Tik Tok browsing history. Where to find and how to clean.

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  • Is there a browsing history

  • How to view history

    How to clear favorites
    How to cancel likes

  • Tik Tok browsing history is an opportunity to see all your preferences in terms of the content of other tiktokers. Users of other social networks are accustomed to the fact that actions are recorded and then they can be easily viewed. When you open the app for the first time, after a week of using it, you ask yourself: How can I see liked videos on Tik Tok and where are my favorites? You will soon learn how to find your browsing history.

    Is there a browsing history on Tik Tok?

    Yes, but the data is presented in a different format – likes and favorites. Very convenient and familiar features that allow you to appreciate and save interesting videos. Any content rating is a manifestation of activity, which positively affects the natural promotion of your account.

    How to see your browsing history on Tik Tok

    I watched the clip, gave it a rating or added it to favorites, but how, after a month or more, to find out what sticky videos I watched.

    There are two simple options on how to find the video you like on Tik Tok:


  • Log in to the app.
  • In the lower right corner, click on the My icon.
  • Under the profile description, click the heart icon with a lock.
  • Swipe up and a window will open with the video clips you’ve rated.
  • Login to your Tik Tok accountProfile login

    Liked videos in Tik Tok historyHeart icon with lock

    Tik tok view history likesLiked videos on Tik Tok

    For your information, in the privacy settings, you can change the function “Who sees your list of likes” on the All or Only me.

    2. Favorites

  • Go to TikTok.
  • Go to your account.
  • Red button Change profile and to the right of it, click on the white flag.
  • A video library of the best content on the platform in your opinion will open. Here, hashtags, music, effects.
  • Tik Tok browsing history favoritesTik Tok Favorites Category Checkbox

    Tik Tok browsing history.  Where to find and how to clean.List of clips, hashtags, music, effects in favorites

    The latest clips appear in the top row. Tik Tok tags, effects and music as a separate category. This is where the favorites are on Tik Tok.

    Tik Tok browsing history. How to remove from favorites?

    The folder cleaning process is performed in reverse order:

  • Go to the desired category – clips, hashtags, music, effects and click on one thing.
  • Turn on the video. Click on the arrow – Share.
  • The checkbox will be black and under it the inscription – Remove from favorites.
  • By clicking on the checkbox, the mark will be removed.
  • Playing a Favorite ClipClicking on one video will play it

    Share button share button

    Black flag delete videoRemove video from favorites in Tik Tok

    With likes, we also do reverse actions:

    How to hide liked videos:

  • Lock with a heart or vice versa? :)
  • Select the video you want to remove and start playback.
  • Click on the red heart.
  • Voila and you are happy.
  • Unlike a video on Tik TokLike on Tik Tok

    Now you know where the browsing history is on TikTok. Use convenient features and communicate with other users.


    It is important for a Tiktoker to keep the account “hot” – to be active every day. Choose hashtags wisely, and you will monetize content through views, likes, comments.

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