The Most Popular Singers in Tiktok

Самые популярные тиктокеры-певцы России и зарубежья TikTok

Recently, the TikTok social network has gained such popularity that celebrities use this site for their promotion. And there is nothing reprehensible in this, because celebrities need to expand the audience of fans, and young people not only today prefer to watch videos in a different format. Thus, a huge number of musical artists now have their own pages from the TikTok social network.

Music Artists on TikTok

Today, on TikTok, everyone can find the content they are interested in, since there are not only bloggers here, but also many singing stars, actors, and athletes. Even football clubs create accounts here. Anyone can get promoted on TikTok if the content posted deserves the attention of network users.

Since TikTok has become very popular, many existing artists have started to promote their creativity here. There are also musicians who became singers thanks to this social network, for example, Danya Milokhin, Artur Babich, Anya Pokrov, a girl with pink hair D. Aster.

Egor Creed

Egor Creed has long been known as a performer of hip-hop compositions. His career started around 2011. The 26-year-old rapper reached the pinnacle of fame thanks to participation and victory in the VKontakte Star contest, which was organized by Channel Five. Also, the musician at one time collaborated with the Black Star label, owned by Timati, which led to mass popularity.

The most popular tiktoker singers in Russia and abroadEgor Creed

You can get to the page by typing @egorkreed. On his channel, Egor shows how his everyday life goes.

Immediately, fans of the musician can find clips, as well as videos that are created by the fans of the rapper’s work. Creed has 10.8 million subscribers.

Khabib Sharipov

A young man, born in the city of Kazan, became very popular even before he became a member of the Songs project on the TNT channel. Khabib is a 30-year-old singer who performs other people’s and his own songs. He also makes music videos. Sharipov is also blogging, using the TikTok social network. You can watch videos of the 30-year-old musician by typing xabibkaaa. Number of subscribers – 9.6 million.

Olga Buzova

Buzova became known even after participating in the Dom-2 project. Of course, Olga could not help but start a page on TikTok. Here she uploads a video about her work and everyday life. The singer has 7.6 million subscribers, and you can find it by typing @buzova86. The singer is 34 years old.

Dima Bilan

There is also a famous Russian 39-year-old pop singer Dima Bilan on the site. Here he is engaged in teaching dances to the music of a Ukrainian singer with the pseudonym Verka Serduchka. In addition, Bilan jokes about his own songs. Link to account – @bilanofficial. The singer has 2.4 million subscribers.

Juliana Karaulova

Yuliana was once a member of the 5sta Family team. She, like the rest, also mastered the TikTok platform. In new videos, she can be seen with Yana Rudkovskaya. She also posts funny pictures. You can view her account by typing karaulovau. At the moment, the girl has 25 million subscribers, she is 32 years old.

Klava Coca

Young Russian singer (24 years old), whose number of subscribers has reached 7.8 million. Link to account – @klavacoca. It is noteworthy that the girl is one of the first Russian artists who came to TikTok.

For information. She has been an account since February 2020.


A young Russian singer (29 years old), whose number of subscribers today has reached 3.1 million people. Account link – @niletto. On the singer’s page you can see a video from his performances, the premiere of clips.

The most popular tiktoker singers in Russia and abroadNiletto

Group “Silver”

Serebro is a Russian female pop group formed in 2006 by music producer Maxim Fadeev. Today, the clips of the Silver team can be viewed at the link @serebro.

Danya Milokhin

Danya lures his fans with funny video clips, beautiful photos, music tracks. In the spring of this year, he released a song called “I’m at home” and, apparently, will still create songs. All fans of his work can see what the young guy is posting on his page at the link @danya_milokhin. Now the 19-year-old Tiktoker is followed by 12.6 million people.

Julia Gavrilina

Yulia was born in 2002 in Siberia. Today, the girl is known under the pseudonyms Yulka Shpulka, or simply as GAVRILINA. In addition to blogging, the girl also sings and works as a presenter.

Its useful to note. In 2020, the Russian magazine Forbes placed her in fourth place in the ranking of the highest paid tiktokers.

Link to account – @gavrilinaa. Number of subscribers – 11.8 million.

Anya Pokrovskaya

Anya Pokrov is a modern 21-year-old Tik Tok star. It has 3.7 million followers on the fast-growing social network. And on Instagram, the young blogger has 1.3 million followers! On May 13, Anya Pokrovskaya released the first track called “Not a Sims Game”. The girl managed to gain such an impressive audience of subscribers at a young age.

Anya created her page back in 2016. Gradually, the number of fans increased due to the fact that the blogger posted comedy and dance videos and did duets with her subscribers. Anyone can see what Anya is doing at the link @pokrov90.

Valya Carnival

Valya Karnaval (KarnaVal) is the pseudonym of 19-year-old Valentina Karnaukhova, a TikTok blogger, Instagram, singer, actress, let’s player and participant in HYIP House in Russia. Dancing, comedy and musical talents made the girl very recognizable among young people. Vali has 15.9 million subscribers. Link to account – @karna.val.

