The Art of Sketching: Why They Are So Loved and How to Make Your Own

The Art of Sketching: Why They Are So Loved and How to Make Your Own TikTok

Sketching on TikTok is a timeless classic that always intrigues the viewer and helps the author get attention for their work.

Sketch – this is a short video format in which a certain situation is played out (which took place in the life of the author or fictional), as a rule, with several characters. The author of the sketch, as a rule, plays several characters himself, changing their clothes or any other detail in their appearance.

In this article, we will figure out what steps to take to make your sketch really interesting and help you gain not only likes, but also subscribers.

And also why this format is still popular, both among users and on the part of the authors themselves

Let’s start by explaining why the sketch format has not lost its relevance and still gives good returns from TikTok users.

Reason 1:

The viewer has a natural interest in what is happening in the video due to the changing “actors”, an interesting situation in which the character in the video finds himself.

Reason 2:

In sketches, we immediately see the end of the story. We will find out the outcome of the situation played out in 60 seconds, which motivates the viewer to watch to the end.

Reason 3:

Many people associate sketches with humorous videos, and this is the best way to relax and escape from the daily routine, so users are more likely to stop at such videos.

As you can see, there are good reasons why sketches are still popular. But what motivates the authors themselves to make such videos?

Firstly, for authors who love creating humorous videos, this is one way to show their comic talent: ridiculous situations are often played out in scenes, characters exchange funny remarks, and funny turns of events occur. All this allows the authors to dream up and come up with something really funny.

Secondly, sketches are a great way to get creative. Thinking through the script, characters, replicas is also an art. And the very shooting of such videos helps to develop acting skills.

And finally, the feedback from viewers who empathize with the characters, start to discuss what is happening in the video – this is one of the signs of successful content that sinks into people’s souls.

And now, for those whom we have already managed to convince that it is really interesting to shoot sketches, we offer you instructions on how to shoot such a video.

Step 1: Always start with an idea.

Ask yourself the question: “What do I want to convey to people with this video?”

If you do not want to invent a situation from the video, then remember the funny / sad / ambiguous stories from your life that you have experienced. Remember, you don’t have to reveal all the details of the story if you don’t want to, so adjust the idea and decide in advance what you will cover and what points you will leave out.

Step 2: Based on the idea, write a script that you will stick to.

Step 3: Create characters.

It’s not as difficult as it might sound. You don’t need wigs or fake mustaches for this, sometimes a little change in hair and clothes is enough.

Step 4: Choose your props and decide on the location of the shoot.

Step 5: Start filming.

Tip: Don’t start filming the second character until you’ve filmed all of the first character’s lines. This will save you time changing clothes.

Step 6: Installation.

Record every line you say on the screen, so the viewer perceives your work more easily.

After you shoot the first video and publish it, you can analyze and adjust the script or your own characters next time.

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