The first series of Tik Tok – “Youngzterz”

The first series of Tik Tok - TikTok

Social media is now replacing television. Cross-platform companies are working on a couple of product names. Tik Tok is no exception.

English-language series

The Tik Tok app was the first social network to launch a full-length series on its platform. The product was called “Youngzterz”. The official presentation was held by the digital agency “Pchela” on October 14 last year.

So far, the first season has been published. It contains 13 episodes of one minute each.


“Youngzterz” begins with an acquaintance with Mia Lermontova. On the first day at the new school, the girl managed to be late for classes. In a hurry, the girl forgot the student’s card, which she found only on the bus. Luckily, she had a real gentleman by her side.

The handsome rescuer offered Mia his ticket. However, a crowd of schoolchildren entered the bus. The girl lost sight of the savior.

The following series of the main character is trying to find a mysterious stranger. However, will she be able to do it?

The series tells about the ordinary life of teenagers:

  • New acquaintances;
  • excessive parental control;
  • first sincere love;
  • popularity, bullying and trolling;
  • a change of scenery;
  • deceit, intrigue;
  • discos, parties;
  • studies;
  • thoughts about the future.
  • Team

    The main character Mia Lermontova is played by the popular TikTok blogger @sashaconvi. Also involved: @mahavsekupleno, @waterfork, @orlovã, @mcpepl2. The names of other actors are not yet known.

    Andrey Trevgoda aka @trevgodard became a freelance media director. He moved to New York a couple of years ago.

    Andrey flew to London to develop Youngzterz. Trevgoda not only filmed, but independently edited the series.


    The process was unusual because of the camera itself. As Andrei Trevgoda admitted, all the series were recorded not by professional equipment, but by the usual iPhone 11 Pro for 89,990 ***.

    “So we wanted to show young people that it is possible to make a normal film, even using improvised means. Besides, if you state the plot in only one minute. It is not necessary to buy expensive cameras, computers for editing … Sometimes the phone was attached to a supermarket cart, it happened, they were thrown out of the window.

    By the way, only the special effects of the Tik Tok social network were used.


    Within a day, the pilot episode, hosted on the Tik Tok platform, was watched by a million users. However, the audience is much larger, since the series was published on such social networks: YouTube, Vkontakte, Instagram.

    Future plans

    According to representatives of the digital agency Pchela, the shooting of the second season is now underway. 13 episodes of “Youngzterz” will air on the official channel from November 5 to 29.

    “We added more drive, trash, emotions. The audience of the first season has more than 15 million users. For a one-minute, this is a big indicator.

    The Tik Tok social network remains the main placement platform. Ekaterina Snegireva, general director of the Pchela agency, spoke about this:

    “This is how we feel the viewer. Each series has a different design, special effects. The responses show that the audience likes it more. This allows you to improve the subsequent material.

    How to watch

    “Youngzterz” is published not only in the social network Tik Tok. For easy search:

  • Open a browser.
  • In the search box, enter “Youngzterz watch online”.
  • Choose a convenient platform.
  • The series is in the public domain. You don’t need to pay per view. In addition, the entire season will have to spend 13 minutes.

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