform, but TikTok has special varieties of them to express their emotions.

Tik tok emoticons special kindTik Tok emoticons for comments

How to add emoticons to Tik Tok

If you are an active Tik Tok user and regularly view recommendations and videos in your subscriptions, then you know how to add emoticons to comments and new clips on Tik Tok. For those who do not know or hear about emoticons for the first time, it is recommended to study a short and understandable instruction:

  • Open an interesting video in recommendations or subscriptions.
  • Click comments on the right.
  • A text entry window and an on-screen keyboard will open.
  • Enter text. If you do not want to write anything, then click on the icon in the form of a circle with eyes on the right and you will be prompted to select Tik Tok emoticons.
  • Then click on the airplane – send.
  • It happens that users rarely update TikTok to the latest version, this leads to the defective operation of some elements of the program. So, there may not be this set of emoji. You act like this:

  • You wrote a comment or just want to put a smiley.
  • To see a cool emoji in a comment, you need to insert a short name (text replacement string) enclosed in square brackets, for example [smile]. The only inconvenience for English-speaking tiktokers will be to enter text only in English.
  • It is worth knowing the English language well or it is best to upgrade.

    TikTok emoji meanings

    You see a circle with a face and don’t understand what this emoji means on Tik Tok. Try to read the emotions, and under them there will be a hint in English, what exactly do they mean.

    Emoji set


    Emoticons tik tok

    scream, excited, tasty, smug, drooling, squealing, crying

    emoji tik tok

    [безмолвный][показывает язык][смех через слезы][злой][закатил глаза][дуться][размышляющий]

    tik tok emoji trends

    cutie, greedy, joyful, wow, hehe, sly, slap

    tik tok emoji


    what does emoticon mean

    cool, turned on, proud, angry, tense, angel, awkward

    Tik tok emoticons with emotions

    [смешно до слез][гордость][вздремнуть][loveface]

    In social networks, most of the users communicate with messages. But words without intonation can get an additional ambiguous meaning. So people have ways of expressing emotions through funny emoticons.

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