The game “Guess the tiktoker” and the answers to it

Game TikTok

The modern Tik Tok application is a platform that offers many opportunities for interesting pastime for users of various age groups. But, like most new ventures, this service is more popular with young people.

The proposed material discusses the answers to the game “Guess the tiktoker”, taking into account the provided rules, player feedback and the principles of using the application.

About the application

The Guess TikToker program is available to any visitor to the TikTok platform. This service has gained sufficient popularity among English users in 2020.

Game “Guess TikToker”


The player is offered a photo of a famous English Tik Tok blogger. Below it is a set of several letters, from which you need to make up the name of the owner of the picture.

This program is an exciting entertainment to occupy yourself in your free time – on the road, for example.

How to play

The participant of the game must type the correct answer to the nickname of the blogger from among the TikTokers by pressing the letters until the inscription is fully opened. The user is offered tips provided for additional coins, as a result, several key letters or the entire word are revealed.

You can use the help of a friend by clicking the appropriate button.

How to install

The application is downloaded for free on the traditional GooglePlay portal. The program is suitable for any mobile device on the Android platform version 5.0 and higher.

To install the application, you will need:

  • Enter the appropriate service included in the smartphone interface.
  • Type the name of the game in the search bar.
  • Click on the install button.
  • After the installation is complete, close Google Play.
  • Launch the app and enjoy the game.
  • The program can be installed even by an inexperienced user with basic mobile device skills, since the installation takes place automatically after the process starts.

    User Reviews

    The table below summarizes user comments.

    Who left a review Number of stars in program evaluation Review content
    Eve _milk 4 The user is satisfied with the application, but notes frequent program failures with the crash of the running game and the disappearance of the specified photo bloggers
    Aminat Tsyngayeva 2 When playing at the sixth level, when a single letter was missing for a complete answer, the system indicated that the nickname was entered incorrectly with no alternative
    Irina Ulyanova 3 Not a bad game, but the user points out not enough hints
    Magnificent century one In the conditions of the task, some of the bloggers represented in the photo in the game are not included in the number of TikTokers
    Oleg Shushakov 5 Great game. The only thing that prevents this player is insufficient knowledge of TikTok bloggers
    Maxim Kurlov 4 Indicates a program loading for a long time

    Some users note the difficulty of writing some nicknames like Mimimishki (the correct option is Mimimishka). Players talk about the lack of levels, the lack of photos of some well-known bloggers.

    Help with answers

    There are no complete answers to the questions in the application on the Internet. But you can use some tips.

    Through hints

    If the required number of coins is available, the player can open one or more letters, shorten the presented set, suggest the correct answer.

    “Guess TikToker”

    Through Alice

    Sometimes help from Alice in the Yandex search engine can work. To do this, it is necessary to call the TikToker numbers known to the player by voice, comparing the proposed photos until the correct answer matches.

    In most cases, the photo is accompanied by a description containing the name of the blogger, so with due perseverance, you can win by using additional resources.

    From children’s photos

    There is also a site on the network that offers in test mode to guess the famous TikToker from a child’s photo. This makes the task even more difficult. The player needs to choose the correct position for each of the seven tests. A careful study of the color of the eyes, facial features and appearance of other parts of the body, the signs of which (moles and other features) persist into adulthood, will help.

    Game principle

    The player is offered baby photos of celebrities with four possible answers. It is necessary to put a tick in front of the correct surname by clicking on the button below to sequentially move from one frame to another.

    The total number of tasks is seven.

    After the final question, the player will be presented with the number of correct answers. The result can be shared with friends on social networks.


    You can not put marks manually, but use Alice’s help by saying the correct, from the player’s point of view, seven nicknames of bloggers without manually specifying the answers.

    The game “Guess TikToker” is a good way to relax with an interesting activity. The developers will take measures to eliminate the shortcomings to make the application even more interesting.

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