Tik Tok and European Football Championship EURO 2020

Tik Tok and European Football Championship EURO 2020 TikTok

Back in February 2021, it became known that TikTok is now an official partner of EURO 2020. The popular social network gives fans the opportunity not only to follow their favorite teams, but also share their impressions with other users, create cool informational and entertainment content. As part of the partnership, TikTok launched themed effects, challenges, and live streams.

Tik Tok and European Football Championship EURO 2020Tik Tok is a partner of the Championship

Special section for football fans

In a special section, fans can:

  • follow live broadcasts of matches;
  • look up the schedule of football competitions;
  • view creatives and create your own;
  • have discussions with other football fans.
  • Interestingly, musical performers also decided to support the main sporting event of the year. Ed Sheeran, whose track “Bad Habits” already topped Tik Tok in July, gave a mini-concert. Jordan Henderson, midfielder for the English national team, noted that the singer performed fantastically.

    Creativity of football fans in Tik Tok

    The creative, funny, and sometimes sentimental videos made by football fans have become an amazing addition to the Tik Tok sporting event. Here’s what beginners and advanced tiktokers will delight viewers with:

    Cool message for posterity

    In a comic poetic form, the grandfather tells his grandson about the events of EURO 2020 in the distant future, not forgetting to make fun of the little pimple, mention the coronavirus and the difficulties with buying tickets:

    Football betting from pets

    Many enterprising EURO 2020 fans posted predictions from funny pets on their pages. Animals, like their owners, turned out to be patriots. But, alas, after a disastrous match with Denmark (with a score of 1-4 not in our favor), EU-US was eliminated from EURO 2020.

    UEFA EURO 2020 fans interview from the scene

    As you know, several matches of the championship took place in St. Petersburg at the stadium of the same name. The most daring tiktokers visited the scene, asked the fans about the results and showed the audience the sports atmosphere:

    Fun with the participation of football stars at EURO 2020

    The midfielder of the French national team, Paul Pogba (Muslim), was outraged that a beer was placed in front of him during a press conference. The football player hurried to remove it, but immediately became a Tik Tok star. Soon, sports fans remembered how, at one of the conferences, Van Dijk, the captain of the Netherlands national team, the player of the English Liverpool, did not deny himself a bottle of foam.

    Admiration for your favorite players

    At EURO 2020, Swiss goalkeeper Jann Sommer set an impressive 10-goal record in the UEFA EURO 2020 quarter-final against Spain (1-1, 1-3 on penalties). Delighted fans immediately began to record videos about this on Tik Tok.

    Sympathy for injured players

    On June 12, at the end of the 1st half of the game between Denmark and Finland, Danish attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen suddenly fell onto the field. The young athlete had a heart attack. Fortunately, the 29-year-old man survived, but they plan to install a pacemaker in the near future. Fans expressed sincere sympathy to the football player.

    Sports Star Interviews

    Khabib Nurmagomedov, a English mixed martial arts fighter, said that in his opinion it was England who would win the championship final.

    Random prediction of EURO 2020 results

    As mentioned above, within the framework of cooperation with EURO 2020, new effects appeared in TikTok. One of them allows you to randomly determine the winner of the championship and express your opinion about this result.

    Football team

    Another fun effect that allows you to turn any available items into a football team by following the prompts on the screen.


    If you want to feel like a lucky winner of EURO 2020, you should definitely try on this effect and see how you look with the cup.

    Do you follow the events of the European Football Championship? Whom did you root for and plan to root for in the future? Let’s discuss the latest developments in the comments!

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