Why Telegram is better than Whatsappor Viber: Сomparison for 2023

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Detailed comparison of features

To understand which messenger Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram to prefer, it is worth comparing them. Let’s start with the similarities. All are created for communication and exchange of photo and video materials. In addition, all three mobile applications support the voice messaging feature. Audio and video calls. Sending emoticons, giveaways, documents.

Attention! The easiest way to sign up for an account is to simply provide your valid phone number. Note that the Telegram project was developed under the leadership of Pavel Durov (creator of the popular social network VKontakte).

In addition to a large number of common features, each mobile application has its own differences. They differ from each other not only in names, but also in additional functions.

It distinguishes telegram from viber and whatsapp

One of the very first differences that catches your eye is not only the name, but also the interface. Another very important aspect is the secret chat. In WhatsApp: there is no secret chat, Viber has problems with reinstallation, the chat is gone completely. Telegram saves all chats in the cloud storage.

All messages not only in private, but also in group chats can be seen by recently added participants in the correspondence. It is also very convenient to search for links, multimedia files (photos, videos) in correspondence).

Important! Unlike other popular messengers, Telegram x developers have provided the ability to add tags, add hashtags. They are used for easy search of articles, photos, videos.

Those who are active on social media took advantage of the great social media opportunity on Instagram to tag a member. The same option is available in the Telegram chat and in it. This is very convenient when there is an active match. Also, you can only reply to a message from a specific member.

Unlike Viber or WhatsApp messengers, you can send multiple messages at the same time as telegrams. In two other applications, one at a time. You can make a transfer not only to a separate chat, but also to the group as a whole.

One of the largest social networks Facebook acquired the rights to Telegram. Now it is very convenient to promote your channel on the vastness of the popular Instagram.

We compare applications by the main parameters:

  • Data security.
  • Design, decoration»
  • Options (functions);
  • Registration;

After the information provided below, it is up to you to decide which one is better.

Telegram differences

Ease of registration

When registering in all of the above mobile applications for smartphones, you only need to provide a valid phone number. The user then enters personal information. It is impossible to determine the leader by this criterion. For this action, you need to download and install this application.

Design and decoration

Each social messenger differs not only in the set of options, but also in design. Fans of the classics and dark monochrome backgrounds should take a closer look at Telegram and WhatsApp. The appearance of the atmosphere attracts with its brightness.

However, all three communication platforms have a common option, the background in chats can be changed, you can choose a photo, an image from the gallery, or use from a standard set.


All three communication platforms Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp have the same basic set of options:

  • Sending voice and text messages;
  • Transfer of documents, links;
  • Share photos and videos from the archive or just taken;
  • Audio calls;
  • Creation of group chats;

These are the most basic options. It’s hard to compare how good they are. Such an option as “Stories” is available in Instagram and WhatsApp, it is not in Telegram.

Security and safety

By correspondence, we hope that no one but us will have access to them and that the developers will provide excellent security and protection at a high level. Telegram is the leader in this indicator. The degree of protection of personal data and correspondence at the highest level. Unlike WhatsApp and Viber, Telegram uses double encryption.

Although there are no differences between these three applications, they still exist. This applies not only to video communications, but also to reliability.

Adaptation with other platforms

Interestingly, all three applications are compatible with different smartphone platforms. In general, Android and iOS are in the lead. The functionality of the application is completely the same. For users of Windows-smartphones, there are restrictions on the functional set.

What is better Viber or Telegram?

Comparing the data of the two applications, modern Internet users note the prevailing distinctive features:

  • There is a stable system that guarantees the delivery of written messages, objects are not destroyed even with a relatively poor quality connection;
  • The program consumes the minimum amount of traffic, downloads the information necessary for the user;
  • Saved files and user correspondence are stored in a secure cloud, regardless of the gadget used. An exception in this case are pre-secret chats. There is no need to mess around with numerous backups, perform operations related to the transfer and subsequent restoration of chats and conversations in gadgets.
  • The program is characterized as the fastest of many analogues;
  • Complete absence of commissions, no advertising. The user is not offered paid games or stickers, it is impossible to embed banners in the main details of the interface;

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: 2019 comparison

A special advantage is that the messenger is designed for platforms and operating systems popular for Windows Phone 8 and higher. The compact version designed for Windows allows you to run multiple official copies on your PC for various numbers.

Answering, since Telegram is better than other messengers, it is clear that users can find the information they need, communicate without having to open their mobile phone. A small link to your personal profile will be created. After clicking, a dialog box with the user opens. Such a signature can be added to a personal signature, put it on business cards.

Compatible with various devices

The application is characterized by simple and fast authorization on a personal computer. A mobile phone is only required to receive the initial verification code. Installation on a personal smartphone is not required, many people prefer to use the portal exclusively from a computer.

