The most followed guys on TikTok: BTS is closer to the fans

The most followed guys on TikTok: BTS is closer to the fans TikTok

Social networks have long become an additional platform for product promotion. This is actively used by bloggers, performers, actors and others. TikTok is no exception – the software used by a billion people.

BTS account

On September 5 last year, BTS’s art director announced the creation of a TikTok account on their official Twitter page. You can find the boy band through the @bts_official_bighit open client.

Today, the page has 8.4 million followers. Collected 47.1 million likes. And that’s just ten posts.

The most followed guys on TikTok: BTS is closer to the fans

Who are BTS

The most popular South Korean boy band, consisting of seven guys. The idea of ​​creating a singing group belongs to the record and entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment. As a result, in 2013 the project turned into a full-fledged product.

The team of the boy band has not changed since its inception. It consists of Chin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jongkook. The leader and main performer is RM.

A couple of years after the creation, the team decided to conquer the world market. 2017 was significant. Then the team changed the group’s logo, as well as the transcript in English. So they became Beyond The Scene. Other titles include Bangtan BoysBulletproof Boy ScoutsBeyond The SceneBangtan Sonyeondan.

Rebranding TikTok did not see.

The secret of success

The singers achieved worldwide recognition after the release of their second album Wings. It was considered the best work until January 2018. However, then the mini-album “Love Yourself: Her” broke the sales record.

Pre-orders alone registered 1,051,546 copies. On the first day of release, the songs became a #1 hit on iTunes in 73 countries around the world. In 29 states, the single “DNA” was recognized as the best.

Thanks to the mini-album, the Mnet Asian Music Awards ended with the victory of the Artist of the Year nomination. The winnings continued. In 2017, the artists took “Best Social Media Artist” at the Billboard Music Awards. Simultaneously, “Love Yourself: Her” peaked at number seven on the Billboard 200.

This is the first South Korean artist to achieve success in the US.

The songs “DNA” and “MIC Drop” were certified gold by the RIAA. It is also the first such award in the history of South Korean artists.

During the existence of the group, five million records have been sold.

Version “Before”

Success was achieved by the last team completed in 2013. Prior to this, Big Hit Entertainment created numerous variations, tested potential singers.

The pilot project dates back to 2010. You can remember the performers by 2 Cool 4 Skool and O!RUL8,2.

New peak of popularity

With the development of social media, BTS is expanding their online audience. Popularization on TikTok began on September 5, 2019.

The first video was a remark about greater intimacy with the audience. The musicians ended the video with a bow and a phrase spoken by the leader of the band, Park Jimin:

“Our BTS Tik Tok account is finally open.”

The second video was shot under his own song “Boy With Luv” (translation: “Boy with Love”). The content displays the popular “TikTok – polaroid” command. It is performed by seven guys in turn.

The most followed guys on TikTok: BTS is closer to the fans

In a couple of months, BTS broke the record of the social network. The guys have collected the largest accumulation of followers and hearts.


The popularity of the account is achieved not only by the group’s musical awards, gentle voices. Much depends on the role of the guys. For fans, these are heartthrobs, lovers, pirates, villains with a pretty face.

The story of a bad guy is liked by subscribers without exception.


However, where without an army of fans. The latter call themselves ARMY, creating clients of the same name on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter. Searching for videos on such pages is possible thanks to tags. Some are even included in the ranking of the best accounts with entertaining content.

The main audience of “ARMY” consists of girls from 13 to girls of 25 years old.

Army: I will never download tiktok, is so useless.

bts follow us on tiktok.

Army: …….. –

The most followed guys on TikTok: BTS is closer to the fans

The abbreviation stands for “Adorable Representatives Mc for Youth”. In translation – “A worthy representative of the MS for youth.” MS – the highest degree of skill.

Fans call their idols Bangtan Boys – “Bulletproof”.

Our days

In a few months, the account was replenished with ten publications. The guys share stories about work, but hide their personal lives.

To follow idols, you need to subscribe to their channel. And for this – register, become a TikTok client.

Installation of the utility from the Play Market, App Store, authorization is free. Downloading with a stable network connection takes a minute.

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