The most popular tiktoker singers in Russia and abroadValya Carnival

Katya Adushkina

Katya Adushkina is a fairly popular person on the Runet, a professional dancer, an aspiring singer and a 16-year-old teenager. At a young age, the girl received what seems like a dream. The little girl managed to achieve such success, while continuing to delight an audience of millions. Link to the account – @katushaadushkina. The number of subscribers is 6.6 million.

Vanya Dmitrienko

More recently, a new star has appeared – Vanya Dmitrienko. The young blue-eyed guitarist has been delighting the female audience for several years, and not only with his own compositions. And TikTok made him even more famous this year. The videos can be viewed at the link @vanya_dmitrienkoo. Now 997 thousand people are following him.

Rakhim Abramov

Rakhim is only 24 years old, but he is already very popular as an author and performer of his own songs. Many tiktokers appreciated his Fendi composition. Many bloggers provided support in promoting the song. Today, the guy has 11.9 million subscribers on the Tik Tok site. You can see his work at the link @rahimabramov.

David Manukyan

David Manukyan is known to most fans as a successful tiktoker. He has 10.3 million subscribers. In addition, many remembered him as the ex-boyfriend of Olga Buzova. 29-year-old Dava makes funny videos and music videos, he also acts as a mini-interviewer talking to famous bloggers. Account link – dava_m.

Little Big

Little Big is a popular Russian hardbass band. The guys started their activity in St. Petersburg in 2013.

Reference. The group became popular too quickly, and all due to the fact that they added notes of the now fashionable rave to their music. They began to listen almost en masse. In addition, the clips of the group are always overflowing with humor.

The frontman of the band is the odious Ilya Prusikin, who was already popular thanks to his funny videos. Today Little Big has an official TikTok page. The guys post on the social network announcements about the release of clips, videos, news and other information about the group. You can log into your account by entering the name of the group or @littlebig. At the moment, the guys have 3.9 million subscribers.


RASA is a hip-hop band from Moscow. In fact, this is a duet, the participants are Daria Sheiko and Viktor Popleev. The group gained fame with the single “Under the Lantern”, released in 2018.

The group has its own pages in more than one popular network. Naturally, they created their own account on TikTok as well.

Here you can always find information about the guys, their work, new clips. In addition, the team regularly organizes various drawings and contests for its subscribers, of which they have 3.8 million. You can get to the group page by typing @rasa.

The most popular tiktoker singers in Russia and abroadFEEL

What conclusion can be drawn from the fact that famous artists start their own pages on this social network? The answer suggests itself – this is a promising platform for promoting a personal brand and communicating with fans.

The most popular tiktoker singers are gaining an audience of millions of fans. And this suggests that the social network is the best suited for promotion. There are netizens who have become popular musicians thanks to TikTok, such as Loren Gray, Jacob Sartorius, Megan Thee Stallion.


Elefante hit singer Nastya Kamenskikh, a former member of a musical group with the famous Ukrainian singer Potap, is today one of the most advanced users on TikTok. Moreover, she not only repeats popular trends, but also sets her own. What are the challenges for the aforementioned composition, as well as for the new song A Huevo. Account link – @nkofficial. Now the work of a 34-year-old girl is followed by 2 million subscribers.

Nadya Dorofeeva

Ukrainian 31-year-old singer, whose number of subscribers has reached 3 million people. A member of the Vremya i Steklo duet, which announced its breakup before the start of quarantine, simply loves the TikTok social network.

Nadezhda actively exposes videos with beauty transformations and changing fashionable outfits, shows everyday and behind-the-scenes life, and also pleases fans with joint videos with her husband Vladimir Dantes. The link to her account is @nadyadorofeeva.

Artur Babich

Artur Babich’s account is followed by millions of people. Every day, the blogger pleases with positive videos that can instantly cheer you up. The guy has 10.5 million subscribers.

The boy grew up in a village in Ukraine, where he was a shepherd and sold milk. The guy started by filming pranks with his younger brother. Today he uploads various humorous videos, interesting dances, music tracks.

Arthur moved to live in Moscow, where he became a member of the Dream Team House (Dream Team House) – a large house of tiktokers. The guy is only 20 years old, he has not studied anywhere and is only busy with a career as a blogger. Link to the page – @ba.bich.

Loren Gray

The girl is 19 years old, lives in Pennsylvania. Since 2015, Lauren has been involved in promotion on social networks, including TikTok. The girl shines with her mind, and her circle of subscribers is constantly growing. To get to know her activities, type @Lorengray. The girl’s work is followed by 52 million people.

The most popular tiktoker singers in Russia and abroadLoren Gray

Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel, aka Ariel Martin, was the first to cross the 20 million subscriber mark on, and her popularity continues to rise. The fame of the 19-year-old TikTok star has led to the fact that she is often invited to Disney and Nickelodeon TV channels. Today, her account has 35.3 million followers. You can get acquainted with the activities of the girl at the link @babyariel.

Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius was one of’s most popular stars. This app helped a 16 year old to start a successful career. But his music is not the only reason to flicker in the headlines. In 2018, Sartorius began an affair with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

The boy is only 17 years old, but he is already the most followed guy on the TikTok app. Using the platform, he managed to attract a huge audience, which today reaches 24 million fans. Account link – @jacobsartorius.

