The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok TikTok

What is slowmo?
Shooting slowmo on your phone
How to shoot slow motion video on iPhone?
“Androids” with support for recording slow motion video
How to make slow motion video through TikTok?
How to slow down video using programs?
Ideas for cool slow mos
Tips for creating slow mo

Scrolling through the TikTok feed, you can see a lot of unusual shooting techniques and video processing effects. Almost every blogger uses the slowmo technique from time to time to collect more likes and attract attention. We propose to discuss this technique in detail and reveal the life hacks of ideal video content.

What is slowmo?

Slowmo (from the English slow motion) is a slow motion video that is incredibly popular today on TikTok and other social networks. A change in the perception of time causes strong and deep emotions in a person (admiration, surprise, joy). Watching extreme “slow mos” can even provoke an adrenaline rush – a good way to escape from everyday routine, isn’t it?

It is believed that the Austrian priest and physicist August Masger became the discoverer of slow motion. In 1904, he created the technology of slow motion playback using a mirror drum. Since then, the slow-mo effect has been actively used in the film industry. You are probably familiar with these legendary shots:

Today we’re going to show you how to quickly make a beautiful slow motion video and get a lot of admiration from your TikTok followers! To do this, you only need a smartphone and a little imagination.

Shooting slowmo on your phone

Some modern smartphones support slow motion video recording. Especially lucky connoisseurs of “apple” gadgets: starting with the iPhone 5s, all models are able to shoot videos with slow-mo effect.

How to shoot slow motion video on iPhone?

  • Open the camera in Settings.
  • Select “Slow Motion Video”:
  • The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

  • Select video recording quality:
  • The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

  • Shoot a video and enjoy the excellent result.
  • “Androids” with support for recording slow motion video

    Only some models of smartphones on the Android operating system (usually flagships) can support this technology at the hardware level. To find out if your phone has such a function, go to the camera settings:

    The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

    If the phone does not support slow-motion video recording, then you can make a spectacular and vivid video using TikTok’s internal tools or special applications.

    How to make slow motion video through TikTok?

    For this method, you will need a video already shot in normal mode. For example, we will use a free video downloaded from the Pixabay photo stock. We are following this plan:

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Press the button in the video plus sign in the middle to create a new video.
  • The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

  • We select the “Download” button and mark the video of interest to us on the phone.
  • The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

  • If necessary, trim the video using special “sliders”.
  • The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

  • We find the “Slowmo” section in the “Effects” on the “Time” tab.
  • The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

  • We mark the time period that we want to slow down.
  • The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

  • Don’t forget to add music to the video:
  • The secrets of creating Slow Motion (slow mo) for TikTok

  • We save and publish the result.
  • Be sure to use the hashtags #slowmo, #slowmo, #slowmotion so slow motion fans can find your video! We have also compiled a collection of all popular hashtags that will help you promote your account.

    How to slow down video using programs?

    Dedicated video editors are not only easy to use, but also functional. They offer slow mo fans additional options to get the coolest possible result. According to the most active TikTok users, including bloggers, the following applications are worth paying attention to:

  • Viva Video. Allows you to add a slow motion effect to an existing video or record a new video in the desired mode. It is convenient that the program allows you to independently choose the optimal speed. As a bonus – a sea of ​​filters, themes and musical content for the design of the video.
  • SlowMotionFX. Video slowdown is the only feature of this app. You can trim an already recorded video in one click and select only a certain video interval for slowing down. There is also a choice of playback speed.
  • effectum. Control the frame rate of the video and overlay your favorite music on the videos, trim the “extra” fragments and all this – in the highest possible quality. The program is also equipped with a reverse function – reverse playback. The application allows you to instantly share the result in social networks.
  • video shop. The program allows you to edit the finished videos the way you want. For example, you can experiment with the size and duration of the video, add texts and original transitions, change the video orientation.
  • Movavi. The editor is equipped with handy tools for creating slow motion videos. You can insert stylish titles, trendy transitions and interesting effects into your videos. The program has the functions of video stabilization and reverse (reverse playback).
  • Kine Master Pro Video Editor. This is a multifunctional professional editor with a bunch of creative features. You can not only control the playback speed, but also control the color, adjust the volume of the musical sequence, create transition effects.
  • Fast & Slow Motion Apps. As the name implies, the editor allows you to create original videos, placing accents with the help of acceleration and deceleration effects. The main advantage of the program is a wide range of speeds, from 1/8x to 8x.
  • Ideas for cool slow mos

    Want to try shooting a slow motion video but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a whole collection of slow motion ideas for you!

