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Effects for video in Tik Tok TikTok

A variety of effects in Tik Tok – it is in them that the secret of the application’s popularity among young people lies. With their help, you can make the video more interesting, memorable, which in the end will certainly affect the rating of the video among subscribers and other users of Music Lu. But how to work with them, let’s figure it out.

What is the feature

In just a few years, Tik Tok has gained immense popularity, overtaking other famous services. And all this thanks to the ability to independently create short videos and overlay music with various special effects on it.

Popular Chips

The developers of Tik Tok made sure that their users could make a cool clip themselves. First you need to find and download the program on an iPhone or an Android-based smartphone by going through a simple registration procedure. And after that, they will have access to numerous tools that allow them not only to shoot videos, but also to supplement Tik Tok with funny special effects.

For these purposes, it is suggested to use:

  • the ability to speed up or slow down the video sequence;
  • overhead filters, masks;
  • chips that can make the video more spectacular, memorable.
  • Consider the popular Tik Tok effects.


    Effects for video in Tik Tok“Slowmo” (slowmotion).

    Slowmo is one of the most requested effects. From English, its name is translated as “Slow Motion Effect”.

    This is a video shot at less than 24 frames per second. In cinema, it is usually used to show the appearance of time slowing down.

    Thanks to this, the shots taken are more epic, allowing you to focus on the beauty of movement, the comical moment. To create it, you need a video editor or an application with slow motion effect.

    iPhone owners are able to make “Slowmo” without installing additional programs.

    The process for creating the effect is as follows:

  • The Camera app opens.
  • Among the available shooting modes is slowmotion.
  • Once slow motion is activated, recording starts.
  • To play music, it is desirable to have an additional device.
  • When editing is complete, the video is saved.
  • The footage is uploaded to TikTok, the sound is superimposed.
  • The video is ready to be posted online.
  • Android smartphone owners will have to find and install an additional application, as there is no slowdown effect on such devices. These can be programs: Slow Motion FX, Viva Video, Action Director, Video Shop.

    Those who do not want to download additional programs can find the Tik Tok functionality in the Slowmo shooting and use it.

    For this:

  • The “+” button is pressed.
  • A new video is recorded or an already finished video is loaded from the gallery.
  • If you shoot directly on Tik Tok, the icon located in the lower left corner is used for the special effects overlay.
  • When the video is ready or added from the phone, a whole set of effects appears, including: the ability to choose the length of the plot, rotate the image, change the pace (slow down).
  • You can then search for music and add other necessary filters.
  • Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

    “The beauty”

    With this effect, it’s easy to retouch the picture by adjusting the blur, eliminating bumps and imperfections for Tik Tok videos. Especially a lot of glare and distortion can appear when shooting in bright sunlight. Get rid of them and helps the effect “Beauty”.

    “Magic Mirror”

    It is created simply, but looks very impressive.

    To do this, you need to record 2 videos and mount them:

  • When shooting the first video, you need to use cardboard or a dark, green fabric is better.
  • In the Kine Master program, click on the “+” to create a new project.
  • On the first layer in the gallery, set video #2.
  • Using the Layer button, clip #1 is selected and superimposed on top.
  • When the borders and dimensions are adjusted, the Chrome Kay command is selected on the second layer, the color of the cardboard or fabric that has been added.
  • Adjusts the transparency of this effect.
  • The finished video with the effect is laid out in the application, where other users can see it.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:


    Unusually in TikTok, a video with a double looks like.

    You can create this effect like this:

  • Decide on the number of clones in the clip. This will depend on the number of shots taken.
  • It is important that the trajectory of the hero’s movement does not intersect. Otherwise, when applying layers, you will not get the desired result.
  • After recording all the scenes, they are mounted using any available application, for example – Video Leap.
  • The first layer will be the video under #1, the second – #2, etc. When adding a new ball, the Mixer key is held down.
  • By clicking on Transform and Filters, the position changes or filters are superimposed on each other.
  • To crop the second layer, you need the Mask and Linear buttons.
  • It remains to add the video to Tik Tok and share it with your friends.
  • How to create a double in a Tik Tok videoCreating a double effect in Tik Tok.

    Wave effect

    You can make waves on Tik Tok in this way:

  • We are looking for a musical composition for the video.
  • The shooting speed is selected, for example – 2x.
  • The track is listened to, and a pause is set at the right place.
  • Recording in progress.
  • With the onset of a break in the music, the speed of the video changes.
  • After turning on the camera, it twitches slightly in the hand – to create waves.
  • The finished video is posted online on Tik Tok.
  • Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

    Other features

    In addition to the considered effects, the developers have proposed a lot of others.

    The most popular of them are called:

  • effect “Rain”;
  • effect “Water”;
  • change in the size or proportion of the face;
  • symmetry;
  • emoji
  • effect “Moon”;
  • work with eyes – black, red, large;
  • Meditation effect.
  • alternation

    To find or update a filter, hold down the clock icon and mark the starting point. It is permissible to use several different options at once or set them one by one.

    Knowing how to make effects in Tik Tok, you can create the appearance of shaking, vibration of the picture, its increase. Separate chips are used to blur the color, simulate a flash, “flight of the soul”, ripples.

    What else can you do on Tik Tok

    What effects are used in Tik TokDuet on Tik Tok.

    After shooting, a whole list of functions and effects becomes available to the user:

  • speed effect;
  • timer – to make a video without an operator, change the angle at the right time;
  • night mode;
  • creation of a duet.
  • findings

    Thanks to the huge number of functions and effects available on TikTok, any user can create a unique and interesting clip.

    It is not recommended to insert multiple special effects into one story. It is better to focus on the quality of the TikTok video, working through every detail in it. Such a video will be much more likely to be among the TOP 10 recommendations.

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