Shadowban Tik Tok. How to remove and how long does it take?

shadowban tik tok TikTok

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  • How to understand if there is a shadowban

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  • How not to get banned on Tik Tok

  • A Tik Tok shadow ban is nothing more than a temporary blocking of your account, without restricting the rights to download content. There are no alerts from TikTok to know how long the ban will last once removed from the account. This is an automatic process performed by the TikTok algorithm to protect against spam, copyrights and nudity.

    More information about violations is disclosed in the new rules. Your videos will not appear on the Recommendations page or in search results from other TikTokers. In the end, your violations will play a trick on you and the published videos will begin to lose views, and the profile will lose subscribers. This may mean one thing that you will not see Top Tik Tok.

    shadowban tik tokShadowban on Tik Tok of your account

    How to understand if there is a shadowban in Tik Tok?

    If you have been sanctioned by the security service, you still have a number of functions in your arsenal – publishing videos, reactions to other users’ videos, comments, likes. But you are just a shadow, and only a few can see your published work on the TikTok app.

    You do not receive any blocking notifications. So to find out if a profile is banned or not, there is only one way left – to closely monitor the statistics of your newly published videos. This feature is available for those who have set up a PRO account. Simple steps to analyze the behavior of subscribers and a regular observer:

  • Launch the application – Account settings
  • Find the “Analytics” tab (If you have a Pro account).
  • Click on “Browse” and select the “Content” tab.
  • You will see the entire history of behavior on the platform and the statistics of active fans.

    If clips have previously received a sufficient number of views and suddenly there is not one or a small number, know that the account is blocked. The total indicator will be in the basement itself (below).

    Subscribers can still see your video clips, but it depends on the type of ban you received. For example, if you get banned because of nudity, then only users tagged 18+ can see your posts. TikTok has become very strict with violators after a recent ban in India, which was later lifted.

    How long does a Tik Tok shadowban last?

    Many are interested in the question of how long the ban on Tik Tok will last. The blocking lasts exactly 14 days from the moment of the violation, up to the hour of the start of the action. No delay or solution with support service is possible. According to statistics, this will last until the followers begin to actively view video clips for 15 seconds, like and write comments discussing the content.

    How to remove the shadowban Tik Tok?

    While there is no official way to unblock or remove a TikTok block, here are some steps to follow:

  • Delete the last 5 posted videos. These videos may have been flagged with a red flag, Tik Tok’s mysterious algorithm, resulting in a ban.
  • You can try deleting recent videos and wait a few days before posting new content. In general, few people have tried to remove this ban and have been successful in doing so.
  • Do not be active for a while. Don’t even go into the app like you fell asleep like a bear for only 5 days. Then get involved in the work and write a few comments under interesting videos, like somewhere. During hibernation, you probably could not resist and recorded a video. So get it ready for publication. Download and wait, if someone bites, and views with comments go, then everything is fine, wait for the increase and Top Tik Tok is yours.
  • It is not recommended in such cases to use a paid service to cheat subscribers, views, likes, comments. The administration will mow you down like a spike of wheat and eat you. As a result, the account will be deleted without the right to restore. Then you will start looking for answers on the forums and people who will help for money. Don’t be fooled, it’s 100% fake.

    What to do if nothing helped?

    Nothing helped to remove the shadowban Tik Tok? Then you are back to the start and create a new account. Fill your profile with the same content that fans liked, after saving the files to another medium. Post one video a day and you’ll be happy. The main thing is no violations.

    It is important to know that not only the account is blocked for inveterate violators, but also the device from which video clips are published may be subject to sanctions. Check when you create a new profile. If there is a lock on the device, then the situation will repeat itself with new content. In this case, you will need a new device – a smartphone, tablet, computer.

    How not to get a Tik Tok ban?

    It’s always better to avoid blocking rather than removing it, which isn’t easy. Keep this in mind whenever you post a new video.

    The TikTok algorithm is smart enough to detect videos that don’t have faces, body movements, or human voices. When your video has none of the above, it’s 100% red flagged. That’s because TikTok is designed to host selfie videos that include the user’s face, natural sound, and in some cases body movement. Therefore, the algorithm detects violators and removes them or temporarily blocks them.


  • Post 15 second videos with hashtags.
  • Interact with other tiktokers, possibly celebrities, do duets with them.
  • Follow all platform rules before posting.
  • Be active in the life of Tik Tok, which helps the application to develop and function for the benefit of people with common sense.
  • This is all the information that is currently available. The article will be updated whenever there are new reasons for the ban and solutions to this problem. Please leave your opinions and questions in the comments below.

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