The first series on Tik Tok is Youngzterz. Teenagers, loneliness, friendship, love.

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Great news for Tik Tok app users. The first English-language series – “Youngzterz”, debuted on the platform on October 14. The format of the web series was developed by the digital agency Pchela.

This is the 1st season in which 13 episodes of 1 minute were filmed. The story begins with a young and attractive girl, Miya Lermontova. She is played by the famous TikTok blogger @sashaconvi.

girl problemMia is a bungler and a loser

Mia moved to another area and transferred to a new school. No wonder she’s already late for school on her first day. She quickly got up and ran to the bus stop. I got on the bus and found that I forgot my student’s card. But on the bus was a gentleman and a modern hero.

Hero of our timeKnight on a blue bus

The stranger offered the girl his e-ticket, and she did not refuse help. At that moment, the bus stopped and a stream of people poured into the cabin, in which Lermontova lost sight of her knight. Who, what is the name, from what school he was, was not known. In the next 12 episodes, the girl will look for a guy, but see for yourself how it was. How will this story end?

The pilot episode was well-received by tiktokers and in a day it gained more than 1 million views. This is only the number of viewers on the TikTok platform, and there are still YouTube, Instagram, Vkontakte.

Youngzterz series first episodeFirst episode of Youngzterz

The minute format of the videos tells meaningfully about what is happening in the life of modern teenagers:

  • New acquaintances
  • first and sincere love
  • meetings
  • excessive parental care
  • popularity
  • parties, cheating, friendship, school.
  • Give brightness to this whole story, the technical capabilities of the Tik Tok application, namely filters, graphic effects and musical inserts.

    The main highlight of Youngsters was the fact that not the usual cameras were used for recording, but the iPhone 11 Pro for 89,990 pyb. The operators had a hard time, but such an experience rarely happens. In addition to the coolest cameras, the super features of the application were attached.

    In some cases, the camera was mounted on a supermarket cart and moved from location to location or around the room. Looking through the series, it is not immediately clear what was recorded on the “apple” smartphone.

    The smartphone on which the series was filmediPhone 11 Pro

    The process was led by a young freelance media director specializing in short and full-length clips – Andrey Trevgoda aka @trevgodard. Andrey Trevgoda is originally from London, but has now moved to New York and periodically returns on business. He filmed and edited everything himself.

    The director who directed the series YoungzterzYoung director Andrey Trevgoda

    For its creativity and unusual approach to work, Trevgoda is in demand among musicians and world-famous companies:

  • Smokey Mo – clip by Mosiarty
  • adidas brand – advertising sneakers OZWEEGO
  • Rostelecom
  • PSV Bank
  • YOTA
  • Yandex Search
  • kinder
  • Actors of the series “Youngzterz”

    Well-known TikTok bloggers with experience in the frame were involved in the series:

  • @sashaconvi
  • sasha convy series youngzterzPlays the main character Mia in the series


    The protagonist of the seriesThe unknown guy who helped Lermontova get to school


    Friendship with VeronicaVeronica Sawyer classmate and friend of Lermontova


    The series is filled only with young boys and girlsTim is an optimist. Another hero lover in the series


    Support for LermontovaLermontov’s best friend


    The series is full of intrigue and interesting characters.Mia’s friend and he fell in love with her at first sight

    At this moment, the 2nd season of Youngzterz is being filmed on TikTok. The film will be said loudly, but the ballad about love and friendship will definitely be said. In the period from November 5 to 29, new 13 episodes will be released, as the authors of the digital agency Bee said.

    Why was TikTok chosen to record the series?

    General Director of the Bee agency – Ekaterina Snegireva

    This is such a method of probing the audience. Each series is different in design and visual perception, different graphic effects and film approaches are used. All this is to understand the preferences of the viewer. Whether the series will live on, the viewer will decide.

    Have you watched all episodes of Youngzterz from the first season?

    All episodes of the first season of Youngzterz

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