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Most Tik-Tok users are teenagers trying to draw attention to their channel, get the maximum number of subscribers and receive certain bonuses for this.

Flash mob with ribbons

Periodically in social networks there are calls to wear ribbons of a certain shade. For Tik-Tok, the idea is also not new – the first attempts to arrange a flash mob with bracelets began last summer, and acquired a grandiose scale. Why do tiktokers wear ribbons? Answer below.

What’s the point

The main purpose of bracelets is to stand out from the crowd of peers. By the ribbon it is easy to identify “one’s own” in the company of “strangers”, a person with similar views and passions. Not all teenagers are fond of Tik-Tok, the Internet offers many equally interesting means of communication.

When was

By the first of September, offers appeared on the network to go to educational institutions with satin bracelets of certain shades. Not everyone was supportive of the idea, but some participants followed the recommendations and stood out from their fellow practitioners.

Who is the organizer

The idea appeared spontaneously – there is no specific person who came up with this flash mob. A couple of dozen people simultaneously filmed videos about their idea.



Tiktokers prefer yellow satin, Twitter followers prefer blue. According to one of the channels, each color has a specific meaning.

Tone dedication
White Creepers
Black Animators, glass eaters
Green K-pops
Blue supernatural
Pink Yurishchiki
Violet Army
Red cosplayers
Blue Lacorner, barber

How else are they used

Hashtags are one of the ways to promote, get more followers. When entering the standard query “#ribbons” you can find:

  • a lot of jokes about school;
  • videos with LED strips;
  • proposals for wearing a certain color of bracelets for fans of Harry Potter and other fairy-tale characters;
  • work from satin stripes, etc.
  • The use of rubber bands and bracelets is limited only by the imagination of the channel owner.

    Other flash mobs

    Members of any social network are addicted to the direction: likers, Twitter fans, etc. A short digression will help you understand the intricacies of means to attract users’ attention.

    How is it different from the challenge

    Flash mob is an outdated name for the challenge, appeared in the days of forums. After the advent of YouTube, the form of content became popular due to a suitable platform – video hosting. The second reason is the ability to publish short videos with a duration of 15–60 seconds. To attract attention, the content of the clip should be varied, interesting and dynamic.

    Why are

    The challenge is used for hype, but sometimes becomes a reaction to a recent event. It allows you to create a community of users, unite people from all over the world, add variety to the same clips that are popular on the service.

    Why a convenient platform for organizing

    The main audience of the social network is teenagers seeking to get hype and trend. To achieve the goals, young people are ready to repeat any madness or unite under certain slogans.

    The strangest challenges

    The list of ridiculous videos includes:

  • “Step through clasped hands” – stepping over the lock, you need to raise them behind your back. The authors forgot to mention the possible traumatism.
  • “whippedcreamchallenge” – after a slap on the wrist, on which whipped cream is squeezed, you need to try to catch it with your mouth. It is suspect that the idea was invented by the manufacturers of the product to increase sales.
  • “Brush” – a video about the ability of a mop to stand without falling.
  • “Support the chorus” – you need to sing a popular hit out loud, expecting a passerby to continue the verse.
  • The strangeness does not end there, but the most surprising thing is that such materials are willingly supported by thousands of visitors.

    Trump rally failure

    Mass registration for a meeting with the former US president and subsequent ignoring led to the fact that the stadium was 2/3 empty. The Trump team 3-5 days before the event boasted a million applications from supporters, and about 6 thousand people came, which is a complete failure of the politician (in terms of public support).


    Young people and schoolchildren are not always able to realistically assess the benefits and harms of advice from the next video sequence.

    The most ridiculous include recommendations for self-removal of moles. Not always a pigment spot on the skin is a harmless blue nevus, sometimes a dormant oncology is hidden under it. Removal attempts lead to the multiplication of malignant cells and further treatment with a low percentage of recovery.


    Known violators of the order include Kostya Kievsky (Lakeev), who gained popularity not only as a newsmaker, but also as a participant in anti-government actions. The guy not only filmed indignant people, but also personally participated in the movement. For throwing snowballs at a government car and jumping on the hood, Konstantin is on trial for hooliganism.

    In support of Navalny

    The return of the politician to the country, the subsequent arrest caused unrest, and videos appeared on the social network calling for a rally demanding his release. The response was pro-government videos intimidating dissenters and threatening police with gunfire.

    The last straw for the incumbent president was the defiant removal of his portraits in educational institutions and the replacement of Navalny with a photo. After the release of the first video, the teenage resource instantly became the main enemy of the government.

    Security measures

    The videos contain useful tips on hygiene, rules for protecting against Covid-19 (facts about the disease, vaccines, mask mode). Forced quarantine caused a surge in social networks: communicating, people tried to forget that they were forced to spend the whole day locked away from friends and acquaintances.

    By having their own channels and organizing flash mobs, tiktokers increase the number of subscribers. The latter should be wary of the proposed treatments, appeals and advice. Not everything is good for health, and in some cases refers to illegal actions.

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