How Much Does Telegram Advertising Cost?

How much does Telegram advertising cost? Feed

Today we will touch upon an unambiguously hot issue: the cost of advertising in Telegram. The Engbase edition has released material on an acute topic: how much money channel owners raise in Telegram for advertising posts. TeleGuide decided to understand the topic in more detail, namely, to find out how much advertising costs from the leading channels of different categories.

To do this, we used the data from TGStat: we determined the list of thematic categories and selected the leading communities in each by the number of subscribers. And then everything is simple – they found out how much they are ready to sell advertising in their brainchild for.

Important note: the choice of channels was made by the number of subscribers , and not by the reach of their publications, so you can find communities in Telegram with a higher price per advertising post, but fewer readers.

A small insider : it should be borne in mind that since the beginning of the year the cost of advertising in Telegram has generally not changed, however, some community owners have moderately lowered the price.

It’s time to look into the wallet of the largest Telegram communities:

  • It’s not a bad thing to be a blogger , especially when you get paid 1500 dollars for one post! This is exactly the cost of advertising for Ilya Varlamov.
  • In the wake of the crypto-hype, almost one and a half thousand communities about cryptocurrencies appeared on Telegram – this is one of the most popular categories in the messenger. And the best way to take advantage of this hype was the Buffett’s $ 10 marketing team, though not without the help of a solid advertising budget. To stay with these guys, get ready to shell out 1500 dollars.

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  • Stalingulag heads the Politics category. The juicy and sharp channel has 300,000 active readers, and the cost of advertising is 1500 dollars (a coincidence or a conspiracy of celestials?).
  • A post in “Transformer” will hit the pocket a little less: it costs 1300 dollars to place an advertisement in the community of Dmitry Portnyagin, who knows a lot about the business sphere.
  • MDK burst into the top of the Humor category and firmly settled there in the first position. 300 dollars – and your advertising post will be published.
  • One publication and the owners of MASH estimated at 300 dollars. However, there are pitfalls in the price list of an original  newsletter  : sometimes the cost suddenly increases.
  • The largest Telegram channel and the coolest advertising price tag: the cost of advertising here is measured in cryptocurrency – 0.6-1 bitcoin. “Free Telegram Proxy” is the leader in the ” Telegram ” category , the number of subscribers of which at the time of publication of the material exceeded one million. And that’s a tremendous growth, especially considering that the community is only three months old. However, most of the followers (about 70%) are from Iran.

We focused on the most prominent Telegram channels. We attach a complete list of top channels in descending order of advertising cost.

P.S. Counting other people’s money is not the noblest occupation, yes. But incredibly addictive!

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