Tik Tok Anime: Asian Style Video Ideas

Tik Tok Anime: Asian Style Video Ideas TikTok

Anime lovers on Tik Tok constantly post cool videos dedicated to this topic. We will tell you how to create a bright and catchy look in Asian style, share life hacks for shooting videos that will get a lot of likes and views.

Music for anime video in Tik Tok

Sound accompaniment is one of the main components of the oriental atmosphere. These 5 tracks are consistently popular among anime fans:

Phao – 2 Phút Hơn (KAIZ Remix)

Lizz Robinette — Hide and Seek

ElyOtto — SugarCrash! (Bemax Anime Remix)

Rizky Ayuba — Kimi No Toriko

nightcore — Lily (Alan Walker)

Create an anime style look for Tik Tok

Properly done makeup will help copy the image of the heroines of your favorite anime series. You can start by buying contact lenses that visually enlarge the pupils, or limit yourself to decorative cosmetics.

Tik Tok Anime: Asian Style Video Ideas

For express makeup, follow the advice of makeup artists:

  • to fix the future make-up, apply the base under the shadows on the upper eyelid and under the eyes;
  • apply shimmery shades of beige or peach on the upper eyelid and blend thoroughly;
  • using a white pencil, paint over the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid and the area just below it;
  • on the upper eyelid, draw a bold arrow using a felt-tip eyeliner or liquid;
  • and under the lower eyelid, under the white line, draw an almond-shaped arrow – this is how you create an anime puppet effect;
  • carefully connect the resulting arrows behind the edge of the eyelid;
  • if desired, you can draw a few eyelashes on the lower border;
  • now apply voluminous mascara, and even better – use false eyelashes.
  • Depending on your preferences, lips can be made up with bright lipstick or emphasized with a glossy gloss.

    To shoot anime style videos on Tik Tok, take care of your hair too. You can toned your hair in bright colors (pink, blue, green, blue, red), make two high ponytails or pigtails, two buns on the sides or gentle waves on long hair.

    When choosing clothes, give preference to schoolgirl-style outfits (with a short skirt), puffy dresses decorated with tulle and leather, stockings and golfs. Fitted blouses, corsets will look beautiful. For funny videos for Tik Tok, Kigurumi is perfect.

    5 Anime Video Ideas

    The easiest option is to upload cuts from your favorite TV shows and select beautiful or dynamic music for them. Looks very atmospheric.

    If you can draw, film the process of creating a creative masterpiece and share the video on Tik Tok:

    You can show viewers how to do anime style makeup:

    Of course, cosplay will look even cooler, which your viewers will probably want to repeat:

    Do not forget that anime videos can be diluted with a touch of humor or made as lifelike as possible:

    Do you like to watch anime style videos on Tik Tok? Or perhaps you yourself are experimenting with creating such content? Tell us about your experience and tastes in the comments.

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