Tick ​​in Tik Tok account: how to get

Tick ​​in Tik Tok account: how to get TikTok

Many people dream of getting a tick on Tik Tok. This sign confirms the quality of the profile and increases the level of trust in it. The checkbox also provides protection against the appearance of clone accounts. There are several verification options that are available to users who make an effort to promote pages.

What were the checkboxes for before?

The check mark in Tik Tok is a sign of account verification. Previously, they were put only on the pages of celebrities to confirm that they are real. The sign also indicates that the profile is not a clone. In TikTok, a tick indicates the user’s popularity. Many seek to get it, as it provides many benefits for the account holder.

If there is no checkmark, there is no need to despair. There are opportunities to make money on a social network even without this sign, the main thing is to provide users with quality content.

Previously, there were two ticks. First the first and then another. Once every 30 days, we checked whether the user meets the requirements. Also, once every 2 months, they looked at the correspondence to the second sign. They could be appropriated and taken away at any time in case of violation of the requirements of the site.

Also on the profile there were checkmarks that reflected in which direction the author was acting. For example, one could understand that he is a musician.

But all these checkboxes have been removed and now only one is left, indicating that the account has been verified. It is not yet known whether the creators will return the old signs or come up with new ones.

What does it look like

This is a blue tick. It has become the ultimate dream of many account holders. The same sign is on Instagram. It appears next to the account name, speaks of authenticity and is present on the pages of famous people or famous brands.

Tick ​​in Tik Tok account: how to get

For the popular

The sign is available to people who are becoming more and more popular in the social network. The level of fame is estimated by the number of likes and subscribers.


In order for a user to be awarded a badge, he must gain 20,000 subscribers, and preferably 50,000. This will give more chances. Also, the page should be live, with good content. It is important to regularly upload new videos, increase the number of subscribers.

How did it turn out

Previously, the page owner didn’t have to do anything. The tick could be given by the decision of the moderators. They themselves assessed the compliance of the profile and ticked the box.

For the popular

A tick in Tik Tok relies on popular accounts. People who have 200,000 subscribers can count on it.


It will be possible to receive insignia on a social network if a huge number of users subscribe to the profile. There are more chances if there are 200,000 or more. Moderators will check the account for compliance with the rules.

It is important to pay more attention to the profile, upload new videos regularly.

How could you get

The possibility of obtaining the coveted tick is evaluated by the administration of Tik Tok. It is important not only to verify your identity and gain enough followers, but also to meet other selection criteria. The exact rules are unknown. But the chances of passing verification increase if the account is gaining popularity.

At the same time, they pay attention not to artificial cheats, but to real subscribers. In the first case, there is a risk of getting a ban, not a tick. An important role is played by natural growth.

Creativity is also important. It is desirable to make original, unique videos that will attract people. This will help not only to become famous in the social network, but also to win the respect of the administration.

The uniqueness of the content is important. It shouldn’t be plagiarism. The presence of other people’s videos in the profile, which the owner of the page passes off as his own, can cause blocking. Moderators easily recognize and stop such actions. If the user considers himself worthy of receiving a tick, he can submit a request by mail.

Check mark now

A blue checkmark will now indicate successful account verification on the social network. It provides protection against imitation, and also confirms that the profile complies with the rules of the administration.

Tick ​​in Tik Tok account: how to get

What does

The check mark in Tik Tok is a certain sign of quality. It helps to increase user confidence and protects the account from fakes. The sign confirms that the owner of the page managed to verify it.

Who needs

Tiktokers claiming popularity, high incomes, as well as officials seek to get a tick. If the author is verified, he inspires confidence among advertisers.

To whom it is given automatically

If a celebrity, a well-known brand is registered in a social network, then a checkmark is automatically assigned to it. No need to write a statement, send an email to the administration. The badge is issued to show business stars, politicians, and other famous personalities.

