Telegram Ban: How And Why You Can Get It For a Just “Hi”?

Telegram ban: how and why you can get it Feed

Telegram is a stronghold of freedom and privacy. However, Telegram also has rules: most of them are unspoken, and some are covered in the messenger’s FAQ.

It’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge of why you can still get restrictions or even get banned.

Reason # 1: spam.

In addition to the classic presentation of spam as a random advertising mailing, individual active calls to follow a link, repeated messages and anything that the Telegram community will not like – even a simple greeting if the recipient considers it inappropriate, can also be counted as a violation.

This is possible because any user can ban another, as well as complain about a message sent in public chats and channels. Therefore, the likelihood of spamming and getting unpunished is rather low.

How to send a complaint: in order to report a post in public communities, which, in your opinion, violates the Telegram rules, you should tap on it and select the appropriate “Complain” item. No less convenient is the “Report spam” button that appears when incoming from non-contacts.

From the simplicity of the complaints procedure, the opposite is a fairly common problem – the arrival of unfair punishments and bans.

There are several types of penalties for spam:

– Temporary and permanent limitation of the ability to write to non-contacts;

– Directly banned with read-only mode: only viewing channels is available, and not only the account, but also the IP address may be banned.

Reason # 2: “the line that cannot be crossed” – this is how Pavel Durov described these rules.

Thousands of public chats and channels containing inappropriate content are blocked every month. The main one gave an exhaustive explanation of this phenomenon in the fall of last year:

“You can criticize the local government, challenge the status quo, and engage in political debates. It is impossible to promote cruelty and call for actions that can harm ordinary people ”.

Thus, there is no direct list of “bad” topics for the public part of Telegram (group chats, channels, bots, stickers), and therefore prohibited topics for the public part of Telegram, and there may be several reasons for this: from unwillingness to dictate what is good and what is bad, to rely on the rationality of the Telegram community.

By the way, you can check the status of your account for violations: the official @SpamBot will help you with this.

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