  • Capture memorable moments for your family. For example, make a touching video about how a child blows out the candles on a birthday cake, a romantic kiss of the bride and groom at a wedding, confetti flying from a firecracker, sparklers on New Year’s holidays.
  • Create a “cute” video with your pets. It will be funny to look at a cat or a dog that jumps up in the hope of grabbing a treat with which you tease him. You can share with the audience a colorful video of pet training.
  • Motivate followers to exercise and be active. The traditional morning “vacuum” in slow motion looks bewitching, and the audience will surely want to repeat what they saw. Even the usual running and, of course, slow motion dancing look like a scene from a popular movie. Extreme lovers will definitely like jumping on a skateboard.
  • Show off your car, bike or motorcycle. If you’re into extreme sports, slow down some mind-blowing stunts.
  • Share your culinary talents and love of aesthetics with the audience. It is now very fashionable on the Web to shoot “foodporn” – a beautiful video dedicated to cooking. In slow motion, cutting a casserole or a cake, a morning breakfast with toast and fried eggs looks great. You can even beautifully pour wine into a glass or juice into a glass against a neutral background. Do you want to surprise your audience? Open a Coke bottle and toss some Mentos into it to capture a huge spray fountain.
  • Show your subscribers the beauty of the world around you. Lightning and a graceful raindrop flowing down the window glass, snowflakes on the hair and gusts of wind swaying the leaves on the trees – all this happens in a matter of seconds, and slow motion will help prolong the natural charm.
  • Showcase aesthetics in the details. An idea for an eye-catching slow mo video could be a bursting soap bubble, a bomb exploding in the bathroom, a burning match, exhaling smoke, dissolving ink in water. Even seemingly ordinary things and phenomena you perceive differently if they are slowed down.
  • Bring up social topics. Record a video dedicated to problems in society, helping animals, charity. Slow motion will make the most exciting moments even more touching.
  • Just throw something. For example, a tennis ball. “Fix” the moment at which the tossed object will be at the top point. Can you show tricks? Be sure to use your creativity to create videos in slow motion.
  • Find art supplies while traveling. Morning awakening of the sun in the forest, a romantic sunset on the sea coast, a murmuring waterfall, local attractions taken from different angles – slow down the shooting and look at the world around you from a new, magical side.
  • Shoot something on a beauty theme. For example, you can capture the process of creating a complex hairstyle. Slow motion will allow viewers to evaluate the result of a professional make-up from different angles.
  • Do you have any other ideas for slow mo? Let’s exchange experiences and share life hacks to create amazing videos that will not leave viewers indifferent!

    Tips for creating slow mo

    If this is your first time filming a slowmo, heed the advice of bloggers and video experts. To create a really high-quality and “catchy” video, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail:

  • Lighting. The slow-motion effect looks most attractive if the video was shot in natural light conditions. Indoor lighting can distort the image, especially if the apartment has LED and fluorescent lamps. Even if the room is actually quite light, the video may come out dark. In addition, a flickering effect may occur.
  • Frame stabilization. The slower the video, the more visible the small flaws and shaking that are invisible at standard playback speed. Professionals usually use a tripod.
  • Author’s fantasy. Experiment with different video speeds: slow down one, the brightest part of the video, and do not make the viewer wait for the X moment for several minutes. The contrast of the transition from fast to slow and vice versa looks dynamic. Do you make videos of yourself? It will be great if you are not shy to interact with the audience: smile, wink, send kisses if it fits the theme of the content.
  • Another valuable tip for slow motion lovers: make sure that your device always has enough free memory. Slow motion videos take up more space than standard ones!

    We told you everything we know about slow motion on TikTok, and we promise to share relevant news on this topic in a timely manner! If our recommendations were useful to you, please send a link to the article to your friends.

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