Another important advantage is almost instant synchronization, which is performed automatically on all gadgets. Thanks to this, the recording of the message begins on a personal laptop and ends through a smartphone. For many, this is an important indicator when looking for an answer to the question of which is better.

At the same time, you always have a special cloud chat at your disposal, which you can access through a standard interface. This is a pretty handy feature for storing lots of notes and lots of files safely. Thanks to this option, they will always be at hand.

Compare Viber and Telegram

In 2010, the first version of Viber was launched. Only 50,000 iPhone owners could use the app. In 2013, owners of smartphones on other operating systems joined the users of the messenger, and it became possible to use the utility on PCs and laptops. In the same year, the first Telegram client for iOS devices was launched. The program interested other developers. Telegram-compatible applications for Android, Windows, macOS began to appear, a web version was developed.

Number of subscribers in Russia

The total number of Viber users in 2018 exceeded 1 billion, of which more than 82 million subscribers are residents of Russia. 50 million Russians actively use the application. About 9 million people use Viber every day.

About 3 million Russians use the Telegram app every day.

Cost of use

Viber and Telegram are free apps. The user pays only for Internet traffic at the rates of mobile operators used to access the Internet.

Paid only version of Viber Out, which is used for calls to fixed and mobile numbers that do not use the application.

In Telegram, for a fee, you can call bots related to the implementation of various services. But in this case, the payment goes for the service, and not for using the messenger.

Operation speed and consumed resources

Both applications are used for instant messaging, but the amount of traffic they consume is different.

The vibration program is quite voracious. You will need at least 1 GB of free disk space. Running in the background, it consumes a lot of data by monitoring and notifying you of incoming calls and messages. In the process of communication:

  • most of the traffic is spent on video calls, where one hour of communication takes from 300 MB to 1.5 GB, depending on the quality of the connection.
  • an audio call takes 120-150 KB per minute of conversation;
  • 1-2 MB is spent on each sent message, as well as on attached files;

On average, an application spends between 1.56 MB and 15.26 MB per hour.

Viber can work with any connection, but for calls it is better if the speed is above 1MB per second, and 64Kb is enough for comparison.

According to statistics, Telegram spends less traffic than all messengers. For an hour of work, you go from 0.42 MB to 3.75 MB. The speed of the application depends on the quality of the connection services used.

During installation, the application requires at least 25MB of free memory, which is quite a lot compared to the atmosphere. But the messenger creates 4 folders for storing incoming information, which are not recognized by the system as a cache and cannot be cleared automatically, which significantly overloads the phone’s memory.

Work on different devices

Originally designed for smartphones, the Viber app has a desktop version for a computer or laptop. The application installed on the computer is automatically synchronized with all gadgets that use the atmosphere, after which it becomes possible to communicate simultaneously from all devices. There are versions of the messenger for Android, iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone, as well as for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The portable version of Viber can be stored on a USB stick and used on any device without installation.

Telegram is supported on Android and Apple devices based on iOS, there is a version for Windows Phone. There are two versions of the application for computers and laptops with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems:

  • portable, which can be stored on a USB drive and used without installation on a computer.
  • stationary, which is installed on a computer;

Basic Functions: General and Miscellaneous

For free communication, Viber and Telegram are actively used, they have the same functions:

  • The possibility of a free voice call to any messenger user from the list of friends from a phone or computer.
  • Creation of general conversations with a large number of participants;
  • Instant exchange of information with the ability to see the status of the message;

But, despite the similarity of functions, the applications have several significant differences:

  • Telegram allows you to transfer files up to 1.5 GB, while Viber allows you to transfer photos and videos no larger than 200 MB.
  • Viber Out allows you to make calls to landline and mobile numbers at a low cost. Telegram is only planning to launch a similar application;
  • Telegram does not yet have the ability to make video calls;

Data storage

Therefore, Telegram is better than Viber unequivocally: the presence of cloud storage. Durov’s application allows you to save any number of files and data, they do not take up space on your phone.

Even if the cache is too large, it is enough to clear it: you will not lose access to sent and received files. The competitor does not have such an opportunity, all files go directly to the device and take up space in memory.

Additional functions

Two messengers differ in additional functions:

  • The ability to change the background is provided in both applications;
  • When creating a profile, you can set an avatar, only for telegrams it will be round. And in Telegram, you can’t delete the old image when you install a new one, and they will replace each other when you click the arrow in the avatar view menu;
  • The status in viber is set automatically and is the same for all contacts, and in telegrams you can set different statuses for different categories of subscribers.
  • In telegrams, a nickname is used by which you can find a participant, and in viber – only by a phone number from the list of friends;
  • A completely free collection of stickers with the ability to create your own images – a visiting card of telegrams;


One of the old apps, popular among those who are used to a simple interface.

