Store in Tik Tok: an additional way to earn money

Store in Tik Tok: an additional way to earn money TikTok

The Tik Tok social network is gaining great popularity among young people. The application, unlike a number of associates, is available in every country in the world. Users do not need to download codes to bypass access, install a VPN, and so on.

The program itself is based on the creation of short videos. The social network has dozens of built-in filters that allow you to edit the image during the shooting process.

Video store: profit or loss

Tik Tok offers many ways to make money based on shooting promotional videos. This social network is unlike any other. Here you can not publish pictures, as on Instagram, make text posts, as on Twitter or Facebook.

The specificity of Tik Tok is to attract users with instant high-quality videos. Every month, the utility developers update the application by adding features and effects.

Store in Tik Tok: an additional way to earn money

The live advertising method is more demanded and highly paid, so creating a store based on the Tik Tok social network is not a curiosity. Benefits experts include:

  • Attracting live customers, since it is difficult to create a bot here. For deceit, the administration blocks the user without the possibility of account recovery.
  • Sale of real things that are in stock.
  • Detailed review of the product.
  • Combining a group of things on one video.
  • Using effects to improve quality.
  • Creation of live broadcasts tete-a-tete, group format.
  • Advertising by cheating views, likes, comments.
  • Use of hashtags.
  • Among the disadvantages:

  • Limited number of minutes per video.
  • The minimum description is up to two hundred characters.
  • The text is placed directly on the video.
  • There is no direct order form.
  • How to create a store

    To “open” a showroom based on the Tik Tok social network, you need to:

  • Download the app, register an account. If the client has been created, update the utility to the latest version. This is done completely free of charge.
  • Think about the concept of shooting in advance, you can even prepare a few short videos.
  • When publishing videos, indicate the category, hashtags.
  • Add filters to improve video quality.
  • Important: Don’t skimp on hashtags. Keywords identify the post and social media account, making them more popular. Tags are also a kind of navigation that allows users to smoothly move between pages.

    The main nuance

    The social network does not foresee the creation of a direct application for placing an order. To make a purchase, users need to contact the seller.

    Tik Tok is a relatively new social network in EU-US, gaining popularity daily. A feature of the utility is the possibility of real earnings, promotion of goods. The main thing is to download the program and choose a work strategy.

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