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In addition to text messages, you can simply make a call using the messenger. Communication during Telegram calls is very high quality – the sound is much deeper and clearer than during a regular telephone conversation. Today we’ll talk about how to make calls to Telegram, as well as about the features and hidden call settings.

Calls via Telegram from the phone

The advantage of calling through the messenger is not only that it is free, but also in a small consumption of traffic. You can safely make calls using mobile Internet, not just Wi-Fi.

It is very easy to contact any user of the messenger. And it doesn’t matter what operating system is on your smartphone.

How to make calls from Android: 3 ways

1. In the list of contacts, select the desired person and click on the avatar. A dialogue with the subscriber will open, and three dots will appear in the upper right corner. Click on them. In the menu, select the item “Call”.

2. After clicking on the avatar of the interlocutor, you can simply click on the tube that appears in the photo.

3. We click on the avatar, and then on the phone number and select “Call via Telegram”.

picture: how to call telegram from android
Choose the most convenient option for making a call to Telegram on Android

How to make calls from Iphone

  1. We go into a dialogue with the right interlocutor;
  2. We tap on his avatar;
  3. In the window that appears, tap on the handset icon or number and then – “Call via Telegram”.

How to call Telegram on a computer

Yes, yes, and the computer will also work for voice communication. The algorithm is the same for Windows and macOS:

  1. We select the interlocutor from the list of contacts;
  2. Click on the handset icon at the top of the dialog box.

picture: calls to telegram from computer

Are free calls to Telegram

For the call itself, no one will deduct any money from you. But we need to understand that the Internet provides us with the opportunity to speak by voice.

Therefore, a certain amount of traffic will still be spent on the call. The longer the call, the more megabytes will be charged from the package.

Why calls via Telegram are convenient: top-5 chips

The service is gradually improving its quality and strives to become the best among instant messengers. The advantages are already obvious:

  1. High speed data transfer. A minimum of “lost” in the conversation and disconnections.
  2. Strong encryption of calls. Use emoji code to secure conversations.

This is a very interesting feature: when a connection is established (at the very beginning of a conversation), 4 pictures appear in the corner of the screen of your phone or computer.

Exactly the same icons should be displayed on your interlocutor. This indicates that the call is encrypted and secure, and no one is eavesdropping on you.

picture: how to check that a call via telegram is protected
During the call, you will see four emoji emoticons. Just ask the interlocutor what emoticons he sees in himself – if they match, the connection is encrypted

3. Ability to “compress” the weight of calls from a smartphone (for those who save Internet traffic). To enable the option, go to “Data and Disk” and in this section look for the item “Reduce call traffic” in Android or “Save traffic” in iOS devices.

4. Function of quick replies for Telegram on Android. Just click on the message icon during an incoming call to send an instant answer and drop the call!

You can set up quick replies in the “Data and disk” section under “Reply with a message”.

picture: quick answers in telegram calls
Fast replies to incoming calls are currently only available in Telegram for Android

5. In Telegram, you can choose who is allowed to call you . How to do it:

Telegram Desktop (Windows & macOS):

  1. Go to “Settings”;
  2. In the section “Privacy and Security” we find the item “Who can call”, click on it;
  3. In the window that opens, select who can call us: “Everyone”, “My contacts” or “Nobody”. Depending on the selected item, exceptions will appear at the bottom, where you can add individual users.

picture: prohibit calls to telegram
You can choose which users will be allowed or denied to call you by default

Native client for macOS:

  •  Go to “Settings” –  item “Calls”;


  • “Settings” – “Privacy and Security” – “Calls”.


  • “Settings” – section “Confidentiality” – “Voice calls”.

How are the neural network and calls to Telegram connected?

Almost no one knows about this, but the messenger studies user behavior very closely.

This does not mean that he is eavesdropping or collecting any personal data. The neural network simply analyzes the quality of the connection and the technical aspects of the connection during a conversation.

What is it for? In order to optimize the operation of the application, and as a result, give us a cool, convenient product for communication.


Telegram calls are a great option for free communication. It does not consume a lot of traffic, the sound quality is very high, and the encryption methods provide security and the necessary privacy.

It is rumored that a video calling function may be introduced in future updates. With a high degree of probability, this will also be implemented at a high technical level.

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