“The current beats through the veins, she is in my TikTok”: what is the song and who is its performer?

“The current beats through the veins, she is in my TikTok”: what is the song and who is its performer? TikTok

“The current flows through the veins, it is in my TikTok” – we think you have heard this hit song more than once performed by the bright and charismatic Samir Samadli, originally from Baku. The track turned out to be so dynamic, incendiary and memorable that users of the social network began to record videos with the appropriate hashtags. It has become a real challenge! In the clips, fans of the young musician share dance techniques, joke and fool around, and the girls move beautifully and share beauty secrets. Of course, tiktokers post lip-syncs especially often. In addition to the original, music lovers also appreciated several remixes.

What is known about the song “She’s in my TikTok”?

The track was released in early March 2020 and immediately captivated a young audience. The main character of the track dreams of meeting his beloved girl, who is quite popular on TikTok. The singer urges her not to pay attention to other people’s likes and rather call him. To whom the talented performer dedicated the track is anyone’s guess. An interesting fact: Samadli has already managed to present the song as part of the Dom-2 show.

According to Samedli, in the song he sought not just to “hype” on the TikTok theme. His task was to display the features of romantic relationships in the 21st century. Samir expressed his hope that after listening to the track, every girl will switch from the Internet to real life and finally please her man with a call or a date. He is sure that his songs help people to stop in a frantic rhythm of life, exhale and think about something really important, hidden behind the everyday bustle.

Music lovers were so “went” by the track that they even began to create amateur versions of the composition and upload them to the network. For example, we offer to evaluate this club option:

Who sang the song “She’s on my TikTok”?

Samir Samadli is a Petersburger who boasts not only singing talents. From a young age, the guy is fond of music and writes it himself. In addition, he writes poetry. It is known that his closest relatives are also creative people who supported the boy in all endeavors. His father gave him a synthesizer, and since then the guy began to experiment with music. So far, Samir is not only engaged in creativity, but also works in a banking structure.

Samedli and Egor Ship

As a child, Samadli collected CDs of famous foreign musicians and periodically created covers of John Lennon and Michael Jackson’s compositions. True, modesty did not allow the teenager to share the result with others. The active young man even had time to play football, basketball and judo. The turning point in his life was his acquaintance with Alexander Fomenko, a famous producer. They are still actively collaborating.

The first song, “Atlantis”, Samadli presented to the audience in 2019. It is dedicated to a guy who dreamed of a magical diva and eventually found an unearthly love. Romantic girls immediately appreciated Samir’s talent and began to follow his work.

Following the song “She is in my TikTok”, Samadli recorded the track “You are so funny”. This is an easy and positive song with uncomplicated lyrics and catchy rhythm.

In an interview, Samir admitted that his heart is occupied with music. His future companion should inspire him daily and give him emotional nourishment. It is important for a star that his beloved also morally supports him in any situation.

According to the author and performer of hits, he plans to make music both listening to his heart and focusing on fashion trends. In his opinion, trends do not listen for a long time, their “life” is about a year. And sincere tracks will be remembered by music lovers and will resonate in their hearts for a long time. At the same time, Samadli prefers not to be limited to several musical genres, but to constantly experiment and try something new.

And how do you feel about the work of the young St. Petersburg performer Samadli? Do you record videos for TikTok to his songs, or do you prefer to choose other music for the background? Share your opinion in the comments!

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