Tik Tok coffee recipe – simple ingredients and the perfect quarantine dose of caffeine.

dalgona coffee tik tok TikTok

The coffee recipe from Tik Tok is a new trend during the quarantine. The drink gained popularity after showing its preparation on South Korean television. The actor on the show, Jung Il Woo, held a live tasting session.

This caused a boom among the inhabitants of the country sitting near the blue screens. Then everything smoothly transferred to the Internet and then to TikTok. Already on January 26, 2020, every 10th user of the application recorded a video with the preparation of a drink.

Popularly, the drink is referred to as Dalgona Coffee, named after the type of Korean toffee candy. A few hours after the first publications, it turned out that the tiktokers referred to him as “Whipped” – “Whipped coffee”. It consists of only four simple ingredients: instant coffee, sugar (powder), hot water and milk to taste (cow, almond, cream).

dalgona coffee tik tokStreet sweet in South Korea – Dalgona

The drink itself is not entirely new and the coffee recipe from Tik Tok is similar to what is done in India, Pakistan, Macau and its name is Phenti Hui or Broken coffee. The only difference is that you are pouring the milk on top of the whipped mixture rather than spooning the whipped mass over the milk.

coffee with milk

TikTok coffee started getting a lot of attention in the US in March 2020. The #dalgonacoffee hashtag on TikTok had 3.4 million views on March 20. Today, the tag has over 240 million views, and is full of various attempts at making a drink, with results ranging from comedic to aesthetically pleasing.

Tik Tok coffee recipe - simple ingredients and the perfect quarantine dose of caffeine.

New coffee recipe from Tik Tok 2020

So what is included and how to do it. Prepare one batch:

  • In a deep mixing vessel, pour all the dry ingredients into 2 teaspoons – instant coffee, sugar (preferably powder, for quick dissolution), plus a tablespoon of hot water. You can pour everything with a measuring spoon for 4g.
  • Tik Tok coffee recipeAdd 2 teaspoons of each ingredient

  • Mix all ingredients thoroughly. To do this, you will need a whisk, a mixer, a milk frother. Mechanical kneading will accelerate the formation of a delicate caramel brown crema. You will have to work with a whisk manually from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • tik tok coffee recipe how to mixStir until foamy
  • For lovers of chilled drinks, we recommend putting a few ice cubes in a pre-prepared glass, cup, glass. Pour a little more than half of the vessel with milk and with a spoon on top adjust the resulting foam. Have a drink.
  • tik tok coffee recipe 2020Added ice, milk and whipped coffee

    For a change, you can add matcha or cocoa powder to the Tik Tok coffee recipe.

    new coffee recipe from tik tokMatcha Powder Recipe

    Also, instead of cow’s milk, they add coconut, oatmeal to the composition. To make coffee for a large company, you will need more ingredients.

    This lovely ombre drink boasts a light coffee flavor with a sweet aftertaste. Velvety and airy – the perfect little break from mundane social isolation.

    delicious whisked coffeeWhipped coffee

    Music under which tiktokers record the preparation of Whipped coffee Tut.

    So, if you’re looking for a high-intensity forearm workout with your daily dose of caffeine, this is the perfect trend for you. The next time you need to get up quickly in the morning, it’s safe to say you’ll head to your kitchen to whip up that fluffy, frothy Tik Tok drink.

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