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is a popular 31-year-old American singer, composer and actor, dancer. Today he has a page on TikTok, and you can get acquainted with his work at the link to the @jasonderulo account. The number of subscribers is now 46.1 million people.


Mevl is a modern young Belarusian singer who blew up the Internet with his trendy tracks. You can get acquainted with the work of the guy and other information about him at the link to the @mavl.xx account. The guy is 24 years old, the number of subscribers is 2.5 million.

Spencer X

Until the creation of the TikTok page, the guy who took the pseudonym Spencer X went on tour with various performers, groups, for example, with Marshmallow. In the popular social network, he became famous due to the unusual performance of beatboxing.

The 28-year-old has 53 million followers and is considered one of the most popular bloggers on TikTok. You can watch his videos at @spencerx.

JoJo Siwa

Jojo Siwa is a young American dancer, actress, singer who blogs on YouTube and TikTok. Also known as Joelle Joanie Siwa. A girl was born in America in 2003. She was the youngest participant in the 2nd part of the “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”.

The blogger gained her popularity at the moment when she took part in the reality show Dance Moms. She was also invited to play parodies of Nickelodeon’s Not-So-Valentine Special. Then her first musical composition called “Boomerang” gained popularity on YouTube, receiving an important RIAA: Gold certification.

It is worth noting that this certification has a very large impact in various social networks. In addition, it is often shown on TV channels and other websites. Jojo Siwa is also quite successful in entrepreneurial activities, and its products are sold not only on the Internet, but also at retail outlets.

In 2016, Jojo Siwa was awarded the Industry Dance Award as the best dancer in the category of 17 year old performers. The first video, which was posted on the YouTube channel for the song I CanMake U Dance, gained great popularity. She has 33.3 million followers. Account link – @itsjojosiwa.

The most popular tiktoker singers in Russia and abroadDoja Cat

Doja Cat

A few years ago, users on the Internet were discussing a new phenomenon in the industry – the young singer Billy Eilish, who was awarded the main prizes at the Grammy in 2020. Now the public is interested in another fresh face – Doja Cat. The 25-year-old singer was born in Los Angeles to a South African actor and composer.

In 2020, her hit Boss Bitch was chosen as the soundtrack for the movie Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie. And since then, Doja Cat has gained popularity among listeners.

For information. Rolling Stone recognized the girl as the No. 1 performer in 2020, and her challenges literally conquered social networks.

Doja Cat not only creates popular tracks, but also touches on sore topics in society in his work. An example is her new video premiere, which she released on International Women’s Day. In TikTok, the singer can be found at the link @dojacat. Creativity is followed by about 10 million people.

Megan Thee Stallion

The singer conquered the audience not only with the help of songs, but also due to very frank lyrics, in which she honestly talks about her sexual pleasures. Thanks to such a very open image, the artist was able to quickly become famous.

The rise of American singer Megan Thee Stallion to the top of viral popularity was a well-planned advertising campaign, carried out under the strict guidance of TikTok managers. Social network specialists worked hand in hand with the girl’s producers, chose the most suitable songs from her latest album and at the right time brought her to the recommendations.

It was thanks to this platform that her song Savage became a number one hit – first on the social network itself, and then on all the charts. Account link – @theestallion. The number of subscribers is 8 million.


The Canadian rapper under the pseudonym Tiagz approached his work in a very unusual way. While other artists randomly get on TikTok due to their tracks, the musician deliberately recorded songs in order to promote them on the site. The rapper has a page with almost 2 million fans and independently launches his own compositions into trends.

Tiagz creates tracks based on existing ones. Through sampling and re-recording of vocal parts, he achieves that almost nothing remains of the original song. For example, he took Ella Fitzgerald’s Oops as the basis of the composition My Heart WentOops, recorded a new track and got a full track.

Under it, almost 4 million videos were shot on TikTok. In the challenge for the song, everyone showed their beauty images or changes in appearance. Account link – @tiagogarcia.

The most popular tiktoker singers in Russia and abroadTiagz


Bbno$ is the stage name of one of the most famous Canadian rappers. Glory to the musician came not so long ago through participation in a project with another famous artist Yung Gray. Their joint song took first place on the major European media website Spotify.

The rapper’s name is Alexander Gumuchyan. Born in Vancouver, he is 25 years old. In 2017, the musician recorded the first album – Bbsteps. Yung Gray collaborated with him. Two years later, the second album was released, which the rapper called Recess. The album includes tracks written with Trippy Tha Kid and Y2K. The performer gained fame after the release of the composition Lalala, which hit the first places in all the charts, including the charts on TikTok. Account link – @bbnotiktok. The number of subscribers is 464 thousand.

How to find an artist on Tik Tok

If you need a track or video of a specific artist, you should go to the “Clips” section, enter the name of the song and turn on the recording in the “Original” menu. The video can be downloaded to your device.

The TikTok platform is constantly developing, popular singers and singers register accounts in it every day. This social network is ideal for promotion among young users.

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