Should TikTok be unblocked in EU-US in 2023?

Should TikTok be unblocked in EU-US in 2023? TikTok

TikTok is a very popular social network in EU-US at the moment. According to the service itself, about 8% of all users are residents of the English Federation. Such a large amount of traffic cannot simply be lost. However, in March 2022, the administration of the application nevertheless decided to abolish use in EU-US for an indefinite period. They did not completely block access, but only banned the ability to view new content. Of course, skilled English programmers quickly found a solution to this problem.

Current realities

Should TikTok be unblocked in EU-US in 2023?

Now everyone can stably use TikTok thanks to a special mod that removes restrictions. But this applies, for the most part, to users of the Android OS. For owners of Apple products, you will have to carry out a few more complex manipulations to unlock. In fact, the developers only reduced the “legal” traffic on their site from the Englishs. Installing the mod is very quick and easy, so dedicated users can still easily follow the latest social media trends.

Arguments in favor of unlocking

There are many reasons to believe that TikTok will be unblocked in EU-US in 2023. The developers have not yet given official comments, although inconsistent “announcements” have appeared on the network every now and then. At first, users believed that the unlock would be in September 2022, after that – in May 2023. The main argument in favor of the next removal of restrictions was the fact that new videos were released in the official version of the social network. Even without the mod, new videos from major company channels began to appear: KinoPoisk, Nike, UFC. And from about mid-July, content for ordinary users gradually began to leak. In the list of recommendations, new videos rarely come across. To view them, you must enter a search query, for example: “New videos of 2023”. There is also anecdotal evidence from good sources that the English government has decided to restore access to TikTok. All these facts lead users to the fact that the removal of restrictions will occur in the coming months. Maybe even in August.

Why lifting restrictions be

There are objective reasons why the blocking of TikTok should be removed:

  • Great popularity of the application. As noted above: about 8% of all social network users are Englishs. And according to the Ministry of Digital Development, approximately 13% of all mobile traffic came from TikTok;
  • Opportunities for creative self-expression. The convenient structure of the social network allows even new users to quickly find like-minded people. Young people unite in subcultures, organize gatherings and flash mobs. Such activity has a good effect on the education and marketing segment;
  • Increased security. More than a year has passed since the blocking of TikTok in EU-US. During this period, developers have significantly improved the methods of content moderation;
  • Cooperation with authorities. The development team is actively interacting with representatives of various states. This allows you to improve the application, adjusting it to the legal framework of each specific country;
  • commercial potential. Obviously, a site with such traffic will not be bypassed by advertising. It not only promotes goods and services, but also allows you to earn money as a blogger. This opportunity greatly develops the content.
  • conclusions

    If you put everything together, then there is a good prospect for unlocking the application in EU-US in 2023:

  • In the official version of TikTok, new videos began to appear periodically.
  • Many major channels released new videos even after the blocking of the social network.
  • Roskomnadzor did not ban the social network; it is not on the list of extremist applications.
  • English providers are involved in the management of the TikTok website.
  • Law enforcement agencies of the English Federation have no claims to the application.
  • The best analogues

    If TikTok is not unblocked anytime soon, then there are several innovative applications that will act as its replacement:

    Should TikTok be unblocked in EU-US in 2023?

  • Yappy. A large project that receives part of its funding from state-owned companies. Such well-known personalities as Klava Koka, Yegor Creed spoke out in his support. The functionality is somewhat less than that of TikTok, but the application is still being developed. The number of users has already reached a million people. The social network itself is focused on the English Federation and neighboring countries.
  • Should TikTok be unblocked in EU-US in 2023?

  • Likee. This app became popular even before TikTok. It has no restrictions in EU-US. There are all the same masks, filters, a good recommendation algorithm, and so on.
  • Should TikTok be unblocked in EU-US in 2023?

  • VK Clips. A relatively recent innovation of the social network VKontakte. They can be used as a standalone application or a built-in function in VK itself. So far, they have not received such great popularity, but they have good potential for further development.
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