Main advantages:

  • Viber messages are encrypted by default. The system does not have access to calls made
  • there is a message disappearing function with a preset timer
  • it is possible to create hidden chats protected by a pin code
  • online and displayed statuses can be configured manually
  • there is an automatic check of messages for spam
  • registration requires a six-digit password for additional account security
  • you can use the app on two devices at the same time, including PC

A few disadvantages:

  • voice messages are limited to 30 seconds
  • unable to transfer files larger than 200 MB
  • closed source application like whatsapp

Access to personal data of users can be provided to law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation upon request.

All three messengers are easy to use, differ in the degree of protection of personal data and richness of functions.

The most secure app is Telegram, but WhatsApp is still the most popular among users. Viber also has a significant audience.


The application, developed by the founder of the social network VKontakte Pavel Durov in 2013, is gaining more and more popularity among users. And not in vain.

1. WhatsApp can’t securely store your chats and conversations

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
In WhatsApp, to save dialogs, you need to create backups in iCloud – in Telegram, everything is always stored on the messenger’s servers

WhatsApp does not know how to store correspondence on its servers. Instead, he suggests using clouds. In the Apple ecosystem, this is iCloud. Correspondence should be regularly backed up. This can be done manually or automatically.

Without a backup, important information on WhatsApp is easily lost. This is unacceptable at work.

2. You can only create one account on WhatsApp

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
To add another WhatsApp account, you need to install an additional app

Three accounts can be added to the Telegram client. In addition to the maintenance staff, there is room for a couple of workers.

If that’s not enough, you can bring in a third party client and expand the list. Very comfortable even at work. You can organize a couple of accounts for each business branch and not worry about confusion.

WhatsApp can have one account in the main client and another account in the business application. Why this limitation is unclear.

3. Whatsapp has significant restrictions on file transfers

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
Telegram can transfer files up to 2 GB each

Photos and small documents can be shared via WhatsApp. Telegram will help you send a big video, multiple audio recordings, and lots of photos to upload.

4. You can edit sent messages in Telegram

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
WhatsApp has not provided this feature yet

If you wrote nonsense on purpose or by accident, you can quickly fix it. In WhatsApp, you will have to delete the message and rewrite it. Very uncomfortable.

5. In Telegram, individual dialogs are grouped into folders

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
There are also smart folders that show only private or new messages

If you participate in a dozen dialogues at the same time, it makes sense to divide them into areas: work, family, entertainment. If you subscribe to channels, this is especially true.

Telegram also has smart folders that display messages of a specific type.

6. Telegram has built-in cloud storage

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
Here you can throw everything you need at your fingertips at a specific time

In a separate “Favorites” chat in Telegram, you can now launch absolutely everything that is important. Here you can even write an address and a couple of phone numbers.

7. WhatsApp does not have a choice of quality for sending photos

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
In Telegram, photos can be sent quickly or without compression

If the image does not need to be processed and other manipulations are carried out with it, let it fly away to the interlocutor in a compressed form. Otherwise, you will be able to transfer the original.

it’s a pity that everything comes with compression via whatsapp. Apparently, Facebook, which owns the messenger, saves on server power.

8. Telegram has a timer for sending messages

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
You can schedule messages to be sent by time

With the help of a timer, it is convenient to create reminders for a specific time.

Now I’ll just ask my colleagues to look at the latest photos in the site’s admin panel. There are a couple of interesting shots of the gadget that have come down to us for review.

9. Telegram messages are easy to search by hashtags

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
In a long, long correspondence, it will be possible to tag important information with tags

It is convenient to mark important information with signatures after #. This, for example, can be a good idea during a brainstorming session or advice during a long group correspondence.

Not so long ago, in a group of dog lovers, I clarified the name of the medicine for a homemade little girl. A year ago, they immediately gave the right hashtag for the answer.

I was even surprised that this tool is not overlooked by the most ordinary users.

10. WhatsApp group chats don’t have message pinning

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
In Telegram, you can pin a message in a chat so that it is always in quick access

WhatsApp does not have the ability to flag important information for other users in a group chat.

In Telegram, a message can simply be blocked, and it will be displayed at the top of the interface in a dialog box.

11. Whatsapp doesn’t have polls or other social features

Why Telegram is better than Viber or Whatsapp: comparison for 2021 - instructions
In Telegram, you can quickly create a survey to solve important questions

To create a WhatsApp poll, you need to use a third party service. In Telegram, it will also be possible to organize a quiz with the correct answers to a specific question.


Number of points received:

  • Telegram – 43 out of 50 possible
  • “WhatsApp” – 39 out of 50 possible
  • Viber – 37 out of 50 possible

It is clear who is the clear leader of this comparative review and what to choose between Viber and Vatsap. And yes, indeed, tastes can vary and differ significantly, but every day there are more and more Telegram supporters, and it is worth noting that this is well deserved.

Well, for those who still doubt which is better, “Telegram” or “WhatsApp”, another comparison table that uses a functional difference for comparison, and not only the differences discussed above, but also other rather interesting differences:

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