Telegram Passport KYC: How To Use App?

Telegram Passport App KYC 2021 Feed

he Telegram team has finally officially introduced the unified identification service – Telegram Passport. An entry was published on the official blog, revealing the details and prospects of the service. Below is the complete translation of this publication:

“Our digital life is getting closer and closer to the real world, so the number of services that require personal identification is constantly increasing. Until today, this meant that you had to download scans of the same documents over and over again for each new application. Forget about it!

Meet  Telegram Passport – a  unified authorization method for services that require personal identification. Upload your documents just once, and then instantly share them with services that require confirmation of your identity (finance, ICO, etc.).

End-to-end encryption protection

Your identity documents will be stored in the Telegram cloud using end-to-end encryption. For Telegram, your data looks like a random set of characters, in other words, like gibberish, and Telegram does not have access to the information that you store in your Telegram Passport.

When you share your documents, they are sent directly to the recipient.

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Sending data using an app

In the future, all data stored in Telegram Passport will be migrated to a decentralized cloud. 

Try it now

If you want to see the real implementation of Telegram Passport, head over to – this is the first electronic payment system to support registration and verification with Telegram Passport.

If you are a developer or owner of a service that requires user identification, please visit the official website for details. 

stay in touch

This is phase 2 of the implementation of the Telegram Login project. Third-party verification capability for Telegram Passport will be added soon. Thus, some services will not even need to request data – instead, they will already be aware that the Telegram account has been verified and the person is real”

In light of the latest news about the launch of Telegram Passport, it’s time to figure out how this service works. Here is the official authorization algorithm on third-party resources via Telegram Passport:

– The user clicks on “Login with Telegram” on the website or in the application;

– The service requests a list of data that it needs;

– The user agrees with the Privacy Policy , and also gives permission to send his data to the service;

– The user’s Telegram downloads and decrypts the requested data from an end-to-end encrypted storage;

– If any of the requested data is missing, the user can re-upload them to Telegram Passport at this stage;

– The user application encrypts the data using the public key of the service, and then sends it directly to the service;

– The service decrypts data, checks for errors and re-requests missing / invalid information;

– The user is successfully authorized. Wow!

You can test the process on yourself using the @TelegramPassportBot – it sends links to information about Telegram Passport, as well as to a page on the official website where the data transfer and authorization process is presented in demo mode (item “Request sample data”).

All transferred data within the demo mode will be deleted after an hour.

First steps of working with demo authorization
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