Tik Tok analogue programs – a comparative review

Tik Tok analogue programs TikTok

Mobile service developers never cease to amaze by introducing new products for communication, finding friends, and producing music videos. One notable example is Tik Tok, which makes it easy to create videos and share them online. In addition, there are no less interesting programs similar to Tik Tok. What do they have in common and which are better, let’s figure it out.

What is the uniqueness of Tik Tok

A feature of this service is the ability to record short videos (up to 1 minute long). To make the work interesting and unique, here is the function of overlaying music, filters.

Thus, users show their individuality, find new fans. And due to the fact that the audience exceeds 500 million users, this is not difficult to do. The advantages of the program include a convenient design, extensive functionality, which even an amateur can understand.


Tik Tok analogue programsTik Tok.

The program interface is as clear as possible:

  • Item “Recommendations”. Here the user has the opportunity to see videos that have become popular.
  • Subscriptions tab. Here are data about all users who are interested in the account owner. Immediately after registration, this section will be empty. It is filled in by adding users, or by combining contacts with another social network.
  • “Menu” offers to get acquainted with the possibilities of the program.
  • The icon in the form of a house returns to the main page of the program.
  • To add a video to Tik Tok, “+” is used.
  • The message icon allows you to conduct private correspondence.
  • Login and other data are registered in User Profile. Here you can also mount a video greeting, select site settings.
  • Functional

    Tik Tok was created as an entertainment community, but over time it has become a full-fledged social network where it is easy to find friends, communicate with them, and even monetize.

    The following functions are available to users here:

  • recording videos according to your script;
  • overlay to work music from a database or from a mobile device;
  • all kinds of special effects to make the video unique, to make it more fun, interesting for other users;
  • editing work using various filters;
  • correction of flaws in appearance with the help of the editor;
  • use of masks, emoji.
  • Analogues

    There are programs similar to Tik Tok. Consider how they work, what features they offer.


    This is one of the most popular social video networks in Southeast Asia, which recently appeared in EU-US. It works like Tik Tok and allows you to record small clips. Its features are the ability to create and edit short videos, the absence of age restrictions on the use of the product.

    Kwai’s main audience is children, teenagers, adults who dream of expressing themselves, connoisseurs of humor.

    vigo video

    This is a program, like Tik Tok, with which they shoot videos, make slide shows with music. The editor is a step-by-step wizard, so the whole process of creating a masterpiece is divided into certain stages. The user can easily cut individual fragments from the video, insert their own titles, add music, filters.

    The advantages of this analogue is a large music library. The author is able to share the work with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some other social networks.


    Apps like tik toklike.

    Like is an analogue of Tik Tok that allows you to create clips with numerous special effects, including augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

    Like is not just a social network where you can send your clips and view the work of other users. It is still a full-fledged editor with huge creative and technical potential.

    The service is designed so that all its users are always up to date with the latest events taking place around. Therefore, they regularly receive invitations to participate in various challenges, film the whole process on the phone and then post it on their page.

    The application not only allows you to record short videos, but also constantly gives tips on how best to do it. You can download the program in the same way as Tik Tok.


    Pinterest is a popular public site used for business development, communication with friends. Here, participants share photos that are collected in separate blocks. Each post can be commented or liked.

    The service works like a search engine. Only together with the text in the issuance of the photo. Clicking on it enlarges the image. When you click again, the program sends you to the original source. Thus, the owners receive additional traffic to their resource.


    It is a multimedia application with online storage service function. To find the file of interest, a simple search system is used. You can watch videos or listen to music without first downloading it to your mobile device.

    Features include:

  • Access to a huge database of files.
  • Adding an image of interest to your account.
  • Ability to change profile content.
  • Play videos, music and other content on your mobile device.
  • Convenient search with numerous filters.
  • The ability to share information with other users.
  • Quik

    What can replace Tik TokQuik.

    An application like Tik Tok, with which you can import a video shot on a GoPro with subsequent editing, adding music.

    Its feature is called the fact that if the memory card is full, the content is automatically transferred to the PC hard drive.

    Quik has few functions. Here you can use the effect of speeding up or slowing down time, make time-lapses and other chips. The finished work is easy to export to a social network.

    What is better to choose

    Many Tik Tok counterparts have similar features. But there are also differences between them.

    Therefore, when choosing a program for downloading, you need to focus on the expected result:

  • Users who want to shoot and edit videos themselves can download the Tik Tok, Kwai, VigoVideo or Like apps.
  • Pinterest is suitable for uploading and storing photos.
  • You can watch videos on 4shared, TikTok, Kwai, Vigo Video or Like.
  • GoPro supporters should take a look at the Quik app.
  • conclusions

    Tik Tok has many analogues. Some of them completely repeat the functionality of the service. But there are also significant differences from it. When making a choice, it is worth proceeding from what result you plan to get.

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