Special video search method

Special video search method TikTok

To popularize, attract users, earn money on advertising, social networks surprise you with updated features every month. This time, TikTok excelled. The developed team is so unusual, multifunctional that even competitors started talking about it.

Video Search

What could be easier than finding something on the web. However, even here the creators of TikTok managed to surprise.

Matthew Brennan spoke about the development by posting an official report on the network page. The journalist has been studying Chinese developments for decades, specializing in the technology market.

Chinese TikTok now has in-video search. Search someone’s face to find more videos of them. Search in-video products or clothes and buy directly pic.twitter.com/RBcIqnOBgN— Matthew Brennan (@mbrennanchina) September 23, 2019

“The Chinese version has been enhanced with a search function,” Brennan wrote. – The utility allows you to search not only for a tag, subject, but also for a specific image. The announcement of the global version has not yet taken place.

There was no official presentation even from the developers. And this despite the fact that even the smallest changes were previously announced. The subscriber activity tracking team was advertised a couple of months before the release.

Although limited to information, Matthew Brennan researched the design.


TikTok previously allowed you to search for public videos. Private remains banned even today. The update has turned the search world upside down.

The developers allowed to detail. To do this, created the team “field”.

The user, watching the video, can direct the detail to a specific object. After a couple of seconds, the system will display content with a similar image.

The search is configured for a specific picture. That is, by selecting pants, TikTok will show a video that displays the same model and color of clothing. Or a virus element. For example, with a video about the coronavirus.

Selected items can also be found on Google. To do this, in the parameters opposite the name of the global network, a tick is tapped.

Action algorithm

Only owners of the Chinese version of the social network can use the function. You can download the software in advance. However, get ready for intuitive use. The interface is exclusively Chinese. You can also wait for the team to enter for international development.

Owners of the enhanced version will need:

  • Run the utility.
  • Open video.
  • Tap the search icon. It is located at the top right in the form of a round or square frame.
    Special video search method
  • Select the area of ​​application. For example, a person’s face.
    Special video search method
  • To confirm the action, just remove your finger after the selection.
  • When searching for a person, the software will display video content with a specific actor. If the object contains clothes, items – a link with stores in TikTok, suggesting goods.


    Nobody wants to be left behind a competitor. Similar developments have also been introduced by Google Image Search and the Taobao online marketplace.

    The first allows you to find a specific area not only on the basis of your own platform, but within the entire web. The second allows you to upload an image of the desired product. Taobao also provides links to online stores, helps to place an order.

    Special video search method

    Despite this, both software are not popular among users.

    Explosion of the future

    Despite the testing, the presence of competitors, the development of Chinese programmers is a new idea of ​​​​visualization. The team simplifies not only leisure activities, but even shopping.

    There are benefits for business owners. The software gives results, regardless of the number of subscribers, post likes.

    Special video search method

    For the application to work without interruptions, do not forget to update the utility. Installation from the Play Market, App Store is free. Downloading with a stable network connection takes a minute. Authorization for registered users is not required.

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