Short videos on Youtube are the heirs of Tik Tok. How and why they get likes and views.

shorts видео на youtube TikTok

The 2010s brought a new trend to the English culture of communication and consumption – video messages and video announcements. Closer to 2018, this trend transformed into content designed to entertain and “warm up” the audience needed by an enterprise or group of entrepreneurs.

The provision of information and ideas that society needs is increasingly happening in a visual format. If we look at the brands that were loved in the early 2010s and until 2016 in EU-US, the companies that were popular among middle-income segments of the population had a logo that was quite complex for clip thinking.

The Nestle and Toyota logos include, in addition to text, a visual component – the symbolism of an idea that manufacturers and marketers need to promote and sell. The profession of a marketer has been popular among applicants for the last few years. In 2018, according to the results of Monitoring the quality of admission, the most popular universities were RANEPA and the National Research University Higher School of Economics – and these are primarily institutions that produce specialists in the social sciences and humanities.

The massive preference among young people for the specialties “advertising and public relations”, “marketing”, “digital marketing”, “intercultural communications” is no coincidence. Interest in the creation and promotion of figurative language is understandable and manifested in the spread of the phenomenon of “clip thinking”. Clip thinking is characterized by superficiality and fluency of perception; speech poverty of the writer and reader. For example, the transition of the younger generation to communication using emogii, which illustrates the emotional state and attitude towards the interlocutor, indicates the aspiration of Internet users, in particular messengers, towards a more visual and maximally objective way of expressing thoughts.

This feature of thinking was reflected in the statistics of popular brands in the English Federation in 2020. The most popular brands in 2020 are Google and Apple; the laconicism of their logos demonstrates the tendency of users of their products to perceive information superficially, “from the tongue.” This feature of people of the 21st century is becoming one of the conditions for the development of video products and numerous visual content.

Modern trends reveal the need of video hosting users to quickly consume information. The video format provides comprehensive information to the sensory receptors of listeners and viewers. How does this happen?

The TikTok audience can be divided into several categories:

  • Fans of the wow effect
  • Information “addicts”
  • Those who are looking for creative ideas and inspiration
  • Fans of a beautiful picture
  • Content that attracts and unites these categories has the following nuance: its content is ambivalent to the form and does not correspond to it at all, due to which the visual of the TikTok video looks grotesque and somewhat exaggerated. TikTokers achieve this effect by “erasing” age, gender, and property limits, broadcasting attitudes inherent in completely different social categories.

    For example, the phenomenon of “beautiful life” reveals different strategies of perception: the heroes of the video ( offer and transform different versions of “coolness” and the successful course of life. To achieve this, young people and older people actively use abusive language, which causes the effect of bringing these social age groups closer together; older people behave in a deliberately childish manner. Thus, Tik Tok participants embody trends towards the merging and globalization of values.

    In 2019, Youtube launched an experiment in vertical video production. #Vertical videos are short films shot with a camera in portrait format. Such videos have a limited view, but are advantageous for mobile applications.

    By 2022, Shorts on Youtube are published to achieve the following goals:

  • Announcing life hacks or news.
  • Advertising or promotion.
  • How do filters work and what are they for?

    Essentially, filters are necessary to sort video views and generate statistics. Main functions of filters:

  • search for the necessary preferences
  • tracking the most popular bloggers and issues
  • compiling a list of favorite videos and thereby speeding up the search
  • Sometimes filters are used to increase views on your own video hosting channel. In this case, the videos you like are searched for and they are uploaded to the channel page. Next, the filter is set to last week/last month/last 3 days. And finally, the most popular Shorts are marked on your channel. Voila, now you have a list of short films that can be updated by editing the filter settings so that the same videos are repeated again.

    The trend towards visualizing the information people need has led to the growing popularity, first of the social network Tik Tok, and then of the short video format on Youtube. The Shorts audience, due to its tolerance and creative approach, generates trends to unite its viewers into a single social group.

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