Tick ​​in Tik Tok account: how to get


Benefits of getting a symbol:

  • Helps increase user confidence. Subscribers know that getting a badge on a social network is not easy, especially if the owner of the account is not a famous person. Verification proves that the page belongs to a real person or company, and not a scammer. There is more trust in such profiles, new users want to subscribe to them.
  • Confirms popularity. Checkmarks are owned by famous personalities and brands. They show that a person is popular in wide circles and is of interest to a large number of subscribers.
  • Provides protection against clones. The presence of this symbol may mean that the account really belongs to a specific person, and not a fake one or scammers work under it.
  • Promotes promotion. Tik Tok trends are more likely to include accounts that are popular. They are highlighted in the recommended, they are seen by a huge number of users. The more people subscribe and view the content, the higher the chances that the profile can rank well. A tick can increase trust, make the page popular. She encourages other people to subscribe. This will help promote your profile.
  • Increases interest from advertisers. The factors listed above contribute to improving the attitude towards the owner of the profile. If the account has passed verification, a person can work for himself, earning on advertising. Customers also analyze the content, check how many people are subscribed to the page, activity. But the tick will be an additional plus and motivation for advertisers to use the services of a particular person.
  • Having a mark can provide many benefits to the user. Therefore, it is not distributed to everyone.


    Most recently, the Telegram channel Gurov Digital, citing Washington Post Tiktoker Dave Jorgenson, reported that the social network blocked popular music for a verified account. This is one of the downsides of getting ticked by Tik Tok.


    To be called a professional account and receive insignia, the user can contact the administration. She will conduct the appropriate checks and make a decision.


    You can apply for a tick after you have reached 20,000 subscribers. You also need to make sure that the profile offers interesting content, people show attention and videos meet the requirements.

    Tick ​​in Tik Tok account: how to get


    The user must compose a letter to the moderator. It should be sent to an email address. Email: [email protected]. It is recommended that the letter be written with the following information:

  • link to the profile in the social network;
  • the number of users subscribed to the profile;
  • links to other social networks and subscribers to them.
  • You can also supplement the letter with your own comments about why the administration should approve the application. Letter to tiktok easteu creators tiktok should be written in English.

    Is it possible to contact technical support

    You can also send a request to technical support mail. It is not forbidden, but it will bring results.

    Pick up time

    If the administration makes a positive decision, then the tick is given out forever. The response from the moderators should come within three days. The letter is sent free of charge. If the user does not meet the requirements, at least one, then his request will be denied. The administration may require documentary proof of identity.

    If it doesn’t work the first time, you can try again later.

    Getting problems

    In the response letter, the moderators will tell you why the request was denied. Most often, the reasons lie in an insufficient number of subscribers or low account activity.

    If there are not enough subscribers

    It will not be possible to quickly eliminate the problem of an insufficient number of subscribers. It can be solved in several ways. It is worth advertising the profile, adding new interesting videos. You can also use subscriber cheat services. But they should not be abused.

    natural increase

    In order for the number of subscribers to increase, the account must not be abandoned. The site is loyal to users who regularly post new videos. There are no clear rules for posting content, but the more often you do it, the better.

    Bloggers post content daily or several times a week. If nothing new has appeared on the page for a long time, this will adversely affect the activity of subscribers. To attract attention, you should revive the profile, use original ideas for the video.

    Interesting content helps to increase the activity of subscribers, the appearance of new comments and likes. If there are a lot of people, but they do not write messages, do not leave reactions, then, most likely, we are talking about cheating.

    To get more followers, the user must prepare an account:

  • Nice profile.
  • Come up with an interesting nickname and description.
  • Make a content creation plan for the weeks ahead. This will allow you to gradually promote your profile, and not constantly look for new ideas.
  • Post your first videos. At first, there should be at least 5-6 of them so that the page is not empty.
  • These measures will help to attract the attention of a live audience. It is also useful to view information on the pages of other users, like and leave comments, or at least emoticons. Other account holders can follow in response.

    Mass following and mass liking in TikTok: the best programs and services


    There are special services with which you can increase the number of subscribers. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on them, as free programs are also offered. Such a scheme consists in the application of the following applications:

  • Tiktok free. Works like a stock exchange. You need to complete tasks for other account holders and buy subscriptions.
  • Tikrate. With it, you can wind up subscribers for several accounts at once. This is a relatively new service, but the number of users is increasing. If there is not enough time, then you can buy followers for money.
  • 1tok. The exchange promises subscriptions of living people. The range of services also includes profile reactions. You can buy subscribers at a discount.
  • You should not abuse these services, as you can get a shadowban for cheating.

    In this case, the videos will no longer be included in the recommendations. Such blocking is called shadow, since the administration does not warn about this, does not send notifications.

    Having a checkbox provides many benefits. This symbol increases the credibility of the profile, no one can copy it. There are more subscribers and new opportunities for cooperation with advertisers. To get a badge, you must meet the requirements of the administration, upload suitable content and have enough followers.

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