Tik Tok Day – creative ideas

Tik Tok Day - creative ideas TikTok

Tik Tok Day is one of the most popular challenges on the social network. The corresponding hashtags are popular among both English and foreign audiences:

Tik Tok Day - creative ideasTik Tok Day - creative ideas

There is no single theme that would unite all videos with the hashtag #tiktokday or #deniktok. Each blogger puts his own meaning in this phrase, but we have identified several popular types of content that correspond to these phrases. Perhaps they will inspire you to create cool TikTok videos.

Birthday/National Tik Tok Day

Every year, different information appears on the network about when the International Tik Tok Day is celebrated. Someone thinks that this date falls on July 9:

Many believe that Tik Tok’s birthday should be celebrated on July 26:

In any case, the exact date of the celebration of the day of the social network is unknown.

Tik Tok Day – weekday bloggers

Since popular bloggers spend most of their time on Tik Tok, some of them share snippets of everyday life with the audience. Particularly interesting are such videos, seasoned with a share of humor. For example, this guy decided to amuse his subscribers a little and show how wrong the work of tiktokers can be perceived:

Dancing, recreation, entertainment

Many users of the social network declare themselves a Tik Tok day and have fun in bright and aesthetic videos. Someone boasts of beach parties:

Some girls are happy to pose for the camera and enjoy their favorite music:

Unusual Talents on Tik Tok

Why not have a Tik Tok day and show off your original skills? For example, to show fans how to jump to the top of the stairs:

Or announce a few days of Tik Tok and impress the viewers with a beautiful voice:

Humor and more humor

Of course, the pets of bloggers and novice tiktokers often feature in funny videos. Charming cats who decided to experiment with cosmetics can “make your day”:

Another hashtag associated with the idea of ​​the day on Tik Tok is #moneytiktok. Under it you can find not only advertisements for different ways of earning money, but also cool pranks:

How about having your own Tik Tok day and finally getting tons of likes and comments? Share your original ideas in the comments and enjoy the creativity.

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