17 Most Useful Telegram Bots For Working With Instagram


1. @voicebot

Thought runs faster than fingers on the keyboard? Dictate all ideas to the @voicybot bot, and it will translate voice messages and audio files (.ogg, .flac, .wav, .mp3) into text. The bot runs on two speech recognition engines that you can switch between: wit.ai and Google Speech.

If your team often writes voice messages, this bot is a godsend: “Voice” can also be added to a group chat. Of the entire message, “Voise” did not recognize only his name

Cost: free.

2. @instasavegrambot

The bot allows you to save the description and photo / video posts from your or someone else’s Instagram account.

To get a photo and a description of the page, send a nickname like @name. The bot immediately sent the avatar and description from the profile header

Cost: free.

3. @SaveAsBot

Bot to download photos, videos, carousels, text and IGTV videos from Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. Reels can’t download yet. Sends a photo in two formats – you can choose a file and get an image of excellent quality

Cost: free.

4. @Instatube_bot

The bot can download photos, videos, carousels, descriptions, profile information, including an avatar. Declared downloading and viewing comments, as well as downloading Stories and Highlights. Sends photo, text, and publicly visible post stats

Cost: free.

5. @text4instabot

The bot makes the “correct” paragraphs for Instagram. Aligns text in the center, draws red lines, can cross out words.

Send your text to the bot, not forgetting the indents. Copy the bot’s answer to Instagram. In this case, we put invisible spaces between paragraphs – the text will definitely not go anywhere

Cost: free.

6. @IGSpyBot

With this bot, you can anonymously watch stories, live broadcasts and pinned from other people’s accounts. Recordings of broadcasts through the same bot can be downloaded.

Inside the bot, you can subscribe to an account – this way you can automatically receive all the stories published in the profile twice a day. Subscribing – very handy if you have to regularly follow competitors / sources for inspiration

Cost: free.

7. @LandingPageInstagramBot

This bot helps you quickly create a layout for 3, 4 or more posts: it divides one photo into equal squares.

Cuts photos into 3 x 3, 3 x 4 and 3 x 2 pieces. The bot determines the number of parts for each photo automatically. We uploaded a vertical photo for testing, and the bot broke it into 12 parts, that is, four lines of posts on Instagram

Cost: free.

8. @Glvrd2Bot

The same Glavred, but in Telegram. Quickly analyzes the text, gives statistics on it (number of characters) and recommendations. It does not look as beautiful and visual as on the site, but the edits will always be at hand.

Cost: free.

9. @music_board_bot

If you often edit videos in special programs, the built-in sound library will become small at some point. You can download popular tracks to add them to the video later through this bot. The search is very convenient: you can enter the name of the song or just the name of the artist, and you will immediately get many options for downloading. At the request of “Madonna” received more than 50 options

Cost: Free, but with ads.

10. @Stickers

It turns out that creating a sticker pack is easier than you think! You need to prepare images 512 * 512 in png format in advance, come up with a name for the set and a link.

If your SMM strategy includes maintaining a Telegram channel, having your own sticker pack is a good thing. One of the most “difficult” bots in the selection – high functionality and a lot of commands

Cost: free.

11. @ChotamRuBot

The bot sends notifications if a user is tagged in social networks or comments are left under his posts. Rather an application to the main service than an independent bot, but it can also be useful.

Cost: from 5 dollars per month. To gain access, you need to register in the service of the same name.

12. @morecom_bot

The bot from the service of the same name sends comments and mentions of the Instagram account – you can reply or delete responses directly in the Telegram dialog. Allows you to upload comments from Instagram in table, PDF or HTML format – handy if you run contests regularly. The bot can be added to a group chat.

Cost: from 3 dollars per month per account. There are discounts for more accounts. You need an account in the service and a business account on Instagram.

13. @CommentsBot

Collects comments and entries from your and other people’s accounts. Comments can be filtered by the demographics of the authors and by the number of subscribers. You can download user IDs – also very handy when running contests, especially if you’re hosting a cross-platform giveaway.

Cost: from 7 dollars. You need an account in the service of the same name.

14. @BerezhokBot

Bot for purchasing advertising from bloggers . You can choose an influencer yourself or with the help of a specialist, look at reviews of bloggers, buy advertising in bulk at a discount.

Note: Hot sale means that you need to pay for placements within 2-3 days. Information about bloggers is stored in Google spreadsheets referenced by the bot

Cost:  free.

15. @easyprbot

Bot for buying advertising from bloggers at a discount. Givas are also available. Lots of microbloggers. There are statistics and checking bloggers for cheating using fakelike, you can view reviews, but not for everyone. Reviews, as practice has shown, are not always taken into account: no one gets in touch using the contacts indicated in the bot and does not take into account fresh complaints, although the bot works. The bot, of course, is convenient, but immediately after connecting, it starts spamming messages with advertisements for the next give

Cost:  free.

16. @getcombot

Uploads comments to a post. If there are a lot of them, it will take time to load – once we waited more than an hour.

Can hold a random draw among the commentators.

Cost:  free.

17. @getlikersbot

Helps to collect likes from posts and conduct a random draw. You can choose only among subscribers or filter users by the number of subscriptions.

Cost:  free.

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